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Fighting For Acceptance {A Petition}

By now, we all of course have heard of the horrible tragedy in Colorado last Friday. While I have not posted on the subject, my thoughts and prayers have been with all those involved.

This afternoon, I read something else on this story that broke my heart all over again: the ignorant statements made by Joe Scarborough suggesting an Autism diagnosis could explain why the shooter was able to commit such a crime.


As an Autism mom, I am stunned. Sadder even still, is that Scarborough himself has a child on the spectrum. As Autism parents, we are forced to fight for our children. We fight for services, we fight for a proper education, we fight for understanding and acceptance. So please tell me how he could begin to think that spreading such an allegation could be good for our children and the Autism community as a whole? It does nothing but spread a false stereotype, that our children will now have to fight against...on top of the other incorrect stereotypes they already have to deal with!! How many horrible acts of crime are committed by those NOT on the spectrum!? Such a speculation is ridiculous and I worry what it will do for all the effort that has been put into gaining acceptance for our children, despite their diagnosis, not to be discriminated against and feared because of it.

I have said it before and I will say again- my son is amazing. He's smart, entertaining and the most lovable kid I know! I am certain he will do AMAZING things in his life and touch the lives of many, if only he is given the chance to show the world what he has to offer. Please join me in fighting against this horrible statement and signing this petition. Let Joe Scarborough know that we will not stand back and allow such ignorance be spread!


  1. What a complete moron. I signed it. And I will post this blog to have others do as well. That was just such an ignorant comment on his side.

  2. How incredibly sad. Autism is such a misunderstood thing. As a parent of a child with autism he should be more informed.


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