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InstaLately 3/13

As some of you may know, last year we moved to Indiana where my husband has been stationed for the last year as a recruiter. Those familiar with the military may have heard horror stories about recruiting duty. I haven't said too much about it, as I try to keep this a positive place, but the reality is, some of those horror stories are true! It's not ALL bad, but it's not something we would choose again. It's a high stress job, and for us meant most nights my husband was not home until 10-11 pm, and he worked most weekends. Our family time was minimal. This month that all changed! My husband was moved to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). They had another guy leaving, and needed a Staff NCO there, and my husband was lucky enough to be the guy chosen to take that job. So, what does that mean? Well, to be honest, I'm still not entirely certain on exactly what it is he's doing there yet...but basically instead of being the guy going out and finding people to join the Marine Corps, he's now one of the guys processing them into the military. For our family, this means more family time! No more 10-11 pm nights, working on weekends and even holidays if needed. He is home by 5, at the latest every day. Some days its earlier than that...he's beaten Shaun home from school several times! Weekends are off, and if there's a 3-4 days weekend, he actually gets those days off!! Between a yearlong deployment, followed very closely by recruiting school, then recruiting duty- we haven't had this much time to enjoy together as a family in a very long time. Needless to say, we are enjoying it! Shaun loves actually spending time with Daddy...so much so in fact that they got a little carried away and flipped the chair over backwards while playing!! (Don't worry, no one was injured...though the chair ended up with a few scuff marks!!)

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day? We are!! I put out my Celtic Love Knot Scentsy warmer (with Irish Cream bar), and hung a few shamrocks!! I keep threatening to hide all the hubby's green clothes too...he's not amused at the idea!

How can you not just absolutely love this face? He asked me to take his photo with Thomas (before making me put the lid on so he could talk in a Thomas voice). He loves climbing into his Thomas toy box! Silly kid! (And in case anyone is wondering, this is actually the front of his old Thomas toddler bed. When we moved him to his big bed, he refused to part with it, so we moved the front toy box piece into the bedroom as a compromise...he loves it!!)

I am extremely excited about the reviews and giveaways I have coming up for all of you in the next month or so. Super stylish delivery hospital gowns, Build A Bear (featuring this super special Autism Speaks bear!) and some awesome maternity clothes too! You're going to want to keep an eye out for everything that's coming!!

I try to keep any and all reviews that I bring to you guys relevant to products I think you'd love...so tell me, what kind of reviews and giveaways would you like to see in the future from me!? (And if you're interested in sponsoring, please check out my PR statement and send me an e-mail!!)

Shaun has recently become obsessed (re-obsessed?) with Veggie Tales. He loved it when he was itty bitty, but somewhere along the line, it became one of the shows he feared (almost up there with Cars). This mommy is a HUGE Veggie Tales fan herself, so it was a bit disappointing to say the least. So I was beyond thrilled when he rediscovered them on Netflix and gave them another shot. Now, he watches it several times a day. His Nana sent him some money last week, and he asked us to take him to Family Christian to get himself some Veggies goodies...he already had his preferred DVD (The Little House That Stood) in the mail thanks to a blog giveaway I'd won, so he picked out another movie and a Bob and Larry plush to add to his super impressive plush collection...he loves his plush!! Here he is watching Jonah with Larry...and his hairbrush, of course!!

(On a related note, during our last grocery trip, he INSISTED I buy him cucumbers and asparagus...which he carried in his lap all the way home. I love my kid!)

 I keep hearing that Spring is just around the corner, but I don't think Mother Nature got that memo! We still have snow here! Better than spring weather (storms), so I'll not complain too much...however, my coat is getting harder to button, so a little warmth soon might be good!!

Cold weather means comfort food...like this cheesy chicken pot pie I found on the Kraft website!! It was super easy (4 ingredients, I believe) and the boys enjoyed it! I'll share the recipe soon!


  1. I LOVE Veggie Tales! I've definitely been caught watching them at home by myself.


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