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Perfect Son

A Korean proverb says that, "The woman is weak, but the mother is strong." Since becoming a mother, I have found this statement to be very true. Being a very non-confrontational person, I tend to not stick up for myself (and allow people to walk all over me unfortunately), but when it com…

Homemade Tomato Soup (aka Best Tomato Soup Ever)

This is a recipe that I got from my friends Amanda's blog awhile back and it was absolutely wonderful. I have made it a few times since. A few days back, I decided to make a few little changes and it made an already awesome soup all the much better. This is the original recipe:


1 can…

On The 'R-Word'- A Must Read

From a very young age, before I could remember really, the 'r-word' was considered to be as bad as any cuss word in our home. We were not allowed to use the word, period. In the early 80s, my older brother Jeff was diagnosed with mental retardation, and suspected autism. (Remember, at that …

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