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"Mommy, it's SNOWING!!"

This is what I've been hearing over and over again at our house lately. Hmm, snowing? In July? In California? Are you confused yet? I have shared many, many times that Shaun is obsessed with trains, it's most certainly his biggest obsession, but I may not have mentioned his lesser obsession with snow, Christmas and the Polar Express. Last year, we watched the Polar Express at least once a day until Christmas...the only reason he doesn't watch it so often now is because he's scratched up the DVDs and they mostly won't play so well...all 8 copies! Needless to say, it was a bit crazy! He also loves watching the Santa Clause movies and Charlie Brown Christmas (which he is watching as I type)...so I suppose it's no wonder he's been asking for snow. He's made snow from flour, packing peanuts, a new bottle of Olay lotion...if he thinks it could have some resemblance, he'll try it...which leads to lots of messes for this mommy! This has been going on for some time now, but lately, he's started getting upset when he looks out the window to see sunny, warm California weather. Over the weekend, he kept repeating, "make snowman"...I felt bad for the poor kid, but how do you make snowmen in the middle of summer!? Then I came up with a brilliant idea (or at least we thought so!)... marshmallow snowmen!! Shaun was so thrilled, like a little kid at Christmas!!

Our supplies: pretzel sticks for arms, marshmallows for the body, reeses for hats, easy writer (markers for food!) for the faces and buttons, and toothpicks to hold it all together. I put together this idea last minute and could not come up with an idea for the scarf, but was later told the shoestring licorice would be perfect!!

And our finished project!! Enjoy!!

And by the way, afterwards I think Shaun thought I was the greatest mommy ever! ;)


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