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The Adjustment Period

I think with any move-be it from one house to another in the same town, or a completely new area, there tends to be an adjustment period. Moving across the country...now that's a HUGE adjustment!

For Matt, it's mostly adjusting to his new job. It's extremely long hours (we don't see him most nights until 10 pm), but regardless, he's loving it so far. He loves the Marine Corps, so going out and talking to people about the Marine Corps is a perfect job for him! It's still not an easy job by any means, but I think when you enjoy what you are doing, it certainly makes for an easier adjustment, and makes the hard parts more worth it!

For myself, there is of course the emotional adjustment (missing my friends in California, trying to make our new home feel like home- when it's not yet sunk in we are staying here, I keep waiting to be told we're moving again). I have been having the hardest time adjusting physically though! Moving from California where there is not a lot of forest, etc to Indiana which is filled with forest and high pollen levels, inconsistent weather patterns, etc..my allergies have gone crazy! (Which in turns makes it hard to get everything that needs to be done, done!) I am finally regaining my voice at least, which is great, though my singing voice is still not at it's best (very annoying!). I hope this passes soon as my body readjusts! Aside from that, I do love knowing that we are just a few short hours away from family.

For Shaun, the adjustment has been the hardest, as we expected. I have mentioned in the past that he does not handle change well. (As is the case for many with Autism.) This move has proved no different. Mostly we see this with his meltdowns- more frequent, triggered by less and more aggressive-primarily towards mommy but also towards himself, which is more difficult than anything. It can certainly be both physically and mentally exhausting!! It breaks my heart to see him struggling with this move as he has been, but I know this will pass as things settle into a new normal so we just have to hold on and stay strong until that happens (and pray it comes quickly!)

Between the adjustment, being sick, unpacking/decorating, dealing with meltdowns, running my Thirty-One business, etc...it's hard to keep up! I hope you will all stick with me until things settle down. And as always, we appreciate all those who have been continually praying for our family during this transition.


  1. We went through the same thing with this move with Lexi. She's not officially diagnosed but we all know. She already had been tagged with a sensory processing disorder as well as apraxia. When we settled into our house the meltdowns were terrible. She was having accidents left and right. Now 2 months later my sweet little girl has come back to me. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Randi,
    I wanted to thank you for following my blog. I will follow you too! I will be praying that your family adjusts well to the move. I know how difficult it can be starting over in a new place.
    Bless you,

  3. i stumbled across your blog when searching for autism.. My 10 year old was recently diagnoses with aspergers syndrome. So I was just checkin what was new on your blog and ready this post and was like.. WOW! I am Pa.. so we are closer now than before but I am also a Thirty One consultant :) It's funny how we can think we are all alone dealing with our lives but then we come across things that make you realize that we are not alone in our everyday battles with life & there are more of "us" than we realize..


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