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Schools Out: Progress and New Adventures

As of tomorrow, I officially have a FIRST GRADER! That's right the school year is ending, and Kindergarten is DONE! What a long, sometimes difficult road this has been to reach this point! We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but now as the school year comes to a close I am beyond proud of how much my little man has grown this year.

We went in worried that school would once again be a struggle as it had been the year before...and I won't lie- there were moments early on when we did have the fight to get him to go, and throughout the year there have been a few calls from the school when issues arrived...but those instances have become less and less and instead I see a boy who is excited to go and learn. A boy who LOVES reading and insists on carrying a backpack full of books each and every day (Shaun has always been a VERY advanced reader, but never had much interest in books until recently). I see him developing more and more interests and sharing these with us. I see him painting pictures and drawing comics and writing stories. I hear him having conversations- REAL conversations- even if it's primarily about things like Pokemon or video games that this mama knows nothing about. I see him becoming more and more independent and strong each and every single day. And it amazes me!

Next year we start an all new journey into a mainstream classroom. It is scary and overwhelming and completely new, but I know that he will thrive and continue to learn and grow as he has. Despite my fears, I look forward to seeing where this road leads and to watch Shaun reach his fullest potential. He is an amazing kid, and I know he will rock it!

But for today, I just say good job, Shaun! Mommy is SOOOOO proud of you!


  1. wtg Shaun! he will do even better next year. what an awesome kid

  2. **Proud mommy post** :) Time flies doesn't it! I cannot believe fourth of July is next weekend!! PS. Love the wrap!!


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