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Life via Instagram

It's been several weeks since I did an Instagram update...so I think it's about time to catch up!!! Here's what we've been up to lately...via Instagram!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet or not, but we plan to cloth diaper baby #2. Shaun was cloth diapered for a bit, but it was when he was a bit older and went through less (and also during that phase oh so long ago when he actually pooped on the potty). We eventually had to quit when we moved to an apartment with no washer and dryer. But even though we had that brief experience before, I'm still finding it to be a totally different ballgame preparing to CD a newborn! So much information out there! One thing we did not do with Shaun was use cloth wipes...honestly, I never realized it was an option. But with an un potty trained 5.5 year old and a baby on the way, I knew we would go through wipes like crazy- even Shaun alone does!! So we went ahead and made the switch. These are some simple DIY cloth wipes (some made from a blanket, others from baby wash cloths- both purchased at the dollar tree) and a basic wipe solution made with water, baby soap and baby oil...and so far we are loving it! Shaun can be a bit difficult to clean with regular wipes but these seem to be working great! And he loves when I spray his tushy with the spray, making it less of a fight too!! Why did we not make this switch sooner!?

After a brief period where he seemed to be playing with them much less- Shaun is all about Thomas and trains once again!! So this is what my house has been looking like...living room, dining room, playroom, bedrooms, hallways...all the same! Thankfully, we've gotten him to mostly keep them in the playroom now though. I cannot complain too much though. I have mentioned before that Shaun has been struggling with some behavior issues lately, but since getting back into Thomas the way he has, we've seen a decrease in behaviors and he generally is a happier kid. This could be a coincidence too, as there have been a few other changes take place as well, BUT I've noticed this in the past as well, so I truly believe it's a factor!

And what does a boy who loves trains do when the weather gets warmer?
He moves them outside of course!

How did I get so lucky to have such an adorable kid!?

Yes, more trains!
When we went to visit my husband's family for Easter, I told Shaun he could fill this one bag with whatever he could fit to take...he took that very seriously and made sure to take full advantage! At one point, he had some tracks put together and placed one piece in the bag, so that it was technically still IN the bag. In the end, I admired his creativity and gave him a bigger bag!

This adorable little bear came from our doctor's office...and plays Finley's heartbeat!
It was given to us after our ultrasound and is so wonderful. Now Shaun can hear baby sister whenever he wants! Very sweet!

Speaking of sweet- Shaun reading his Little Angels Storybook Bible with Daddy...he says he was just looking at the pictures though. His favorite story is Jonah, I believe!
(He still wants a Veggie Tales bible, but to our surprise, it is actually a real bible NOT a story book as this one is...now, my little man is an awesome reader, but even that was a bit much for him!)

I love how babies/kids fall asleep!
He must have been deep in thought!!

I'm so enjoying getting things ready for baby!
Still lots to do, but the closet is coming along at least!!

And how about a sneak peak at a few of the great reviews and giveaways I have coming up here on A Modern Day Fairy Tale!! Super cute onesies (and toddler tees), baby/toddler leg warmers and gorgeous maternity clothes...I can't wait to share it all with you! Needless to say, I am keeping VERY busy! And loving every minute!! Stay tuned!


  1. I've cloth diapered our last 2 kids and absolutely LOVE it. Best decision I've ever made even if I have become slightly addicted. lol

    Oh, Just Stop Already


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