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Ten on Tuesday: Train Edition!

As a lot of you probably know by now, at the end of this week, the little guy and I will be getting on a train to meet my husband back home for his R&R. This will be our 3rd time traveling by train, and we love it. Shaun is in heaven on the train, as you can imagine! So this week's 10 on Tuesday is my list of our 10 must haves for traveling by train. Some of these will be tips in general for anyone thinking of taking a train trip (as I've had several comments after our last trip saying just that!) and some are just for us personally.

1. Trains. Trains. Trains. Yes, that's right, taking trains on the train. I actually told Shaun a few days ago that his suitcase was for the train...and he started loading it up with trains! Ha! But seriously, he doesn't go anywhere without at least two in hand, and because he will not have access to all of them, we will have to bring along several of his favorites- or risk meltdown later!!

2. Entertainment for the ride. A book for myself (hopefully a new book for review...if it gets in on time!) and my laptop and several movies for Shaun. Our last trip we watched Hannah Montana The Movie nonstop for most of the trip! So obviously we will be bringing that one along, as well as a few Thomas movies, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (which I'm sure I'll regret!) and the Last Song (Shaun really does enjoy this one too, and its at least one we can enjoy together). During our last trip, I brought crayons, books, etc as well for Shaun, but he had no interest in those at all.

3. Snacks! There is a snack car on the train, but it can really add up! For anyone thinking of taking a train trip, if you have the room and are able to, I saw a few people with coolers, etc. You are allowed 2 carry ons and I believe 3 checked bags per person, so it's really not a bad idea as far as money saving goes! Unfortunately, I am not able to carry that much myself, so I just bring a little bit to hold us over!

4. Comfy clothes and shoes. During our last trip, I heard someone who had gotten on at one of the last stops before our destination say that you knew people had been on the train for awhile when they're wearing slippers and pjs! Haha! It's true though, if you're going to be on the train for a few days, might as well be comfortable. Slip on shoes are a must. I'm not one that likes to wear shoes, so anytime we were at our seat I was barefoot.

5. Blanket and pillow! They do give you a pillow of course, but no blanket. And if you have the space, bringing your own pillow is not a bad idea- the ones they provide are not great but they do the job. Unfortunately, the pillow is one of those things I'm not sure we can personally fit with us, but the blanket is a must! (Shaun still nurses to sleep, so really is a must!)

6. Medication. During our last trip, Shaun and I were both sick! No fun! Thankfully I had a little bit of medication with me, just in case. I think I will pack tylenol for the both of us this time as well. After sleeping on a train seats for a few days, we might be sore anyway! (Hopefully there will be no sickness this trip, but we will be prepared!)

7. A Camera! That's probably a given, at least for me, but it's definitely a necessity. We saw some gorgeous views and I'm glad I was able to capture some of them!!

8. Weighted Vest for Shaun. It has been helping some with his sleep, though he's still had trouble staying asleep, but we will definitely be taking it along for this trip! It's very good for calming Shaun, not necessarily to sleep, but also when he's upset. For the most part, Shaun did great on the train itself during our last trips, however, the station was hard on him! So much going on, talk about a sensory overload!

9. The obvious 'must haves'...you know- phone and charger, tickets, ID, money, toothbrush, deodorant and plenty of diapers and wipes. They are definitely pretty obvious, but would be horrible things to forget! :)

10. Autism Shirts for Mommy and Shaun. This is just because of the days we are traveling! We will be on the train for World Autism Awareness Day- April 2, and instead of wearing blue for the Autism Speaks 'Light It Up Blue' campaign, Shaun will wear his special autism shirt and I'll wear either my TACA or AS shirt. As we found out during our last trip, this turned out to be a great way to get people talking about Autism. For more information on Light It Up Blue, click here.

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  1. You guys are going to have fun! I can see how there would be sensory overload though. :-) Hope no one gets sick and can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks for linking up!


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