Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Introducing My New Business Venture: Thirty-One Gifts ♥

As I'm sure all reading this know by now, I am a military wife and a mommy to a child with autism. With my husband's somewhat unpredictable schedule and my son's hectic, therapy filled schedule- working a normal job is impossible while still allowing me to be active in my son's
therapies. For some time I'd contemplated various direct sales/work at home opportunities, but nothing seemed to be a good fit. I'd sold Avon briefly before Shaun's diagnosis and well, it just didn't go well, leaving me a bit apprehensive of trying something else anyway. But still, I looked
into the possibilities- many had wonderful products, but too expensive! I knew I wouldn't be able to sell something if I wasn't willing to pay the high costs myself. Those that I felt were
better costs, were well beyond covered in my area. It seemed like I'd hit a dead end.

Then I started seeing Thirty-One on various blogs. Now, I'd heard of the company before, but thought it was strictly purses and while I do love purses, I was very much a Vera Bradley addict so I didn't give it much thought. But, everyone seemed to be raving about these bags and as I looked into them, I saw that it wasn't JUST purses, but home organization and so much more as well. I also discovered that it was a Christian based company and that the name actually came from Proverbs 31-the story of a virtuous woman. Already I was falling in love. So, I spoke with a wonderful consultant, Amy, about testing out one of these bags myself to do a review and
introduce all of you to this company as well. In the back of my head I started going over th
e idea of signing up as a consultant myself. As soon as I saw the products Amy sent me up close and personal, the decision was made! So I am very excited to announce that I am now and Independent Thirty-One consultant!!

Now for those who have not yet heard of Thirty-One, as I stated before- they sell purses, home organization, aprons and so much more- and most products can be personalized as well (which is great for someone like me who has a name you can't typically find on personalized items!). The products are practical and more importantly- affordable and quality products. One of my favorites so far is the Organizing Utility Tote that Amy had sent me! It's great as a diaper bag, a coupon binder carrier, a teacher...or just a busy mom who tends to have a full bag!!

The Large Utility Tote (pictured below- 'Out and About') is also a favorite- I've used it for grocery shopping, taking things to my son's classroom, etc. I LOVE it, and have already gotten a ton of compliments! This is going to be great for our holiday travels!!

So, that's my big news, please feel free to check out my online shop and join my Facebook group where I will share the amazing monthly specials Thirty-One has to offer, as well as any personal specials I may run in the future! (As per regulations, I am not able to post these deals publicly, but November's special is wonderful...who doesn't love something for $1??) I am so excited to see where this new business venture will take me and I thank anyone who helps to support me in advance!!


  1. Cool and profitable. What a nice start of business for the family. You should let your children learn that thing too, in a way it can be transferred.

  2. Your items are so nice! I haven't seen anything like this around my place. Yeah, why not turn something you love doing into a profitable biz?

  3. My mother would love that Large Utility Tote! Have you already started your business? I think she will be your first customer once I share this to her, hehe.


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