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Ten on Tuesday!

Linking up again this week for 10 on Tuesday with It's a Crafty Life. This week, I'm just going to share 10 random tidbits:)


1. Big news (possibly) on the sleep front! If you've been following long, you probably know that my little guy has a lot of sleep troubles. We've tried just about everything and nothing had really worked, except the melatonin, sometimes, if I could get him to take it. Yesterday, we borrowed a weighted vest from his school. He was asleep by 11:30 (keeping in mind this was without melatonin and having taken a nap- which can often result in 2-5 am nights!). He woke a few times as normal, and the final time he woke, after 10 minutes of kicking and screaming, I put the vest back on him and within a few minutes he had calmed and fell back asleep! Before bed when he was wearing it, he was much more attentive as well and even followed directions when I told him to clean up his game! I hope this continues. We might have to invest in a weighted blanket as well, to help him stay asleep. If only these things weren't so pricey!!!

2. My craft project today: a book page picture frame for our little 'office nook' (upstairs landing). I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It needs a little work, but I feel like its missing something. But I have to admit, when I made this, I used an old murder mystery I didn't figure I would be reading...and as I was making the frame I kept seeing these words jump out at me: 'corpse', 'body', 'suicide', etc...maybe it wasn't my best choice!!

3. My Scentsy party ended Sunday and I placed my order yesterday! So excited to get all my new goodies. I ended up getting somewhere around $200 worth of stuff...and I only paid $60!! I love saving money! And just to show you how addicted I am to this stuff, here is a photo of my scent collection BEFORE the party!

4. The season finale of Pretty Little Liars was on last night...and I loved it. And hated it because now I have to wait for the new season. But seriously, it was a great episode and I was pleasantly surprised when they played a song by one of my favorite singers, Alexz Johnson.

5. We leave in less than 2 weeks for another cross country train trip. I'm looking forward to it, but I should really start packing. It seems forever away though...I swear time has stopped.

6. Next month is Autism Awareness Month! Not sure I will be able to post much about it then, as we will be traveling, but I really hope more will do something to bring awareness next month!

7. So, during the holidays, I started hoarding pumpkin because the year before, I had messed up my Grandpa's pumpkin pie (I was halving the recipe and accidentally forgot to half the sugar!) and when I sent Matt out to buy more pumpkin, they were out! Not wanting that to happen again, I'd buy a few cans at every shopping trip! Well, now I have several cans of pumpkin left over! So this weekend I made these delicious Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins! Check out the recipe here!

8. Another great recipe find: Pizza Cupcakes! Shaun was very excited about these- he loves his pizza! I thought they were great too, and so easy! Check out the recipe here!

9. As most of you probably realized, I have been redoing some things on my blog- new layout, new 'about me' page...I have a few more things I'm going to be changing around so if you stop by and it's a mess, I apologize! I am loving this new background though. So bright and fun, and it still has the birds, which I love! :)

10. I really don't have anything else interesting to say! I've been stretching for the last several tidbits actually. What can I say? I'm pretty boring:)


  1. First, let me say, I am loving the new blog design, it is super cute! And I'm laughing with you on the whole murder mystery choice...too funny! I think it is looking good, what do you think about a large felt flower on one of the corners? Cheap and easy, plus adds a little color? So glad you are finding something that works so well with your son, hope it continues to help. :-) Enjoy your train trip and thanks for linking up!

  2. Great points of randomness! The picture frame looks really cool; I have seen them and thought about trying one. Maybe you could try a large letter, like a last name initial on the corner?

    I have gotten weighted vests for students in my classroom at times, and they work wonders! I wish more parents were diligent enough to be concerned about their children, especially special needs children, getting rest at home. Kudos to you on trying the vest at home!

  3. Those pizza cupcakes look amazing! I must try these!

  4. So I saw those pumpking muffins and thought "Wow those look like the tastiest things I've ever seen"...then I scrolled down and saw those pizza muffins and think they might have to come in a close 2nd! I will def be trying these both out thanks so much for sharing!

    Also, I work as a COTA/L in a school system we use weighted vests alot. Does he like taking baths? A warm bath before bed, deep pressure massages, setting up a good consistent bedtime schedule/ritual are all good tips. Hope these help! :)

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