Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: The Road Trip by Jo Lynn Crozier

From the Publisher:

Liz always felt God beside her, but she never thought she would be in His passenger seat! In this humorous, heartfelt adventure story, God invites an ordinary woman to travel with him on a life-changing road trip. Along the way, they encounter fantastic beings, heavenly houses and extraordinary communities that Liz could never have imagined. But this is no vacation. Liz soon realized there was a lot she didn’t understand about God, the world and her role as a Christian.

God has a lot to teach Liz, and underneath all the whimsy is a deeper spiritual message with real-life applications. Will she be able to comprehend all this new wisdom – and will she have the courage to accept the challenging mission God charges her with? Buckle up and join God and Liz on the journey of a lifetime.

My thoughts:

To say this was a very unique book, would be a complete understatement. Before starting this, I wasn't sure what to expect based on the description. I was certainly surprised to find that God was literally (physically) behind the wheel of this road trip. Our main character Liz is LITERALLY on a road trip with God, going to various locations that all serves as great analogies for various aspects of our Christian life. For instance, one of the very first points they come across on this road trip is a point where there are two parallel roads to take, one that looked easy and had no tolls, and another gravel and full of potholes with a tollbooth, with a one time toll- to accept Jesus as their savior- and storehouses along the route where all their needs will be provided. In this part of the story, it reads very much like the fictional tale it is, but at the end of each chapter, it basically sums everything up, offers various biblical references, etc and reads more like a nonfiction, or an insightful sermon. It's certainly a unique take on things and something I enjoyed reading for the most part. I will admit though, at some points it got to be a bit too much for me and I had to take breaks from reading. It was written beautifully and in such a way that made sense out of topics that can be very confusing, but I found for my personal taste it was better in small doses, not the whole book all at once. It is certainly worth reading though, regardless of where one is with their faith, it offers a new, very creative outlook on things!!

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