Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A Look Back

As the year draws to an end, I decided to join the many other bloggers out there for their year in review. 2010 has been quite the eventful year for our family- we had our ups and downs, made some great new friends, made a lot of progress with Shaun, it was a big year for us in many ways! Here are a few of the highlights!

-We settled into a new house (which we love). We had technically moved in December, but had only been in two weeks before heading home for the holidays. My house has continued to change and has become my favorite place we've lived since being married!

-Shaun's train addiction grew... and grew and grew. Leading mommy to completely redo his room in Thomas (while his playroom became a general train room!)

-My younger sister came to visit in March! We don't get visitors often usually so it was very exciting, and a great visit. Despite the rain. I think the sun was only out 2 days of the visit. (Which was wonderful during our trip to Hollywood, walking back to our vehicle in the pouring down rain...oh my!! But we ended up going the weekend of the academy awards and got to see Sherri Shepard (love her), Ryan Seacrest and Mr Jay!!) A fun experience overall.

-Easter brought our first California earthquake worth mentioning. And a few more to follow. Hmm, not necessarily our best experience of the year but worth mentioning at least!

-In June, we attended the TACA (Talk about Curing Autism) family picnic...what a blast!!

-In July, my husband was promoted to Staff Sergeant!!! He had worked hard for this and I was so proud. And I was given the honor of pinning his new rank on. We also traveled home later in the month for a rare summer visit for Matt's predeployment leave.

-August was a big month. Shaun turned 3, I turned 23. I got my kitchenaid I'd wanted for so long. But most importantly, Matt deployed. It was a rough month.

-In September Shaun started preschool!!! An exciting and scary time, but it has made a world of difference for him!!!

-In October, my best friend Erica came for a much needed visit and we walked for the Autism Speaks walk.

-In November, we saw Paul Walker at LAX. That was pretty much the highlight of the month. Haha. No pictures unfortunately. He was trying to blend so we didn't draw attention. He knew we'd recognized him though, he kept glancing our way, I think to see if we planned on saying anything.

-And finally, this month has brought new adventures as well, most importantly our train trip across country! And a great visit with the family!! What a way to end the year surrounded by those we love!

I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe new year and that 2011 brings lots of good memories! I look forward to what the year has to bring! Happy New Year!


  1. Wonderful pics! You need to blog about that train trip!

  2. For some reason it's always amused me that Paul Walker was raised Mormon. Anyway, looks like a busy year, Happy New Year!

  3. Wow! Your little boy is so adorable (even though he's much older now). He looks so cute in his little conductor outfit!

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