Monday, August 17, 2009

So, I'm a Blog Slacker...

but hey I warned you, right? It's been two months since my last real update and so much has happened since then. Most importantly though, my little man has turned TWO! Where does the time go? It seems like we were just planning his first birthday and now his second has come and gone. Unbelievable. To celebrate the big day we had a nice little Wall-E party. We didn't have as much of a turnout as we'd hoped or planned for but it was a great time for those who did make it.

A few days later we took him on a special Toys R Us trip and bought him the coolest gift ever: a train table. He loves playing with them everywhere else and loves having one all of his own.

And finally on the 2 year news, we had his 2 year checkup. Everything is mostly normal: he's 28 pounds and healthy (with great fine motor skills!), but we will be taking him to a consult for speech therapy. While he knows many words and will say them on his own, and he can memorize songs and even scenes from movies, he doesn't really use those words to communicate with us. When he wants something, he will grab one of us and lead us to it. When asked questions, he acts as though he's not even hearing us half the time, and certainly doesn't answer. He won't point to familiar objects in books, or tell you what it is when you ask him...that type of thing. So we are currently trying and waiting to get him an appointment and in the meantime I am trying my best to work with him at home! Below are a few examples of the pictures on the flash cards I've made to try to help him. So far nothing, but I will continue to try!!


  1. Nice flash cards Randi! Good luck getting an appointment soon. :)

  2. We love Wall-E here! Your little man is so adorable. Train tables seem to be very big hits with little boys; we are looking into them for our son.


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