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Time to play catch up again! To say this weekend was super busy would be an understatement, and the blog challenge got away from me...I'll be keeping this post short though...over the weekend, I managed to smash my finger in our trunk! While it's not as bad as it was (it's went from a constant throbbing to a numb but no pain so long as I don't put pressure on it!!), I'm still not able to type with it, and since I only type with one hand anyway, it makes it difficult!

Day 27: Post Your Favorite Recipe

Just one recipe? Hmm, I'll keep this simple and just say go to Pioneer Woman's website...I've not tried anything from there that I have not loved!!!

Day 28: What Are You Looking Forward To?

Well to be honest, there's really nothing in particular I'm looking forward to at the moment. I'd say maybe having a birthday party for my little guy, but that means he's getting older, and I don't look forward to that!! Ha! I do hope that this summer brings more visit with family and friends!!

Day 29: Where have you traveled?

While I haven't been out of the US, I have had the chance to travel cross country, multiple times!! From California to Indiana, both going through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri...and Nevada, Kansas, Utah...well, you get the idea! I have made this trip by plane, car and train, all such unique experiences. By far the best experience is by train! I would love to make that trip again!!!


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