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What I'm Loving Wednesday! (My Favorite Things!)

It’s Wednesday yet again, which means I’m linking up with Jamie for ‘What I’m Loving Wednesday’! Today’s edition should really be titled ‘A Few of my Favorite Things’! (I never understood how this was considered a holiday song, but whatever!) But anyway, today as always I am loving:

Vintage Pyrex

I have a nice little collection already, my current favorite being the butterprint cinderella bowls. This is still a work in progress, but as you can see what I have so far is currently on display in my kitchen. I have a few that I actually use as well, but I think I will be replacing those with some new bowls and putting those up as well! Any excuse to get new bowls- I love bowls/dishes in general really, but these vintage pyrex are definitely my favorite!!

There are also several patterns that I look forward to adding to my collection in time!! Check out this awesome blog if you're a pyrex fan too!


I’m addicted to cute aprons! I have a small but growing collection! My absolute favorite is this *I think* authentic vintage apron. Would you believe I bought it at a yard sale for 50 cents? The lady said it belonged to her grandmother! I thought it felt old (if that makes sense) and tried to find it online and while I didn’t find this exact print, I did find another with the same style that said it was from the 50s…regardless, it’s absolutely adorable, and one that I rarely use! I seriously need to learn to sew though…if you’ve never looked at the cuter aprons- they are not cheap!!

And in case you hadn’t guessed
I just love vintage things period!
Of course, the 50s are my favorite. I tell people that I was born in the wrong time! (Which was reaffirmed when shopping at the Dollar Tree, I found myself having the same conversation with my sister in law as these two little old ladies were having…I’m 23 going on 70!!) Things seemed much simpler back then! And the clothes, how can you not love the clothes? Cute little dresses, cardigans, pearls…you can’t go wrong!

I'm also loving: my Kitchenaid! Seriously, the best gift ever! My husband bought this for me for my 23rd birthday back in August and I am so glad he did. I had been wanting one forever, but I'm not one that likes to spend money, so he made me get it (honestly, he just wanted homemade bread;)) I have been using it a lot this holiday season and it makes things so much easier!!

And finally, the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's…say what you will, but you can’t deny the woman has style!! Here are a few favorites:

Hmm, in retrospect, maybe I should have just summed it up with, "I love kitchen things!" Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and enjoys this holiday season!!


  1. I love your taste, and I love the military pictures, I would love to get my husband some of those, or at least to decorate his own hangout room with those.

  2. OK I love every thig that you are loving too :)

  3. Gosh, I kind of remember my mom having those blue bowls. Such a flash back!

  4. Randomly found your blog and ok, I love "A Few of My Favorite Things" too but I was just telling my husband the other day that it isn't a Christmas song...I don't get it!

  5. How wonderful that you have a kitchenmaid! I've been wanting one of those for ages myself.

  6. I have some Pyrex bowls from my mom, they look just like this, and I love them. I love aprons, too. I've made them for so many years. I visited someone and they brought out an apron I had made for them at least 20 years ago, they said they still love it, I had never realized other ppl like them that much, too! esp handmade!


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