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What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I got this wonderful idea from Beth Ann's blog, who linked up with Jamie @ this kind of love and decided I wanted to join in. With everything going on in our lives right now, I have made it a goal to stay positive, so when I saw this I thought it would be a great way to a) keep things looking o…


I was tagged by my friend Beth Ann to answer these questions, so here goes nothing. You're supposed to tag others as well, but not having many blogging friends (and those that do blog, being tagged already) I'll just have to stick with answering the questions myself:)

{1}: If you could be i…

By Request: Sweet Pepper Pitas

I had requests to post this recipe weeks ago when I first tried it, but being the blog slacker I am, I'm just now getting to it! Better late than never I suppose! This is a wonderful dish that I found in an old Taste of Home Cooking for 2 magazine, the recipe only makes 2 servings, but can easi…

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