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What Do You Collect?

Vintage Pyrex: Oh yes, I LOVE my vintage pyrex! In my old house, most of my collection was proudly displayed in my kitchen...unfortunately, I don't have the room for that in the new kitchen, but I still love it!! (The blue bowls in this photo are probably my favorites!)

Cookbooks: As you can also see in the photo, I have a nice collection of cookbooks too...some vintage, some new...a little bit of everything really! Among my favorites are my Pioneer Woman cookbook and anything by Paula Deen.

Aprons: Do you see a pattern here? Yes, a lot of my collections have to do with my kitchen! I have two favorites from this collection. One is the Autism awareness apron, made by my sister in law! Absolutely adorable, and just perfect for me! (She also made the 50s looking red polka dot apron too...so cute!!) The other favorite is the blue vintage apron. I actually picked this up at a yard sale (with a few cookbooks actually) and paid just 50 cents, it had belonged to the girl's grandmother!! I thought it looked (and felt) rather vintage, and I found some of the same style (different print) online, and found it was a style, much like I'd thought, from the 50s. I just love this apron...definitely one of my best yard sale finds ever!!!

Bibles: Okay, that might be a weird thing to collect, but I do! I have probably at least 10 or so bibles, various translations and styles...I love being able to compare translations! We also have a really cool Bible in this collection called 'The Action Bible'...it's a comic book/graphic novel! Definitely the most unique! If I were to choose my favorite, I'd probably go with my Teen Study Bible, NIV...not because there's anything particularly better about it, but just because it's the one I've used the most!! (And it shows!)

Willow Tree Figures: I just love these! So beautiful with their simplicity! I have several throughout my living room...there are many more I would love!! Among my favorites is one that reminds me of my little man: a little boy holding a balloon that says 'hope'.

Scentsy: If you saw my fridge post, you know the extent of that one! I also have about 13 warmers or so...well, calling it a collection certainly sounds a whole lot better than calling it an addiction, right? 

I think I probably have more collections as well, but I think you get the idea!!


  1. I don't have any Vintage Pyrex but I am on the look out for it since it looks so pretty!

  2. So the green bowls are vintage Pyrex? My mom has a bunch of those and I didn't even realize that's what they were!

  3. I love the vintage Pyrex, my mom has some just like those!!
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