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Day 24: Your Favorite Childhood Book

I have always been a bookworm! In the second grade, my parents bought me a set of the classics and I remember thinking that was the best gift ever (until the next year when they bought me a kit to have my OWN book published!!) So needless to say, I have several childhood favorites, but those who know me well (or rather, have known me long) would probably remember that I was obsessed with anything by Ann M. Martin!!

Inside Out
At a time when you didn't hear nearly as much about Autism as you do now, this book helped me gain an understanding of what my brother may have been like, had I had the chance to meet him. (He passed away before I was born.) Of course now I realize that no two children with Autism are alike, not to mention the book is horribly outdated now! But it was a great book at the time, and one I still own! It actually is what (initially) inspired me to consider the idea of working with children with Autism...ironic, huh?

The Baby-Sitter's Club Series
If you were a girl in the 90s, you probably read at least one, right? I read them all. Every. Single. One. (Even the BSC Forever series, and California Diaries too!) I personally owned well over 100! Plus the movie, a few episodes of the TV show (on VHS, geez!)...bookends, posters, the board game...yep, I had it all!! And Dawn was my favorite, of course!! I'm not sure I could really pick one favorite- there were so many and it's been ages since I read them- but I definitely enjoyed the mysteries!! 

Day 25: Your 5 Favorite Blogs

Yikes, must I really only choose 5!? I'm sure I have many more than just 5...but these are among the many:
  1. (in)courage
  2. Pioneer Woman
  3. Gitzen Girl
  4. Don't Waste Your Homemaking
  5. We Are THAT Family

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  1. Awww the babysitters club!! This post just brought back so many amazing memories!


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