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Mailbox Monday- August 1!!!

So glad it's finally August! This is a big month for us, but that's another topic for another post! For now, it's mailbox Monday- time to share what came in my mailbox free this week!!!

  • More Scentsy Goodies: A room spray, travel tin and Just Breathe bar. (I swear Shaun and I have been sleeping better the last couple nights when we had this going...might be a coincidence, but I like it!!) These are all FB games/giveaway prizes. I've been very lucky lately, so I suppose I need to stop saying I never win anything! (Just wait until you see what the UPS man should be delivering today!!)
  • Crest Prohealth Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss samples. Plus Coupons!!
  • Colgate Kids Toothpaste Sample
  • Secret Deodorant Sample (I don't remember signing up for this one either, hmmm...)
  • FREE Pantene Product Coupon
  • Commissary Shopper coupon booklet
I also forgot to put in my Martha Stewart Living magazine and a Chicken of the Sea coupon (25 cents off- from their birthday club), and after this was taken I also got 2 free herbal essence coupons (I was only supposed to get one, so I'm not sure how I got 2, but I won't complain!!) A fantastic week, but I have a feeling this week will be even better! :)

Frugal Friend


  1. Nice Mailbox. I got the Pro Health package as well. I need to try out (or win) that Scentsy - I feel like the only person online that hasn't tried it. Happy MM!


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