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Mailbox Monday- July 11th!

First of all, I just want to apologize if I've been blog slacking lately. I've been having some issues with my hands (heat and sleep related I believe) that make it hard to type (and leads to lots of typos) and more migraines as well, so it's just been crazy around here and i haven't gotten to write nearly as much as I'd like.

But anyway, onto Mailbox Monday! Not nearly as much to share this week, but some great freebies nonetheless!!

  • Woman's Day Magazine
  • Organize In Style Coupon Booklet
  • Coupon for a FREE Suave Body Wash (I don't even remember signing up for this one!)
  • Coupon for FREE NY Brand Garlic Bread product...yum!
  • Sample of Shout Color Catcher
  • Full size Dove Deodorant (again one I don't recall signing up for!)
  • Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar (Won from Facebook. This is my favorite freebie of the week!! It smells amazing- just like cake icing...I haven't warmed it yet though, I'm afraid it will make me want cake! ha!!)
I also realized after the photo was taken that I'd missed a few coupons- 2 for Hungry Jack and 1 for Mt Olive pickles!! A pretty good week really!!!

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