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Miscellany Monday!

Oh what a crazy week it's been! So glad it's finally Monday, which means time for:

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. My little guy was out of school all last week for President's Week! And he was not a happy camper! He likes his routine, which of course, means going to school during the week so he had a rough time! His sleep went downhill, he was cranky and well, it just wasn't a good time. He was thrilled to be going back this morning. The house seems so quiet now and I miss him being here, but I know it will help improve his mood.

2. The weather...oh the weather. It's sunny now, for a few days at least, but we had some bad rain and even storms! Yikes! Storms are my biggest fear so needless to say I was hating every minute of it! But through a little prayer (okay, a LOT of prayer) I made it through!

3. I got my tire fixed! You might remember that I posted a little bit ago about discovering a screw and nail in my tire and the tire place I am able to drive to myself not having the tire I needed...well, after my husband pointed out that we'd gotten the old one there, I gave it another shot, and the manager was awesome enough to bring one in from another store! Talk about God answering prayers! (Unfortunately, when I got that one changed, they told me that I needed 2 more changed as well, so I get to go back and do that today, I think!)

4. And my last thought for the day before I go do some much needed cleaning-I want to say thanks to all my new followers and all the commented on my photos yesterday! I am so happy that they were appreciated:)


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