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Autism Awareness Wreath How-To

Nearly a year ago, I shared this post with a simple Autism Awareness wreath I had made. It was nothing fancy, just a super simple craft I'd put together with what I happened to have lying around, but it is by far my most popular post of all time...in large part, I recently realized  because of Pinterest, where it had been pinned several hundred times...what an honor. I have had several people question on how I made it. Because I could not e-mail some of those people back directly, and in honor of Autism Awareness month, I am posting again with the very easy instructions!

What You Need: Embroidery Hoop, Puzzle Pieces, Paint, Ribbon, Magnet, Glue Gun

First, paint your puzzle pieces. (Personally I painted all by hand, but you could use spray paint to be faster.)
Then, simply hot glue each piece onto the the embroidery hoop. I had a set pattern I used, making sure they were in order of color and tried to keep one color from sticking out too much by alternating which pieces were on top, but really it doesn't matter either way! Then, I took a ribbon and a larger puzzle piece and hung that down the center. For mine, I attached a magnet to the back, as our door was magnetic...you can get creative with your own...use additional ribbon, whatever. And that's really it...very, very simple! Enjoy!!


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