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Top tips for planning the perfect event

There's something special about hosting an event. Whether you're planning a birthday party, corporate retreat, or wedding, putting together the perfect event takes a lot of time and effort. However, with these top tips, you'll be able to take the guesswork out of event planning and crea…

To Disguise the Truth by Jen Turano {Book Review}

**I received a complimentary copy for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

When a man arrives at the Bleecker Street Inquiry Agency, anxious to hire them to find a missing heiress, Eunice Holbrooke realizes her past has finally caught up with her . . . and that she may no longer be able to hide …

Still Stuck in a Funk? 6 Ways to Escape It and Feel Ready for 2022

When life has seemingly stagnated or worst still, it seems to be passing you by, it’s time to deal with that. Otherwise, 2022 will seem much like the lackluster 2021 that disappointed many people. If you’re in a rut or a funk, here are 6 ways to escape it.1.Shake Things Up with a Change in Appearan…

4 Key Features to Look for While You're House-Hunting

Ah, the joys of looking for a house. You just want to find the right place to live. You have the perfect place in mind. However, you have to try and be realistic here. What are the most important features to you for a home? Write them down and take a look at your list. Here are some features that …

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