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April Is Autism Awareness Month: How Are YOU Raising Awareness?

Today marks the beginning of Autism Awareness Month, a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

With Autism rates being 1 in 88 (1 in 54 boys!), you would think that there would plenty of awareness and knowledge out there on the subject...unfortunately, that's not the case! Day after day, moms like myself continue to hear comments like 'but he looks normal' or 'he's so smart' or think that Autism is a made up condition to excuse bad parenting or that it can be 'spanked out of him' and yes, even those people who still believe that children with Autism should not be allowed in public. Throughout the month, I will share various posts on the topic- from our personal experiences, companies supporting Autism Awareness, facts and myths, etc. It is my goal throughout this month, and the year alike to do everything I can to bring the awareness to my son, and those like him so that they may receive the love, support and understanding they so deserve!!

Today, I ask you to join me this month in doing whatever you can to raise awareness. Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day, and I encourage you all to Light It Up Blue with me for the month! (You can read more about Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue Campaign here.) You can purchase the light bulbs at your local Home Depot to literally Light It Up Blue (we choose not to because we believe in our area the blue light may indicate something else...as the house near us that we were warned of as being drug users have a blue light up year round...not taking chances on that here!). You can also wear blue tomorrow, or change your Facebook photo or timeline cover in support of someone in your life affected by Autism. Find a walk in your area for Autism Speaks or one of the many great Autism charities. Start your own fundraiser. Buy products supporting Autism Awareness. Write a blog post. Share a FB status. Show some compassion to the mom whose child is having a meltdown in the store, you don't know the whole story! Buy an Autism Awareness magnet. (If your state has a license plate benefiting Autism, consider that too...Indiana does!!) Send some encouragement to an Autism Mom (or Dad) in your life. Go to Build A Bear and purchase the Autism Speaks Bear. There are so many ways to raise awareness, and many of which cost you no money whatsoever! I hope you'll join me in whatever way you can to honor this month!!

Are you raising awareness this month? Share your ideas here!!

(And don't forget there is still time left to enter my Build-a-Bear Workshop giveaway so you can make your very own Autism Speaks bear...and stay tuned for another wonderful Autism themed giveaway to be posted soon!)


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