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If I never see a hospital ever again...

It would be too soon. As many of you know by now, this week has been...eventful, to say the least! So to save myself from repeating the story a million times I figured I'd just post it here. So here goes:

It started on Sunday. Shaun had been acting fine all day, then at about 6 or 7ish he woke up from his nap and had a horrible diarrea diaper. Yuck. Fifteen minutes later, the throwing up began. This lasted all night, off and on, and by the next morning he had still not had a wet diaper so we took him to the ER for the first time. They gave him some meds to calm his belly and he seemed to do fine with that, so he was sent home- told to drink plenty of liquids to try to rehydrate him (because it'd be better if he could do it himself without an IV). Once home he started getting worse again. He refused to eat or drink (other than nurse) and still had only had 1 wet diaper since the whole thing started...and he just wasn't himself. His fever also hadn't been below 101 and had gotten up to 103ish. So as the first dr instructed, we took him back.

This is where it gets bad. This second doc was horrible. He came in and had this attitude like he already knew what was wrong and anything I said meant nothing. He said so long as Shaun was still nursing there was nothing really to be concerned about. I tried to explain about the lack of wet diapers and so on, but again he didnt really seem to be listening at all. Finally he agreed to give him an IV if I wanted...I think mostly to shut me up (Matt was exhausted and slept through this whole thing.) He also told me it wasn't that a child wouldn't take the meds, but that the parents didn't do it right...even though we both held him down, with the help of a nurse and still couldn't get it down! But anyway, he gave him an IV for a bit, then sent him home. This was Tuesday morning around 6 am I believe.

First thing when we get home, he immediately has diarrea so bad its all over the bed! And then about an hour later...the couch. And finally shortly after that, the blanket I'd laid on the floor for him! AND his fever shot back up to 104, and still no wet diapers. He also started throwing up again and still was only nursing...no other food or drink. He got to the point where he was just laying there staring, and I couldn't tell at times if he was awake or asleep, and so yet again we took him back in. Suprise suprise, he was EXTREMELY dehydrated, so much so they couldn't get an IV in him...he has bruises all over from the failed attempts. They ended up admitting him and once there they finally got one in him. But again, if that other dr would have just listened he wouldn't have had to been put through all that and he certainly wouldnt have reached that point.

But anyway, the IV really seemed to make a huge difference and the throwing up/vomitting/fever stopped, but he still wasn't drinking on his own and wasn't having enough wet diapers. Not sure how much weight he lost total, but from yesterday to this morning he'd lost a whole POUND! Yesterday his IV started hurting and they had to take it out and they were still unable to get a new one in him. He really started hating that room. (And the soctors, he got to the point where he'd start screaming when they came in the room.) They tried again today, still nothing so we had to force feed apple juice through a syringe. This seemed to help a bit and they finally said that since they really weren't doing anything for him at that point, we could go home if we wanted. Yay! Shauny heard this and it was a complete turnaround! What a difference! He kept repeating 'go home, go home'.

So we are finally home! He still isn't 100% and he still isn't drinking a LOT on his own, but its improvement and I know he will continue to improve now. They believe it was just a stomach bug that led to dehydration, which was really the big concern. Thanks everyone for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers! They are greatly appreciated!


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