A Modern Day Fairy Tale: My Life 5 Years From Now {52 Weeks of Blogging With a Purpose}

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Life 5 Years From Now {52 Weeks of Blogging With a Purpose}

Being a military family, it's often hard to know exactly where you are going to be in one year...let alone five! We could be in Hawaii, Japan, North Carolina...who knows really! Personally, I think we are hoping that after our time here in Indiana is finished- a little under two years from now- that we are able to go back to California. Despite the distance from our families, we really did love it there, and the services available to Shaun certainly cannot be beat. But the reality is, we just don't know! What we do know is that wherever we are, we will still be standing strong as a family. We may be facing a deployment, we may be facing long work hours, we may be facing long therapy hours...but whatever the case, we will make it through, just as we always do!!

By that point, Shaun will be nearing 11 years old! Wow, I'm not even sure I want to think about my little man being that old! My deepest hope for him is that he has moved into a mainstream classroom, where he will excel academically. Our long term goal is that he might eventually qualify for gifted classes, as he truly IS gifted-it's only his social and behavioral issues that may hold him back from that. That is of course if wherever we end up offers these types of classes. At the very least, I want to see him doing the absolute best he can...no matter what that means! I'm curious to see if he'll still be into trains at that point, or where his hobbies and interests take him. Once again, we truly cannot begin to guess...but I know he'll continue to make progress each and every day and no matter where we are in five years, I will be super proud of him!

Finley, who has not yet made her arrival now will be nearing 5 years old. It's hard to say much about where I think she'll be since we haven't yet seen her personality. I hope that she's outgoing like her daddy and brother, but super girly like her mommy...of course, only time will tell. Regardless, I know she will be absolutely perfect and we will love her unconditionally just as we do Shaun!

My wonderful husband will still be working away as a Marine...assuming all goes according to plan. He may be deployed...he may be behind a desk...either way, he'll be working his behind off just as he does now. He'll be just a few short years away from retiring from the military by this point as well...and he'll be just as goofy as ever, I'm sure!

As for me, I hope to still be blogging at that point, it's something I truly enjoy doing. I would love to eventually get back to writing fiction, as it was always what I was best at...and perhaps with two kids being school age at this point, that may actually happen. I may never make any money from my writing, but it will at least always be a part of me. My hope is that in five years I am the kind of woman that my children can look up to, and the best mom possible to them. I'm not sure if I'll still be a stay at home mom by that point, or if I'll be working (and where I'd be working if I was), but whatever I am doing, I hope to be doing it well and making my family proud!

Perhaps this is a pretty vague post, but between the Marine Corps and Autism...well, there just really are no guarantees! But I know we will be just where God intends us to be at that point in our lives, and I trust that that will be absolutely perfect. And as long as my family is happy, it will be!


  1. Even without military life and autism, life is so unpredictable. Perhaps it's a blessing that you know not to plan too much!

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