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InstaFriday {10/5}

Just a few photos to share this week...I've been busy with a sick Shaun all week, and to make it worse- he gave it to me! Today we're both feverish and feeling yucky. Not a fun week at all!

The week wasn't ALL bad, I managed to get some great deals at the commissary this week. (And at Target too!) Best deal? Glade Expressions Starter Kits on sale for $3.18, for which I had $4 off coupons. I bought 5 and made $4 off the rest of my purchases. They had some great meat deals too, so I took the opportunity to buy a bit more meat for the boys than I normally would during one trip. And the clearance section seemed to be freshly stocked. (Interesting fact: it took me 4 or 5 years at Camp Pendleton before I knew there was a clearance section...I made sure to be on the lookout here, and found it my first trip!)

Last weekend, the hubby requested an apple pie, so of course I made him one. Obviously I'm not great at making a pretty pie crust, but it tasted delicious!

This was in my local paper this weekend...suggesting the use of a Marine Dress Blues jacket as a fashion statement. I have every intention of writing a full post on this topic, but for now I'll just say it was in very poor taste, and I was shocked to see it!

I'm sure you all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
For those that do not know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last December. She has since undergone surgery and is doing well. (Thankfully, it was caught early!) She is the greatest mom I could ask for and such a positive example of strength, courage and faith. It is for her that I wear pink this month.

And what would a photo post be without one of Shaun!?
This week he found some orange cones at Daddy's office and thought they made great hats. He walked around telling everyone he was a 'clone head'. Then when he was done, he lined all the cones up in a perfect row. Hello, Autism!
On another note, Shaun has decided he really enjoy the Navy office- uh oh!!

life rearranged


  1. You sound like you have such a lovely family! Your son is really cute, and I'm sorry to hear both you guys are sick! Drink lots of liquids and get plenty of rest! :)

    What pie recipe do you use, by the way? I've never made a pie before, but wanted to try it out for the next get-together I have with my friends.

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  2. Aw great pictures! The apple pie looks delish :)

  3. This is a pretty awesome summary of a great life :). I think the party cone hat could really catch on :)


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