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Conversations with Shaun {Volume 1}

On my personal Facebook page, I occasionally share actual conversations that have occured between Shaun and I. I don't share them because the topics are groundbreaking, in depth or overly funny. In fact, some of them are incredibly simple and not funny at all. That's not why I share them. The reality is, it wasn't long ago that these conversations, simple as they may be are a testament to how far we have come in this journey with Autism. It wasn't long ago that these conversations seemed like a faraway dream, and even now are at times like pulling teeth...but they exist, and to me (and many other moms to children on the spectrum) that is EVERYTHING. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from having a child with Autism is to never take those little moments and accomplishments for granted. So today, I wanted to share with all of you a few of those recent conversations.

Shaun: Mommy, you're in time out.
Mommy: I am?
Shaun: It means no Pretty Little Liars.
Mommy: I wasn't going to watch Pretty Little Liars.
Shaun (thinks): No Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two.
Mommy: Okay, Shaun. Okay.

The following is a rare instance in which he actually goes into detail about his day...his usual response is a simple 'good'...I should admit that he was bribed with a popsicle to get this out of him...

Mommy: What did you do at school today?
Shaun: Good.
Mommy: But WHAT did you do good at?
Shaun: Good.
Mommy: Did you play at the sensory table?
Shaun: Yes.
Mommy: What did you play with?
Shaun: Snow! It was sugar!
Mommy: What else did you do? Did you play outside?
Shaun: No, I played in the gym.
Mommy: What did you play in the gym?
Shaun: A ball. I threw it up in the sky.
Mommy: Oh, was that fun.
Shaun: Yes. No more talking. Can I have a popsicle?

 There are no typos in the conversation below. Pronouns continue to be a struggle.

Shaun: Mommy, I'm a brother!
Mommy: You are! Do you have a brother or sister?
Shaun: A sister! Finley Grace!
Mommy: Where is Finley?
Shaun: Mommy's tummy.
Mommy: What if baby Finley is a brother?
Shaun: He's a sister! He's a girl!!!


  1. That's adorable! I love listening to kids talk :) I have 3's turning 4 in my preschool class and the conversations we have are hilarious. A lot of them can't get pronouns yet either :)


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