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Hello Big Boy {Goodbye Diapers!}

I've been waiting to be able to write this post for a LONG time. A VERY long time. It seems our days of potty training are FINALLY coming to an end. What a long road this has been...

I don't believe I've ever really gone into details here, but potty training has been an ongoing battle in this household for over two years now!! About a year ago or so, he did stop peeing in his underwear at least, but pooping...another story altogether. (And during this entire time, he was in underwear 95% of the time, because if he wore Pull-Ups or a diaper, he'd not pee in the potty either. Oh, the LAUNDRY!)  And believe me when I say, we tried EVERYTHING! He had social stories about using the potty, and being a big boy. He had a bathroom checklist with all the steps he needed to complete to get rewards like M&Ms or time on the iPad. We've offered small toys, money to save towards big toys...you name it. When he became OBSESSED with getting the 3DS, we tried letting him work towards buying one of his own. When that didn't work (and after a brief success while a friend of mine was visiting and letting him use her 3DS), we decided to buy one and let him play only if he used the potty. Like most everything else we tried, this too only worked for a few days before he decided it simply wasn't worth it.  He knew what he was supposed to do. He knew when he had to go. He'd gladly tell you when asked. He simply chose not to. He didn't care if he was dirty. He didn't care about being a big boy. He didn't care about absolutely ANYTHING that was offered to get him to go.

A couple weeks ago, that changed! Suddenly, he had the motivation and desire to go on the potty. In fact, in the past two weeks he's had just ONE accident, which barely even counts, since he caught himself and finished up on the potty! So, why the sudden change? What motivated him?

Changing dirty diapers.

Yes, I'm serious! Shaun loves gross things...anything having to do with butts, farts or poop, he's there! So when asked if he was going to be on diaper duty for baby Finley, he was immediately on board. Never in my life have I seen a child...or anyone for that matter...so looking forward to changing dirty diapers. But I told him if he wanted to change Finley's diapers, he needed to be a big boy and use the potty himself. It could be coincidence I suppose, but all I know is that immediately after I started telling him this, he was suddenly making an effort to go in the potty.

We've had temporary successes in the past, but it certainly seems different this time, and I am very hopeful that this is finally it, and that at 5 years old, we have FINALLY seen the last of the diaper aisle for my little man, and I could not be more thrilled!


  1. Yay!!!! How great!

    I hope we are close to starting the process again.

  2. YAY!! I bet you are so happy to have a break in clean-ups for a bit! Our three year does good during the day when she has underwear on ... but at bedtime and naptime we still put her in a diaper and she takes advantage and pees and poops, even though she knows she needs to get up and go in her bathroom. ::sigh::

  3. We are going through this right now. John knows what to do, but isn't interested in doing number 2's. When he remembers he does number 1's. And the frustrating part is all the dirty underwear and diapers that we have to go through. I have recently just back off because I read that for boys it can be seperation anxiety thing and that they just need to take it at their own pace.

    But then I meet kids that are like 1 & a half who are potty trained.... arrrgggghhhhh!!!!


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