Introducing the Newest Illustrating Bible: The Book of Luke {Pre-Order Now!} #DayspringBibleJournaling

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When it comes to Bible journaling, there are a LOT of Bible options these days. But there is one that gets a lot of buzz... the Illustrating Bible!

The buzz is for good reason too! The Illustrating Bible was truly the first Bible designed with ART journaling in mind. It features larger pages and margins for more room to journal, thicker pages to allow for the use of more mediums, and spiral bounding allowing it to lay flat while journaling. So many have fallen in love with this fantastic Bible and all the great benefits that it has for the Bible journaling community.

It is a GREAT Bible and one that is on my personal wishlist, but it's not without a few critiques too. In fact, there are three primary concerns that I have heard the most:

  • The Size. Because of the larger pages and margins, it is a BIG Bible. This is fine for Bible journaling at home, but if you journal on the go, it's not an easy one to travel with. 
  • The Font Size. Many love the Bible, but would prefer a larger font size. To keep this Bible from being even larger than it already is, a smaller font does make sense, but is not ideal for every person.
  • The Cost. With such a large Bible, it again only makes sense that the cost reflects this. This can make it difficult for journalers on a budget to purchase it... or can be discouraging for those who aren't sure how they will feel about the style without trying it first. 

If you have been contemplating the Illustrating Bible, but find yourself struggling with any of those above issues... I have news for you!

Dayspring is releasing a brand new Illustrating Bible- The Book of Luke!

This unique addition- as the name suggests- just features the book of Luke. One book, that's it. It features all of those great features that we love about the Illustrating Bible: spiral bound, larger journaling space and thicker pages... BUT being just one book, it's not as bulky. Even better? The font size is larger at 12 point! This version is also NIV whereas the full version is CSB! And of course, this smaller sizer also means a smaller price point! It will be just $24.99!!

Take a look at these side by side comparisons to the Illustrating Bible:

If you already have and love the Illustrating Bible, this will be a great addition to your collection- giving you a different translation and stunning navy cover design. If you've been unable to purchase the Illustrating Bible due to price, this is a great budget friendly option. Those on the fence on if they'd enjoy the style and page sizes will also enjoy the opportunity to try it out without such a big investment (again keeping in mind the font size IS different). If you decide you love having that extra space for journaling, you can purchase the full Bible. If you decide you just aren't able to fill it all up, you're only out $25! As an added bonus, every purchase of Book of Luke from Dayspring will include a set of downloadables/printables with devotional and Bible journaling prompts! This includes a fantastic 31 day journaling challenge that will inspire your creativity! 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to dig deeper and spend some time journaling through Luke. This unique style of having only the one book, truly allows us to focus on that one area of study for a time...and what better place to start!?  

Book of Luke is available to preorder TODAY and will ship on November 1.

I will be sharing an in depth review around launch day, however there is a limited quantity available so if you know you want it, I would definitely recommend ordering as soon as possible. 

Do you have the Illustrating Bible or have you been hesitant to try it? What are your thoughts on this fantastic new addition or questions you would like to see addressed in my review? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. Hi, God Bless you. My name Is Ana. Iam from Venezuela. I don't have the illustrating Bible AND Iam always pursuing giveaways, because I can't afford It AND from Venezuela Is imposible ti Buy It. I always watch the beautiful journalings on this Bible AND i only hope God vives It go me One day. It Is an amazing Bible.

  2. i love this because you can look back at your journey through your walk.


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