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Miscellany Monday: Month in Review!

Oh what a month this has been! A few highlights (in no particular order):

As most of you reading probably already know, my husband had 2 weeks R&R in April. Unfortunately, it ended much too quickly and he has returned to Afghanistan, but it was nice while it lasted and we have only a few more months before this deployment is over! I cannot wait!!
The weather...oh this weather! Have I mentioned how much I hate rain/storms? Because I'll tell you, it's a lot. We have been very lucky, that despite watches and warnings in the area, we have not been affected too much. However, these storms have hit too close to home for comfort. My husband actually flew out of St Louis last Friday morning. I thank God that he had a morning flight and was long gone before the tornado! How scary!

Change of Plans. We were actually scheduled to be on the train heading back from our trip right now, but unfortunately our trip was canceled due to severe weather. I had been worried about being stuck on the train and hitting bad storms, so I am thankful that it was canceled before we had the chance for that to happen. So our visit has been extended a bit longer and we will instead fly back! Shaun has been having a rough time this past week, so it is probably for the best, I'm not sure how he would have handled such a long trip right now!

Trains. Trains. Trains. Between a daddy who likes to spoil his Shaun and grandparents who don't see him often, needless to say, our boy has gotten a bit spoiled this month! We came with about 12 trains, and will be leaving with a suitcase full...I lost count on the exact total, but it's most definitely surpassed 20 new trains!! He's a happy child! (Meanwhile mommy is planning a playroom reorganization since he was already short on train storage before we left!) Unfortunately, he has nearly cleared out all the local Wal-Marts of the trains he didn't have...so his upcoming birthday in August could get tricky;)

*cough cough* Has anyone else been dealing with lots of sickness? We certainly have...coughs that won't go away, sinus problems and so on. I'm sure this crazy weather is the root of it all! We actually ended up having to take Shaun to the ER because of it. Turns out, he had a bad ear infection! Poor thing had to have a shot for it (he will NOT take medicine). Thankfully he seems to be feeling much better!

Such an eventful month, this doesn't even begin to cover it, but with a 3.5 year old pulling at mommy's arm wanting to type, it's going to have to be, click the link below to join up for Miscellany Monday!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


  1. You have had an eventful month!....Just found you via the blog hop. So nice to meet via the blogosphere ☺

  2. Everytime I see a photo of a soldier coming come I get goose bumps!


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