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{31} Why I Blog

The last day of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! Today's Topic: Why do you blog? I have answered this question a few times on my blog, so I apologize for the repeat for those who have been following for awhile!!

I started this blog for a few reasons. First of all, when I was younger I loved to write. You could always find me on the computer, or with a pen and paper in hand-writing away. I always saw myself making a career of writing, be it journalism, writing novels or even editing would have been okay with me. That all changed when I ended up with the worst case of writer's block ever. I had a story I'd been working of since I was about 13, and after 5 years, my computer crashed and I lost everything. Since then, I had not been able to write any fiction, my real love. My mom had always been supportive of my writing, and continuously told me to just keep writing, so the first reason for starting this blog was to be an outlet just to write.

At the time I started, and up until a few months ago, we were also living across the country from all of our friends and family. This is especially hard when you have a child and you want the people you love to share in his growing up as well. I was constantly writing cute Shaun stories as FB statuses, but there was only so much you could put in that little space and I wanted to share more in depth stories, as well as share recipes, etc with everyone back home, and this blog served as a great way to do that. When Shaun was diagnosed with Autism, I knew that I needed to do more with this blog, and use it as a way to share our stories with others in an effort to gain understanding and knowledge on the topic, and I hope I have continued to do that.

As time has gone on, my blog has grown and evolved, but it still serves as that primary purpose of having an outlet to write. I love being able to share my experiences as a Marine Corps family, the mom of a child with Autism, my somewhat successful attempts of being crafty and in the kitchen, my thoughts on faith...and everything in between. Through blogging, I have come in contact with many amazing individuals whose stories have inspired and taught me, and likewise I've received e-mails from readers who've said my story has touched and taught them. When I started this blog, I never could have imagined how much I would come to love it, and I hope to continue for a long time to come!!


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