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Scripture & A Snapshot: 1 Corinthians 1:4

I am linking up again this week with Scripture and a Snapshot with a verse that is very fitting for what has been happening in our life lately, as well as appropriate for today, Autism Sunday, International Day of Prayer for Autism. (You can read more about that here, in my post from a year ago.)

As many of you already know in a few short weeks, we will be making our way across the country to our new home in Indiana, where my husband will be recruiting. It's a very exciting time for us, moving a mere three to four hours from our families, but also a very sad time as we say our goodbyes to those that have made our lives so wonderful here in California. This week brought on the first of these goodbyes as Shaun had his final ABA session with one of his wonderful therapists. As I searched through my cards for an appropriate 'thank you' card, I stumbled on a Dayspring card featuring this verse. There could not be a better sentiment to express how we feel about all those who have touched our lives here- friends, teachers and therapists alike.

Looking at where Shaun was just a year ago, and where he is today, it's hard to believe he is the same kid. Even just a few short months ago, I could never have imagined having the wonderful, back and forth (with minimal assistance) conversations I would be having with him today. We would ask questions and hope for a response, period. Over time, that response came as a one word reply and finally, most often now comes as a complete sentence. This is all because of the support of his wonderful team, I could not have asked for better. Not only are they great at what they do, but they all truly love Shaun and go above and beyond to help him to be his absolute best. It's not an easy job, as anyone familiar with Autism could tell you. Being hit, kicked, bitten and having toys thrown at you is not a job that many could take on...but they've all stuck with him and gotten him to this point.

Words cannot fully begin to express the gratitude we feel. We truly do thank God for them daily- when we see Shaun playing pretend, watch his mind process questions and come up with his response...when he tells me he feels sick, or happy, or sad, or scared. When he simply says to me, 'Mommy, I want..." or "Mommy, can I have..." Though we say goodbye now, we will always carry with us the impact they have made on our lives, and for that we are so very grateful.

Thank you God for blessing us more than we ever could have dreamed.

"Every time I think of you...I thank God."- 1 Corinthians 1:4, The Message


  1. Oh...this is so beautiful.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  2. wow what a post, it really touched my heart. Praying for this new move in your life, May God continue to guide you and may you continue to find his blessing all around you.

  3. Such a wonderful verse and photo. Blessings to those hard workers and your family, for understanding that challenges are different for everyone and success is always around the corner. Good luck with your move as well.

  4. Beautiful post Randi! How exciting to hear of the progress your son has made. What a blessing to have therapists who care and who give it their all, anticipating wonderful results just around the bend. I'll be praying you find equally wonderful therapists once you've re-located.

    Love the scripture verse & photo!


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