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Sometimes & Always

I saw this great linkup on a friend's blog and thought it looked like fun, so I decided to link up myself!!

Sometimes: I want nothing more in the morning but to stay in bed under the nice warm covers and just sleep the day away... forget about school and therapies for the day!
Always: I get up anyway and get the little man off to school and clean, clean, clean!! (Because there always seems to be more cleaning that needs done! And that laundry won't do itself!!)

Sometimes: I wish couponing wasn't so time consuming!!
Always: I know it is completely worth it with the money saved, so I will keep on clipping!!

Sometimes: I wonder if the work I'm putting into my Thirty-One Open House at the end of the month will pay off, or if it will turn out like the previous one (where no one was able to come...it was pouring rain, harder than I've ever seen it rain here!)
Always: I will give it my all anyway, I know it won't be a success if I don't give it a chance!

Sometimes: I get really frustrated with the ignorance that still exists today about children with special needs, such as this guy right here.
Always: It reminds me that I have to work that much harder to spread awareness in hopes that one day such ignorance will be a thing of the past.

Sometimes: I really do need to get to that laundry...
Always (Or almost at least): I will put it off as long as possible;)

Sometimes: I am ready for this class and this move to be over and done with, or at the very least to know where it is exactly that we will be going.
Always: I dread having to say goodbye to our wonderful friends here, Shaun's amazing teacher and therapists that have brought him so far and the house that finally seemed like home (or home away from home).

Sometimes: I worry about where we will end up once Matt finishes recruiting school- will it be closer to home? Have good services for Shaun, etc?
Always: I know that wherever we end up will be part of God's plan for us, and exactly where we are meant to be...it's not always easy to remember that though!!

"Don't worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today." Matthew 6:34


  1. I haaate putting away laundry! I will wash it, dry it, and fold it but putting it away seems to be such a pain!

  2. Love it! And there's that awesome washer. ;)

  3. PS- I love your blog template. Is it new?

  4. Oh gosh, I am the same way with laundry!! I always want to put it off!! And I wish that I could coupon. I just haven't gotten into it and it seems hard to learn!!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

  5. I hate laundry too!! I love Thirty One! I just ordered a bag to use as our diaper bag. :)

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