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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dig Deeper Into Old Fashioned with a Prize Pack Giveaway #OldFashionedMovie #FlyBy

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A few weeks ago, I shared with you all about the new movie Old-Fashioned! (You can read my full review here.)

I absolutely loved this movie! I loved the idea of a good old fashioned love story... and the lessons that we could all take away from it. But it was still just a movie, and there is only so far that a movie can delve into this very interesting subject of old-fashioned romance and courtship. I wanted MORE. And I wasn't alone, which is why there are also two wonderful books that serve as the perfect compliments to dig deeper into the movie. Take a look:

Old Fashioned: The Novel

Turning his back on his reckless lifestyle, former frat boy Clay Walsh has settled down to turn an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town....and to purse lofty and outdated theories on love and romance.  But when Amber Hewson, a free-spirited woman with a gypsy soul, rents the apartment above his shop, Clay can't help being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life.  Amber also finds herself surprisingly drawn to Clay, but his ideas about relationships are unusual to say the least, and they bring to light her own deep wounds and fears about love.  They say opposites attract, but can Clay and Amber move beyond their differences and their pasts to attempt an "old fashioned" courtship?

If you loved the movie, chances are you will love this book as well... because it's the novelization of the film! As I said, movies are great, but time constraints and flow can keep movies from really digging into the story! If it often seems like the love stories in movies happen super quickly, it's because they have to! So, I loved that this novelization allowed for even more time to fall in love with these characters and this romance. Like all movie adaptations, there are of course some differences... but the story stays pretty much the same! It stands on its own for those who haven't seen the film, but offers a deeper look for those who have. It's truly a great read for anyone looking for a good clean love story!

The Old Fashioned Way: A Devotional

Contrary to popular opinion, being "old fashioned" doesn't mean you're dull or unromantic.  In fact, a true old fashioned relationship can be more exciting and romantic than anything you've ever experienced!  So what does it mean to do things the old fashioned way?  Sure, it means opening doors, holding out chairs, and taking things slow.  But a true old fashioned romance goes much, much deeper than that.  Inspired by the motion picture Old Fashioned, this book will show you how to reclaim the lost art of romance by introducing you to romantic love as God intended it.  Regardless of your past mistakes, where you've been, what you've done, or where you are now, you can find and create a love that will last a lifetime!  As you work your way through this forty-day journey of inspiring readings and questions for reflection, you'll discover all the unique and amazing benefits of doing things the old fashioned way.  And before you know it, you'll be well on your way to creating a love story for the ages.   

When you think of courtship, what do you think of? For many, our thoughts go straight to perhaps the most popular example in our pup culture: the Duggar family- a family who has been very open about their views on the subject! But with a family of such extremes (and currently controversy), it can be hard to take their views as something that might work for anyone else. It can be easy to assume that its way too extreme. But, the ideas behind courtship can actually be pretty great! At its core, its all about 'dating' with intention, getting to know one another on a deeper level before jumping into a physical relationship, keeping yourself accountable and respecting yourself and your partner. This devotional truly digs into the subject and takes you on a journey to discover what it truly all means.

Now, being a married women, I perhaps am not the ideal audience... but this has been a subject that I've always found very interesting so I certainly thought it was an intriguing read... and a good reminder even in my marriage that an old fashioned love isn't a bad thing, but truly means showing respect for one another. What's so bad about that?

You may not agree with all of the ideas put forth in this devotional, and that's perfectly okay...but it can certainly provide some food for thought that may change the way you look at your dating habits... truly an interesting read for all!

Overall, I loved it all- the movie, the books, the story! And I hope that you will too. You can learn more and connect at the links below:

Twitter: @OldFashionedVow

And I am very excited to announce that one very lucky reader will be winning ALL THREE!! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Friday, June 26, 2015

S'mores In A Cup {with Kozy Shack Pudding} @kozyshack #SummerofPudding #sp

Welcome to the Summer of Pudding!!

This summer, we're celebrating with fun and flavor with Kozy Shack pudding and all the delicious varieties they have to offer. These sweet, delicious treats are the perfect summer treat, and completely worth celebrating! And what better way to start than today- National Chocolate Pudding Day!? (Yes, that's actually a thing!)

Now, there are many delicious ways to serve your chocolate pudding- from plain to extravagant, but today I'm sharing with you a quick and easy summer treat that the whole family will love:

S'Mores In A Cup {with Kozy Shack Pudding}


  • Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding
  • Graham Crackers 
  • Marshmallow Creme
  • Clear Cups

  1. First up, prepare your graham crackers! Place in a large Ziploc bag and use either a rolling pin or meat mallet to crush the crackers to desired consistency. This is a fun way to get kids involved as well... mine certainly love this part!!

  2. Now, it's time to create your s'mores. Start by adding a layer of graham cracker crumbs to the bottom of each cup. Continue adding layers of each ingredient until you reach near the top. There is no right or wrong way to do this... three single layers gave it a nice clean look, but alternating in various patterns create visual interest.
  3. Finish off your layers with marshmallow creme-to resemble whipped topping- and sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. (You could also add some shaved chocolate to the top, or a few mini marshmallows, if desired!)
  4. Eat and enjoy!
As you can see, this could not be any easier to create and combines two of my family's summer favorites- pudding and s'mores! What better way to celebrate the #SummerofPudding?

Be sure to keep up with all of the Summer of Pudding fun- to include fantastic giveaways- at the links below:

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How are you celebrating Chocolate Pudding Day?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your Kids Will FLIP for Little Bible Heroes {A Book Review & Giveaway} #FCBlogger

**I received a copy of this book for review. All thoughts are my own.

If I had to choose just one word to describe my son's reading style, I would have to go with PICKY!

He was an early reader-teaching himself to read at two and mastering 'learn to read' books at about three, but despite his knack for it, it's always been a bit of a challenge to actually get him to pick up a book! If it's not a subject that interests him, he will not read it.

Thankfully, over time we have found a few types of stories that catch his attention and have seen his reading collection grow and grow. He now loves reading stories about his favorite characters (like Thomas, Veggie Tales and the Berenstain Bears), or science and technology (Magic School Bus), books about subjects like time travel and adventure (Imagination Station) and books about people in history (Who Was,,,?). But perhaps one of his absolute favorite type of stories to read are Bible stories! From actual Bibles to Bible storybooks to creative retellings, he loves them all.

So, I was thrilled to have the chance to review a selection from the Little Bible Heroes Flip Book series, Samuel/The Little Maid:

What could be better than a great hero story? TWO great hero stories! And there’s no better place to find them than the Bible. Each Little Bible Heroes™ Flip-Over Book offers two stories of bravery, faithfulness, and kindness—straight from the Bible and perfect for little hero-loving hearts!

In these pages, read how young Samuel learned to listen to God. Then flip the book over and learn how the Little Maid helped heal Naaman from a terrible disease. Two great stories to learn from and enjoy!

 Now, as far as reading levels go, these were certainly VERY easy readers for my advanced reader...but regardless, he LOVED them, and honestly, isn't that the most important thing? These are short, sweet and simple... perfect for kids just learning to read, or who love being read to by mom and dad. They share fun Bible stories in a way that is easy to understand for even the smallest of kids. My son loved reading it for himself, and my daughter loved having it read to her! As a parent, I loved the section at the end of each story that actually did help us to go in a little deeper together, with a great scripture to read and some questions to discuss. These were still simple enough for my son to understand and helped it to be more than just any old story. As a mom, I strive to teach my kids about Jesus and the bible, but so often don't know where to go beyond just reading the stories, so this was a huge plus. I also found myself thinking that these could be a great resource for Sunday School teachers as well!

The stories were great of course, but for my son, it was all about the flip! It's human nature to always want more bang for your buck, right? That's why we usually tend to go for the biggest piece of cake. More is often better. And that's just how my little guy felt about this book! Why settle for one story when you can have TWO!? He loved reading one story, flipping and reading another...over and over again! It's truly amazing how something as simple as that can intrigue a kid, but when it comes to reading, I'll take whatever works!

Overall, we both really love this book, and are looking forward to adding more from the series to our collection...and there are certainly many great ones to choose from:

  • Creation/Noah Flip-Over Book
  • Miriam/Daniel Flip-Over Book
  • Joshua/Rahab Flip-Over Book
  • Samuel/The Little Maid Flip-Over Book
  • David/Esther Flip-Over Book
  • Joseph/The Good Samaritan Flip-Over Book
  • Christmas/Easter Flip-Over Book
  • Jesus’ Miracles/Martha Flip-Over Book

And even better, all of these books are great selections to read as part of Family Christian's Summer Reading Program, where your kids can earn a reward for reading great faith themed books like these! You can find more info on that here.

And be sure to stay up to date on all things Family Christian at the links below:

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And one very lucky reader is going to have the chance to win a Little Bible Heroes Flip Over Book. (Book will be chosen at random.) Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jokes + Doodles = No More Boredom {A Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles for Boys Book Review}

**We received a copy of this book in exchange for review. All thoughts are our own.

Knock Knock.
Who's there.
Funnel Who?
The Funnel start when I come in!

Let's be honest... what kid doeesn't love a good knock knock joke!? 

I know mine certainly does! But it's not just knock knock jokes he loves, but jokes in general. He loves making people happy, making them laugh. It's no wonder that he's been a big fan ever since he discovered the Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids books several months ago!

These books were full of fun jokes that are perfect for kids- clean, goofy and simple to remember and understand. He has loved making us laugh as he learns a brand new joke. So, when I heard about the newest book in this collection, I knew we had to get our hands on it. After all, this was more than just an ordinary joke book:

Q: What's the worst thing to leave home without?
A: This book!

Stuck in the car on a long trip? Bored out of your mind in a waiting room? Have a few minutes before bedtime? Then you have enough time to let your imagination run wild!

Laugh-Out-Loud Pocket Doodles for Boys lets you

· tell jokes that will have people laughing out loud
· complete hilarious doodles
· entertain everyone around you!

More than one million copies of the Laugh-Out-Loud joke books have been sold. Grab your pens, pencils, crayons, or markers and see what all the fuss is about!

Rob Elliott is the author of Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids, More Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids, Laugh-Out-Loud Animal Jokes for Kids, Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids, and Laugh-Out-Loud Doodles for Kids. He lives in West Michigan, where in his spare time he enjoys laughing out loud with his wife and five children. Learn more at www.laughoutloudjokesforkids.com.

Jonny Hawkins is a cartoonist whose work has appeared in over six hundred publications, including Reader's Digest, Parade, the Saturday Evening Post, the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, many page-a-day cartoon calendars, and Laugh-Out-Loud Doodles for Kids. He lives in Michigan with his wife, their three children, four cats, and a dog.

As I said, this is NOT your ordinary joke book. As much as my son loves telling jokes, he loves to draw even more! He's constantly drawing little sketches of his favorite characters and logos, or creating his very own comic books. But there are times when he gets in that drawing mood but doesn't quite know where to begin. Haven't all of us creative people been there? I certainly have when it comes to writing!

For the doodler, this book is the perfect solution. With each joke is a fun doodling prompt to go right along with it! They can still think out of the box and get as creative as they wish with it, but it gives them a starting point to go on... and can be a great way to expand their typical doodles too! Not only that, but its the perfect size for tossing into a suitcase, overnight bag or even backpack for on the go entertainment. From rainy days to travel to those random 'I'm bored' moments, this book is becoming a go-to!

The book may be called Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles for Boys, but honestly it is perfectly suitable for girls as well. Still, there is a more girly version as well with jokes and doodles aimed more toward little girls than boys!

Sounds pretty awesome right? But don't just take MY word as a grown up on this. This is a book for kids, so I asked my kid a few questions about it:

Me: What's so great about Laugh Out Loud Pocket Doodles?
Shaun: It's very, very funny. I like that I can draw in it.

Me: What's your favorite thing to doodle?
Shaun: Farts.

Me: Do you think other kids should have this book too?
Shaun: Yep. Because it's funny.

He's a boy of few words, but he truly loves this book! Your little boy can pick up his own copy today!

Do you love a good clean joke? Share your favorites in the comments!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bedtime Devotions with Jesus: A MyDaily Devotional for Kids Review

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Summertime with kids can be busy, busy, busy... between trips to the park, splashing in the pool, picking berries, and all of the outdoor fun to be had, the days seem to be gone before they've begun! And in the midst of all the fun, we can sometimes forget to take a moment with our kids to reflect on Jesus. But bedtime is a great time to make sure you take those oh so important moments. For that, Bedtime Devotionals with Jesus is ideal:

Trustworthy devotional moms and dads can use to make bedtime family time, faith time.
After the busyness of the day is done, before your child nods off to sleep, snuggle up to read God's Word and daily reminders about how much He loves and takes care of us. Bedtime Devotions with Jesus is a collection of prayers and devotions written by pastors, pastor's wives, children's ministers, and other church leaders. In this book are valuable lessons on such topics as thankfulness, obedience, trusting God, being kind, loving others, and many more. God's Word comes alive using simple language, and the devotions are featured with delightful illustrations of teddy bears. This book will teach children ages 4-8 the value and joy of spending time with God every day.
Each devotional includes a scripture, a brief devotional reading, a prayer, and a meaningful takeaway that helps children build a strong foundation of faith. This is the first children's book in the hugely popular MyDaily™ Devotional line. Devotionals for adults in the MyDaily series have sold more than 173,000 copies.
About the Author
Dr. Johnny Hunt is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia. He is a sought after speaker who holds conferences each year for men, senior adults, and youth. He is the president of Timothy Barnabas Ministry designed to encourage pastors and their wives. Devotionals by Johnny Hunt include The One Year Devotional Prayer Book, The One Year Devotional Prayer Book Vol. 2, Pathway to Discipleship, and Walk Through the Word.

Now, we have quite the collection of kids' devotionals in our home, and I love that each one offers something a little different from the next, and this one is certainly no different!

The devotions in this devotional are broken down into 52 weeks. Each week is written by a different writer, so while there is certainly a common layout, it also allows for some different views and styles to come through as well. I love this aspect of the book, and appreciate being able to read different thoughts from different writers. But again, the style remains the same throughout. Each devotion offers a scripture, a short reading, a prayer and a lesson to take away. They are short reads, which is great for tired kids (or just those with short attention spans). They are easy to understand and relate-able to children too. Truly an ideal bedtime devotional! My kids love it, as do I!

Bedtime Devotions with Jesus is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrate Summer Cloth with Buttons Diapers

Welcome to the 4th annual Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Heather from Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes. This hop is focused on items you'd want/need for everything cloth diaper related! After visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other 20+ blogs and see what they have to offer for you and your little one! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner. 

Be sure to enter the Grand Prize as well where one lucky US winner will receive the $152 prize. With great sponsors like Best BottomPlanet WiseButtonsBabyKicksWinning Colors Baby and Little Bear Bums this package offers a little something for everyone or a great package for someone wanting to start cloth.


**A huge thanks to Buttons Diapers for sponsoring today's post and giveaway!

Cloth diapers are fun no matter what time of year, aren't they? But nothing can compare to summer cloth! Warmer weather means its time to let the summer cloth show! With diapers so cute, who needs pants? I love finding a cute tee to coordinate with our favorite diapers for a cute and cool summer look! And when it comes to cute diapers, nothing can beat the cuteness of Buttons Diapers!!

We have been fans of Buttons since my daughter was just a few months old. They worked wonderfully for our itty bitty girl, and looked absolutely stunning with their fun, vibrant colors and adorable button embroidery! You can read my original review here.

But having done many cloth reviews- and having tried many varieties of cloth diapers on our own- I have learned that while some diapers work well for a certain stage, they lose effectiveness over time. Some due to quality, but many others due to fit, etc with a growing baby. But as we quickly approach my daughter's second birthday, Buttons have remained a go to in our stash! They still offer a great fit and have held up beautifully after many, many washes!

And not only have they continued to work well for our little miss, they've also continued to grow cuter! They've introduced prints, and even more fun colors! In fact, they've just released two wonderful summer solids- Ahoy and Sunshine!

Now, if you think they look adorable in the picture above, you will love them in person! They're more vibrant, more fun and more summery. Seriously, how adorable is Sunshine?

If you are looking for the perfect summer diaper, look no further than Buttons Diapers! See more fun prints and colors, and connect with Buttons at the links below:

And as part of the Summer Cloth Giveaway Hop event, one very lucky reader is going to have the chance to win TWO diaper covers and inserts!! How great is that? Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Friend in Me: A Book Review & Blog Tour

**I received a copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Do you have that women in your life that you know you can turn to for advice and input on all that life throws your way? Those women who have been there, done that and lived to tell about it. The women who have lived and learned and gained wisdom from their experience?

I am lucky enough to have three such women in my life- my mom and my 'second mom' (my mom's best friend) and my mother in law. These women have of course been mother figures to me, but as I have grown up, they have also become great friends to me as well. I know that I can rely on them to be there to offer advice and support when I need it, and I know that they've been through it all and that their wisdom truly counts for something. There are many, many times when I go to my mom with the silliest of questions, because I truly value her experience. Like I said, I am very lucky to have that.

Unfortunately, that is not something that every woman my age has. Perhaps their mother has already passed on. Perhaps they just don't have a great relationship.. whatever the case, that relationship is just not there. And honestly, that really stinks. I cannot even begin to explain how much these women have helped me along the way during my adult life and I do not know what I would do without that relationship.

So, how can we bridge that generation gap to create bonds with women of all generations? This is just the topic of discussion in Pam Lau's new book, A Friend in Me.

About the book: 
A Friend in Me (David C. Cook, June 2015)

Young women long for relational connection with women further ahead of them on the journey. Yet, without realizing it, many of us tend to distance ourselves from those in younger generations.

Can we really have close relationships with women who have different thoughts on church, different experiences with family, and different ways of talking about God? Where do we start?

In A Friend in Me, Pam Lau shows you how to be a safe place for the younger women in your life. She offers five patterns women need to internalize and practice for initiating relationships and talking about issues such as faith, forgiveness, sexuality, and vocation. Most significantly, she reminds you that there doesn't need to be a divide between generations of women. Together, we can have a global impact---and experience a deeper faith than we've ever known.

Purchase a copy: http://bit.ly/1RXNAmd
About the author: 

Pam Lau is the author of Soul Strength and numerous articles for such publications as Christian Scholar's Review andChristianity Today. She has taught writing at George Fox University and speaks around the country at conferences and retreats. A graduate of Liberty University and Colorado State University, Lau lives near Portland, Oregon, with her husband and three daughters.

Find Pamela online: websiteTwitter

While I would say that this book may be better suited for women older than myself, I truly feel this book has a lot to offer every woman. As a twenty-something, it showed me how great it could be to have relationships with women older than myself, and also reminded me how to be available to women younger than myself as well. No matter where we are in our lives, we are both in a position to be a mentor to those with less experience, and to be mentored by the women who've lived it all. This book is a great place to start in developing those relationships!

To find out more about A Friend in Me and check out more reviews in this blog tour, visit this website.

Do you have a mentor in your life? How do you make yourself available to mentor other women?

Get the Look for Less with Soufeel Jewelry (+ Enter to Win!)

Welcome to the 4th of July Giveaway Hop hosted by Karen's Got Mail. I have teamed up with a fantastic group of bloggers to share these giveaways with our readers. Be sure to hop around to the participating blogs and enter some fabulous giveaways! Also, make sure to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway which features a $50 Target Gift Card!


**I received the products below in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Chances are most of you are probably fairly familiar with Pandora Charm Bracelets.  Perhaps you have one already, or perhaps you have been eyeing them and love the look, but just cannot justify the price-y pricetag. Trust me, I understand! So, what if I told you that you could get the same style bracelets for a fraction of the cost?

Guess what? With Soufeel Jewelry, you CAN!

When I was recently contacted by Soufeel to review one of their bracelets and charms, I jumped at the chance. To help organize my thoughts, I've broken this review into four features worth noting.

When giving jewelry as a gift, presentation is key, right? So I was thrilled when my bracelet and charms arrived beautifully packaged in a stunning white box and baby blue bow. (Unfortunately, said bow was a little too tempting for my bow loving toddler, so I have no pictures to share! But I assure it, it was very nice!) Included in my package was even a gift bag, perfect for gift giving!

As mentioned above, these are the same style as one would expect from Pandora. I have always loved charm bracelets myself, but with my small wrists found that they could be a little overwhelming, so I love that these charms just slide onto the bracelet itself. I can get that same personalized feel of a charm bracelet with a much sleeker look!

Soufeel offers a large variety of styles to choose from so you are sure to find something you like! Even the bracelets themselves offer several options, from metal to leather, and various styles of each. I personally loved the style of these birthstone charms- perfect to celebrate your own birth month, or this birth month of your children. (Mine indicates both my own August birthday, and both of my children!) The princess carriage was a perfect reminder of my love of Cinderella and the beginning of my husband and my relationship. The faith cross charm was a beautiful way to share my faith. And the peacock... well, quite frankly I just thought this one was gorgeous! In addition to these 4 gorgeous charms, I found myself finding many more that I would love to add!

The Soufeel charms are made with 925 sterling silver, 14K gold or Swarovski elements. Now, I don't have a Pandora bracelet or charms myself to do a side by side comparison, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of my new Soufeel jewelry. It seems to be very well made and beautifully designed. I will say the clasp on my bracelet was a little tricky at first, but after I figured it out, it was pretty simple!! But if you're still worried about the quality, they offer 365-day return and exchange guarantee! With a deal like that, what's the risk?

Soufeel Charms and bracelets are perfectly compatible with Pandora, but at a fraction of the cost! So, if you already have a Pandora bracelet you love but wanted to add a few charms to without breaking the bank, Soufeel has you covered! Likewise, if you purchase a Soufeel bracelet and discover a Pandora charm that you just have to have, it will work too! Not only are they much cheaper than Pandora at regular price, they also offer great deals like free products (the more you buy), daily deals and free shipping on orders $50 and over! And they're even offering my readers 5% off any order with the code Randi5!!

Overall, I was really happy with my Soufeel bracelet and hope to add more charms to my collection in the future! You can see more of what Soufeel has to offer and connect at the links below:

Shop the Website.
Follow on Pinterest.

And one very lucky reader is going to have the chance to purchase their own! Soufeel is giving away one $50 Gift Code! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below:

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Free Proverbs 20:7 Father's Day Printable

Looking for a quick gift/decor for Father's Day weekend?

I created this fun Father's Day printable just for you! Download here!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

7 Secrets To An Awesome Marriage: A Book Review & Family Christian Giveaway #FCBlogger

** I received a copy of this book for review, all thoughts are 100% my own.

I love marriage. There is nothing greater than the idea of spending the rest of your life with the one you love, is there? I'm sure when most of us get married, that is exactly what we intend... to grow old together. To go through life, side by side, forever and always, living happily ever after. On that big day, we don't want to think about the hard times, we don't want to think that it might not last.

But did you know that 40-50% of first marriages in the United States end in divorce? 

That's a pretty scary statistic. As I said, when we are planning our weddings and just beginning to start these brand new lives together, we can never imagine that we might be in that 40-50% percent. We believe that that cannot be us, because we have great relationships. We don't always acknowledge that it won't always be that easy.

All too often we see the couples that we thought would beat the odds- the perfect couples- calling it quits. Perhaps you see this happening around you, and you find yourself wondering- if they cannot make it work- the perfect couple that they were- how do any of us stand the chance? I certainly have wondered this myself. My husband and I have been married for 8.5 years. In those 8.5 years, we have been through many hard times in our personal lives. We have faced deployments, raising a special needs child, moves, finanacial ups and downs and so much more. We have faced many obstacles that would send many couples to their breaking points. Around us, we have seen many marriages come and go, for much less.

Looking around, I often find myself asking- why are these marriages failing? Is it merely our stubbornness and our love for one another? Did we simply take our vows more seriously than others? What are the secrets to having a successful marriage? This is just what Dr Kim Kimberling discusses in his new book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage:

All of us want an enduring marriage, a beautiful marriage we can believe in. That kind of marriage happens through intimacy. Intimacy requires hard work and a guide. Dr. Kim Kimberling is that guide, and this book and its tools will show you how communication and intimacy in marriage can be yours. 

Kimberling offers insights like connecting every day in spite of what’s in the way, learning how to fight in the right ways, stopping the insanity of doing the same thing over and over even when it isn’t working, and finding that the best sex ever is well within the context of Christian marriages. 

Once these 7 secrets are a part of your marriage, you can stand together and fight anything that would ever try to tear your marriage apart. 

Whether you have just celebrated your first anniversary or your fiftieth, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage by Dr. Kim Kimberling is for you. If you have a good marriage, this book can help you have a great marriage. If you are struggling, Kim Kimberling will help you turn the corner and make your marriage into what you want it to be.

Do you ever read a book on marriage and feel like it's just kind of preaching at you? Like it seems to be (intentional or not) written by someone who is perfect? Not human like yourself? 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage is not one of these books. While it does encourage us to take a look at how we communicate and interact with our spouse, it doesn't make us feel like a failure when we are less than perfect. In fact, Kim himself shares instances where he and his wife had those moments as well. Now, knowing the counselor who has counseled hundreds of couples throughout the year doesn't always get it right either, makes you feel a whole lot better about your own shortcomings right? And it makes it a lot more relate-able too. 

For the most part, these secrets are nothing new... you might even read a few of the 'secrets' and think 'duh, isn't that obvious?', but obvious as they may be- we still find ourselves not always following them. This book offers practical advice that is both wise and relate-able. It takes those secrets that we all kinda know, and truly makes them much easier to understand and apply to our own lives. But perhaps my favorite part of this particular book, was that it reminds us that a marriage is NOT just two people. No, in order to have a successful marriage, we must be sure to include God as well. It is with His help that we can strengthen our marriages and live out those happily ever afters.

No matter how long you have been married, or where you are in your marriage, this is truly a great read! 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage comes out on July 28th, but you can preorder now at Family Christian.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Go Gluten Free with NoGii {A Review + Contest}

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

GF. G-Free. Gluten Free.

Chances are, you've probably been seeing these phrases pop up a LOT lately. Perhaps you've just assumed this was just the latest in 'trendy' food choices. The latest diet fad. Something that will eventually pass. And perhaps for some that is true. But for many people who have a gluten sensitivity like my daughter... it's a very necessary lifestyle change.

So what exactly IS gluten? Here is the definition from Celiac.org:

Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat (durum, emmer, spelt, farina, farro, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and einkorn), rye, barley and triticale. Gluten helps foods maintain their shape, acting as a glue that holds food together. Gluten can be found in many types of foods, even ones that would not be expected.

And let me tell you.. that last statement is especially true! Until having to eliminate gluten from my daughter's diet due to extreme eczema, I had no idea gluten was in so very much! It's everywhere. From sauces to seasoning to soups... it's not just breads and pastas... it's everywhere! Needless to say, we are now always on the lookout for great tasting products that are gluten free!

So, I was thrilled to have the chance to try out all of the products from Elizabeth Hasselbeck's line of certified gluten free protein bars, protein powders and paleo bars.

Here are a few quick facts about this line:

  • NoGii's High Protein Peanut Butter & Chocolate Car is a delicious, certified gluten free, and no GMO protein bar with 20g of high quality protein.
  • NoGii bars are made with sustainably sources, premium ingredients and have the ideal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. They do not contain any trans fat, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup.
  • They are perfect for on the go meals between errangs, refueling after a snack or whenever you want a tasty, protein filled snack. They can be enjoyed by the entire family and are designed to fit a healthy, busy lifestyle.
  • NoGii's High Protein Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bar retails for $2.50-$2.99 for one 1.93 oz bar.
Sounds pretty great, right? But I know what you're probably thinking... how do they TASTE?

Having been in the autism community for several years- where the gluten free diet is very common, we've had the opportunity to try many gluten free products even long before my daughter arrived. And honestly, there are many that are truly not very good. At all. Sometimes, it's not even the taste, but the awkward texture. So, while I know that there ARE great GF products out there, I have to admit, I'm often a little apprehensive when trying them. But the NoGii products were delicious! Had it not said on the package, I never would have known they were gluten free. Even my gluten loving husband was able to enjoy them with no complaints!

And with so many flavor options available, there was truly a little something to fit all of our tastes! I personally loved the NoGii Cocoa Brownie High Protein Bars. My husband couldn't resist the High Protein Peanut Butter and Chocolate. The kids enjoyed the Protein D'lites! Aside from being tasty, they are also very convenient. Like many moms, I sometimes have a tendency to overwork myself and find myself out and about in need of something to eat. These can be thrown into the diaper bag for a quick energy burst when I need it, eliminating the need to go for unhealthy but convenient fast food options.

These truly are a great addition to eating gluten free for the busy mom, and I hope you will all check them out and visit the links below.

Visit the Website.

And who doesn't love a contest?

Enter the NoGii TABLESETTERS Contest for a chance to win a trip to New York City, where you will meet and have lunch with Elisabeth Hasselbeck! To enter, visit facebook.com/nogiinogluten, look for the contest link and complete the entry form. Contest ends on July 31st, 2015!

Are YOU or someone you love gluten free? Have you tried the NoGii line? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fall in Love with Swaddling with Aden + Anais {An #OhBaby Giveaway}

Welcome to the oh BABY Giveaway Hop, hosted by Viva Veltoro and Lindsey Blogs. We're joining a number of other bloggers to celebrate the sweetest of deliveries... precious babies! Be sure to hop around to all the great giveaways AND don't miss the AMAZING Grand Prize of a Thule Urban Glide or Urban Glide 2 worth up to $649! Enter to win one of these amazing strollers at Viva Veltoro or Lindsey Blogs!


When my babies were brand new, they absolutely loved being swaddled! And they weren't alone! Many babies love this feeling of warmth and security... especially in the early days! It has been said that this feeling reminds of of being in the womb, and studies have shown the being swaddled prevents the startle reflex from waking a sleeping baby. No matter the reason though, for many babies, it does work... which is why a good swaddling blanket is on the top of my list for baby must haves. And in my opinion, you can get no better than Aden + Anais!!

I was first introduced to this wonderful company back when I was still expecting my almost two year old. I saw these adorable blankets as I was out and about shopping and had heard other parents sharing their love as well. But I'll admit, I'm typically of the opinion of, 'If you can get a cheaper option, get the cheaper option.' And I felt the same way about swaddles... until I actually felt one that is! All it took was just one feel and I was a believer. There certainly are places to save when it comes to baby things, but Aden + Anais was worth the extra little bit.

So what makes them so great? Let's take a look:

  • They're breathable. This breathable muslin fabric provides just the right amount of warmth while still allowing plenty of breath-ability to keep little ones from being overheated!
  • They're large. Here's the thing about those cheaper swaddle blanket options- they're tiny! If you have a large baby, or a baby who likes to be swaddled for more than the first few weeks, they just won't work!! I remember with my son trying desperately to get a nice tight swaddle but finding there just wasn't enough blanket to make it work! These swaddles are the perfect size!
  • They're comfortable. Again, it just takes one feel to see why everyone loves these swaddles so much- they are unbelievably soft even during the first use and only continue to get softer with each additional wash. 
  • They're versatile. While they are of course perfect for swaddling, their uses go far beyond that. They are great for the stroller, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and its lightweight material and large size makes it great for use as a nursing cover as well.
  • They're adorable. Okay, okay... perhaps this shouldn't be a deciding factor...but it's true! There are so many adorable designs to choose from, you are sure to find one you love!!
As you can see, there are many reasons to love Aden + Anais swaddle blankets... and if you try them once, you'll never look back! You can learn more and see everything Aden + Anais have to offer at the links below:

Shop the Website.
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A Good Old Fashioned Romance {An #OldFashionedMovie Review} #FlyBy

**I received a copy of this DVD for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Perhaps one of the most talked about movies of the year has been 50 Shades... women are going in masses to see this 'love story' and cannot seem to get enough. But can I be honest? I don't get it! When I see all this hype I cannot help but wonder what kind of message this is sending our daughters? Are we okay with telling them that this is how they should be treated? That THIS is romance? For me, it's certainly not.

But did you hear about the other movie that came out in theaters on Valentine's Day weekend 2015? This was a movie about good old fashioned romance- true romance... the kind we do want our daughter's to dream about. And it's coming to DVD TODAY, June 15!

A romantic-drama, 
OLD FASHIONED centers on Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who gives up his reckless carousing and now runs an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town. There, he has become notorious for his lofty and outdated theories on love and romance as well as for his devout belief in God. When Amber Hewson, a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul, drifts into the area and rents the apartment above his shop, she finds herself surprisingly drawn to his strong faith and noble ideas, which are new and intriguing to her. And Clay, though he tries to fight and deny it, simply cannot resist being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life. Ultimately, Clay must step out from behind his relational theories and Amber must overcome her own fears and deep wounds as the two of them, together, attempt the impossible: an "old-fashioned" and God-honoring courtship in contemporary America. 

What a drastic difference this is from most modern romantic movies, right? And a welcome change that is. So often in both the movies and in life, it seems as though people are jumping into the physical aspects of a relationship before figuring out if they really are compatible as a couple- before they really just have the chance to TALK.

As many may know, I met my husband on Myspace, while he was still deployed to Iraq. Certainly not what one would consider an 'old-fashioned' relationship! And yet in those few months where we spoke only via instant messages and over the phone, we had nothing to do but talk and truly get to know one another. There was no worry about getting dolled up and having the perfect date night, no need for small talk and no pressure to develop a physical relationship that we weren't ready for. All we could do was talk. I got to know him better in that short time than many couples who had been together much longer. Though our relationship-especially in the beginning- has been anything but ordinary, I truly think that it helped us grow closer, faster... which is perhaps why we were already planning a wedding before we had even laid eyes on each other.

And that's what Old-Fashioned is really about...its about taking the time to get to know someone before jumping into a physical relationship. It is about men respecting women both physically and emotionally, and women believing that they are worthy of that respect. Doesn't that sound like a GOOD thing? I, for one, am thrilled to see a movie that I can show my daughter and say, "THIS is romance, strive for THIS not Christian Grey." and a movie that I can show my son and say, "THIS is how you treat a woman."

But it's also a story about imperfect people, which I think is so important to see too. These are not people who have not lived or loved, these are people who have pasts, who are not 'pure', but who have learned and grown... who saw that perhaps there was a better way to find love.

Overall, I absolutely loved this movie, and highly encourage everyone to check it out for themselves. It is available on DVD now.

Twitter: @OldFashionedVow

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the novel by the same name, and devotional coming soon... and have the chance to enter to win ALL THREE!!