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What I Wore {Frugal Fashion}

I have mentioned several times in the past that I enjoy fashion, but more than that I have said how much I LOVE getting a bargain. In fact, last month, I posted this post with some tips and tricks to secondhand shopping. Still, I am often asked how I do it. People are genuinely impressed (and curious) when they find out about my awesome bargain hunting skills. So I had a thought...wouldn't it be fun to start a feature about 'Frugal Fashion' where I share some of my own personal outfit creations that were bought at a deal? And you can join in too, I won't create a linky just yet, but if you'd like to join in, post your link in the comments, if there is enough interest, I'll make this into a weekly hop!!

So what exactly is Frugal Fashion? Truly, it can mean different things to different people. For me, I tend to think complete outfit for under $25 or so. For others it could be just one item they found on a great deal-which again can vary from person to person. For one person, spending $50 on a dress may seem like not such a great buy, but if it was originally $75-$100, that's still a bargain! Really, the only requirement is that something in the outfit was NOT purchased at full price!! Personally, between thrift finds, store sales and blog giveaways, I've got a lot of great frugal finds in my closet!!

So anyway, onto my first Frugal Fashion outfit:

If you've followed long, you've probably seen the shirt before! It's one of my favorites! I bought this during a Plato's Closet grab bag event, where I overall spent about $40 on 30+ pieces of clothing...so it averaged out that each piece would have been about $1 or a little over. The belt, necklace and boots were all from various Plato's Closet trips as well. The necklace was just $2 (you can't see it well, but it's got these cute red/orange hearts). Belts was $3. Those two prices do not include my discounts either. (15-20%...20% was from filling a rewards card, and 15% for military!) And boots, the most expensive item in this outfit were just $12 after discount! I cannot recall exactly where I got the leggings, but I believe they were given to me from my sister. Overall cost of this outfit: About $18.

If you have some great fashion deals you'd like to share, please post the link in the comments! I'd love to see your finds too!!

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  1. Pretty shirt!

  2. Finding good deals on secondhand clothing is always so fun! I have a hard time though, finding clothes in my size at thrift stores (I often need a xs). Maybe I should try a Plato's Closet, I've never been to one!


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