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Review: One Call Away by Brenda Warner

From the Publisher:

Brenda’s life has taken twists and turns that are stranger than fiction. It always seemed as if she was just one phone call away from the next explosive change. Each time her plans fell apart, she had a choice: would she give up, or would she press forward and learn from the unexpected? One Call Away is the inspiring story of a woman who has prevailed through many of the circumstances that discourage women: tragedy, poverty, betrayal, and humiliation. But unlike most women, her life has been on display in the media.
Brenda’s faith and God’s strength enable her to face challenge after challenge: an accident that leaves her son blind and brain damaged, a crumbling marriage, a tornado that kills her parents, a new relationship with promising football player Kurt Warner, and the pressures his sudden success brings to their growing family.
Through food stamps and funerals, Super Bowls and serving others, Brenda’s strength is unwavering. Her determination to dream new dreams, willingness to learn from her mistakes, and commitment to giving back to her community make her a role model for women of all backgrounds.
Her dreams haven’t materialized as she had imagined, but Brenda has found that God has a much bigger plan for her. Conversational and candid, One Call Away invites readers facing their own difficulties to trust God and discover hope in the future.

My Thoughts:
I have to start this review by saying I'm not a football fan, or sports in general for that matter. I couldn't tell you a touchdown from a home run. Okay, I exaggerate slightly, but basically I don't follow sports. The only reason I knew who Kurt Warner was before reading this book, was from Dancing With The Stars. However, when I read the book's description, I thought it sounded like a great read and decided to review it anyway! So glad I did, it was a great story, but before I get to that I do have to say my one big annoyance with the book, perhaps a bit nit picky, but it bothered me!
After high school, Brenda tells about her time in the Marine Corps. As a Marine wife, I was interesting in reading this, but I was also disappointed in that every mention of being a Marine, the 'm' was not capitalized. Ask any Marine about this and I'm sure they'd all (or at least most) tell you it should be! Being that she spoke so highly about her time in, I'd have thought it would have been. Like I said, perhaps it's just because I had it drilled into my head to always use a capital M, but it did really bother me!
But aside from that little detail, it was a great story. Brenda shares very openly about her life, both the good and the bad. From living on food stamps to becoming a multimillionaire. She shares about the accident that left her son brain damaged and a bit about his recovery. Being a special needs mom myself, I would have enjoyed reading more on this, but I understand that there were many other stories to be told. Through all of these unexpected twists and turns, Brenda turns to God for strength and guidance. While she admits that she did many things wrong, I think it was a great and very honest story about relying on God through the hard times. Overall, I was happy with it and look forward to reading her first book, First Things First, which she cowrote with her husband. Football fan or not, this is a good book!

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*I received a copy of One Call Away free from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Years ago, I heard about Kurt Warner and his new wife - how she has a son with very complicated special needs and the way he embraced him as his own. To top it off, Kurt is a Christian :-) So glad to hear about this book. Definitely need to pick up a copy!


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