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Enter to Win a National Geographic Kids Opening Day Grand Prize Giveaway! #OpeningDay #SeanDoolittle #MLB #kidlit

**I received a complimentary copy of book for consideration. All thoughts are my own.  

Featuring a foreword by MLB superstar pitcher Sean Doolittle, this book is a clever look at the game, its biggest players and the math behind the perfect pitch, the game-winning grand slam, and so much more! 

With every hit, ball, strike, and home run numbers are being calculated on the baseball field. Get ready to learn all the ways digits and math factor into the game, from the countless statistics used to measure an individual player's game to the exact timing used to steal a base. Read about all the greatest players from baseball history and get fun facts, like what the most retired jersey number is. Discover what countries dominate in the Little League World Series and check out cool graphics that show the frequency of hits to every part of the field. Jam-packed with sports trivia, awesome photos of the biggest players to ever play the game, and fun activities at the end of every chapter, this number-focused look at the game is the ultimate grand slam. 

I must admit, I'm not much of a sports person... in fact, I'm lucky to know a touchdown from a home run! Okay, okay... so I exaggerate just a little, but you get the point. Me and sports just don't mix. Still, there are many adults and kids alike who thrive on sports. For those people, there are perhaps other subjects in which they don't thrive or can't find interest--- subjects like math! 

Let's be honest, math is a tough and boring subject for MANY. I know I've certainly heard that sentiment around my own home! I've often said that when it comes to teaching kids to love reading, it is most beneficial to come at it from something they enjoy. If they like horses, give them books about horse and so on. So... why not do the same with math? 

It's a Numbers Game: Baseball does exactly that! In true National Geographic fashion it is filled with vibrant images and fast facts that never fail to grab a child's attention. What sets this one apart though is that it is ALL about numbers and ALL about baseball. Stats, calculations, jersey numbers and so much more, this unique book is all about the many ways we use numbers in math within baseball. Pretty cool, right? I cannot help but think this is ideal for any baseball fan, ad perhaps inspire an enjoyment of numbers in kids who might otherwise not care for math all that much. We have MANY National Geographic Kids books in our collection, but none quite like this... and we cannot get enough. It is certainly a must have for the baseball fan in your life. 

National Geographic Kids Books website: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/books

Twitter: @NGKidsBks

One lucky winner will win an Opening Day Grand Prize Giveaway which consists of: one $100 gift card to the Major League Baseball online store AND a copy of It's a Numbers Game: Baseball SIGNED by Cincinnati Reds pitcher Sean Doolittle (formerly of the Oakland A's and most recently, the Washington Nationals). This giveaway is open to US and Canada.

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