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{24.25} Books & Blogs

Day 24: Your Favorite Childhood Book

I have always been a bookworm! In the second grade, my parents bought me a set of the classics and I remember thinking that was the best gift ever (until the next year when they bought me a kit to have my OWN book published!!) So needless to say, I have several childhood favorites, but those who know me well (or rather, have known me long) would probably remember that I was obsessed with anything by Ann M. Martin!!

Inside Out
At a time when you didn't hear nearly as much about Autism as you do now, this book helped me gain an understanding of what my brother may have been like, had I had the chance to meet him. (He passed away before I was born.) Of course now I realize that no two children with Autism are alike, not to mention the book is horribly outdated now! But it was a great book at the time, and one I still own! It actually is what (initially) inspired me to consider the idea of working with children with Autism...ironic, huh?

The Baby-Sitter's Club Series
If you were a girl in the 90s, you probably read at least one, right? I read them all. Every. Single. One. (Even the BSC Forever series, and California Diaries too!) I personally owned well over 100! Plus the movie, a few episodes of the TV show (on VHS, geez!)...bookends, posters, the board game...yep, I had it all!! And Dawn was my favorite, of course!! I'm not sure I could really pick one favorite- there were so many and it's been ages since I read them- but I definitely enjoyed the mysteries!! 

Day 25: Your 5 Favorite Blogs

Yikes, must I really only choose 5!? I'm sure I have many more than just 5...but these are among the many:
  1. (in)courage
  2. Pioneer Woman
  3. Gitzen Girl
  4. Don't Waste Your Homemaking
  5. We Are THAT Family


  1. Awww the babysitters club!! This post just brought back so many amazing memories!


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