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Life Via Instagram {10/19-10/26}

I may or may not have gone just a little picture crazy this week. It was a pretty great week:

Well, I figure it's best to start off with the cutest picture of the week! How handsome is my little man!? He thinks so too, after having mommy spike his hair, he couldn't wait to go to school and show it off, and couldn't resist checking himself out in every mirror he could find!! Oh yes, he's a stud!

What better way to start a morning than cinnamon rolls and decaf coffee with pumpkin spice creamer? Have you tried this yet? It's heavenly!

Am I the only one who gets excited when my Diet Coke cans start having snowflakes on them? To me it's a sign that Christmas is getting closer, and I LOVE Christmas!!

Isn't this the most gorgeous necklace ever? This picture doesn't even capture how pretty it is in person either. Stay tuned next week for an awesome review/giveaway from Stella and Dot!!

This was how I spent my weekend! Glamorous, isn't it?
Confession: I've always been scared to clean ovens, afraid I'll do something wrong or mess something up...I'm really not sure why! In our old house, we had a brand new oven, and I was super careful about spills. This house and oven was much older, and truthfully could have used a cleaning when we moved in, but honestly I thought it was just old and couldn't be helped. But at Shaun's birthday party, we had an incident with the meatloaf and a major grease spill. (Note to self: when making meatloaf for a crowd, two smaller loaves are best!) I'd been using my toaster over since, but finally got around to buying some Easy Off and tackling this thing! After letting it sit overnight, it came off fairly easy for the most part!! I did have to spray the worst of it and let it sit for a few more hours, but there was a LOT of grease! Easy Off really does live up to it's name, that's for sure! It looks better now than it did when we moved in! And I'm ready for all my holiday baking!!

Started the weekend off with a much needed commissary trip! Now, I usually hate when my hubby goes shopping with me because he throws things in, while I keep things neat and organized (typically seperated by what I had coupons for and what I don't...makes it easy to get my coupons ready at the end). Well, I hate to say it, but this mess of a cart was all me- Matt was at home! See, not only was the clearance section fully stocked when we arrived, they were still adding things while we were there! Commissary clearance is sometimes iffy- not a whole lot of anything we could really use, but that was not the case on Saturday! Lots of canned goods, and chicken bullion (which is great because I love making soups!), and Pop Tarts (90 cents a box!), and toilet paper...the list goes on! My cart was full and not organized at all!!! Somewhere under that mess of things was my binder! I ended up having to find a quiet corner- which happened to again be the clearance corner- and completely rearrange my cart! But the savings in the end were awesome, so it was a great trip and worth the trouble!   

Shaun was so excited to be able to use his Thomas umbrella earlier this week!! I love how he gets excited over little things like this!

For those who didn't know, I am a consultant for Thirty-One. I don't post about it much because the regulations on social media, blogs is confusing and rather strict, so I try to play it safe (though I do have a link in my sidebar). But I am really excited about next month's special. Not only is it an exclusive product and holiday print, but for each bought, Thirty-One will donate another product to Operation Homefront! As a military wife, this is very exciting to me! I can't post all the details here, but if you want more information about this special or hosting a party next month, leave a comment, or send me an e-mail at randi.amoderndayfairytale@gmail.com

See next photo;)

I have a lot of Thirty-One pictures this week, huh? Well, it was an exciting week for me because I earned this awesome Retro Metro bag for free!! For this month and into next month, every week that a consultant puts in $200 worth of orders in that week, we earn a different product in this exclusive print, with this cute 'Just Believe' tree design as well! I am happy to say, I earned last week's incentive, and am just in LOVE with this bag!! Like I said, this particular print is exclusive to consultants for this incentives, but the purse itself is available, and part of October's special too! Again, e-mail me or comment if you'd like details!

Last night's supper for the boys- chicken and dumplings in the crockpot! The boys were fans, so I'll have to post the recipe later...it was super easy!!

I got this adorable Shabby Apple pencil skirt MONTHS ago, and it's been sitting in my closet since because I haven't been able to find anything to go with it! I've had this top in my closet for a few months as well, and never thought to try them together until earlier this week...I think it worked pretty well! What do you think?

Shaun all snuggled in, ready for bed (though he didn't actually go to bed at the time!)

The weather has been weird this week, a few days of rain like the day I took this photo, then a few really warm, sunny days! Today is cold and rainy again, and next week they're saying we could get a rain/snow mix! Has the weather in Indiana always been this crazy, or had I just been in California too long?

Visiting Daddy and hanging out with the Marines again. (I believe the other guy in the photo had just returned from boot camp too!)

Do you think I have a problem? This isn't even all of it! I'm resisting the urge to buy all the new Fall/Winter scents!! But at least my house always smells awesome!

I posted a few days back about the DIY Infinity Scarf from an old t-shirt I had made, and mentioned I'd attempted a braided scarf too. This is the result of that. The tutorial I found said not to make the strips too thin, since they'd curl up anyway, but I think I ended up going too far in the opposite direction and they were thicker than they should have been...I'm not sure, but definitely not as nice as I'd hoped for!!

life rearranged


  1. What a week!!! Love the spikes! And getting a child to bed "on time" is always a great feeling! I've heard so much about scentsy and still have not tried them. I'm thinking once all my yankee candles are gone I might have to dive into trying it out. :)

    New Follower via GFC! Hope you'll come by and follow back if you'd like. :)


  2. Stopping by from the GFC blog hop! I am in love with your phone case! And that necklace from Stella and Dot is SUPER cute!!!

    Jenni @ dashofsun.blogspot.com

  3. New follower from the GFC blog hop. Excited to read more about you! Would love it if you followed along my blog as well.

  4. Hi, from a new follower via the GFC blog hop. You were quite busy. Loved your blog.

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by and follow me back!



  6. So many amazing photos! Love that Shabby Apple skirt and the new necklace...so fun! And those cinnamon rolls look delish! Popping over from the blog hop.


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