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The Next Bill Gates

Do you ever find yourself wondering how on earth your child got to be so smart, or how he knew something that most kids his age would have no idea about? This is a very frequent occurrence in our household. In fact, I told my husband just last week that I don't know why we even bother to still be shocked by Shaun's random knowledge. Still, we could not help but be stunned when he made the announcement that he was the next Bill Gates!

Shaun is only in kindergarten, and only 6 years old...what 6 year old knows not only who Bill Gates is, but also desires to be like him (he says he wants to run Microsoft). Only my 6 year old. You see, when he gets his mind on something, he likes to know everything about it. In the past I've talked about his love of production companies and how he can tell you who makes pretty well any movie. Lately his focus has also extended to operating systems (after Daddy switched all the apple devices to the new ios of course!). He is constantly asking everyone he meets what type of operating system they are running on their computers. This led him to become interested in Microsoft, which of course led to Bill Gates. A few days ago, he brought this letter to me and asked me to send it to Bill Gates.

Now, his letter writing skills are a little lacking so he mixed up the to and from but he wrote this completely on his own...not too bad for a kindergartner. He also said he wanted to dress up as Bill Gates, so we made do with what we had around the house. (Ironically, the t-shirt he chose said 'Today the playground, tomorrow the world.')

Every day I continue to be stunned by his amazing little mind, and I cannot wait to see what his future holds. I know that if he truly wants to be the next Bill Gates, he is absolutely 100% capable of making that happen. Many people hear the diagnosis of Autism and assume that there is no hope for the future, and that's a shame. I know without a doubt that will enough love and support, Shaun can accomplish absolutely anything he puts his mind to. I am so proud of this boy, and could not have been more blessed to have been chosen to be his mommy!!


  1. Lol. This is cute. He's adorable in his jacket too.

  2. he's adorable .love the glasses and jacket

  3. He's such a cutie! Defiantly think you may have found a winning halloween costume. =)

  4. Your son is brilliant, and I'm certain that he will be able to accomplish this. There are many people with autism who have many brilliant accomplishments. Einstein is thought to have had Asperger's.


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