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Life Via Instagram {11/1}

I know this is usually a Friday post, but I'm posting today anyway! Lots of pictures to share again this week...most of them from Halloween!

I'll start with the pictures from Halloween. When you have a child with Autism, even the every day kid things can be made all the more difficult, like trick or treating! Last year, Shaun did fairly well for the most part, but tried to go into people's homes on several occasions. We were also with other kids though, so he could watch them and see what they were doing. This year when we practiced, Shaun refused to say trick or treat, so I decided I would make this little sticker for his constume so if he ended up having any issues, people might be more understanding. Overall though, I think he did pretty well. He said trick or treat each time! He took more candy in a few places than he should have but no one seemed to mind. He did get scared a few times when we saw other kids dressed as Pixar characters, and another time when someone was handing out Cars books, but other than that he did well! Whew!

Mommy and Mario Shaun. I actually didn't dress up this year as I usually do. Honestly, until just a few days ago Shaun had said he was skipping Halloween, so I honestly wasn't sure he'd even go this year! But I did have on my orange and black, and put some spiders in my hair!

So cute in his Mario costume!!

Needless to say, he got lots of great goodies!

Shaun decided that his friends, the Angry Birds, all needed to dress up too. How funny is he!?

This came last week, and I was SOOO excited. This is Thirty-One's new camera strap, and I think my favorite new product from the Fall catalog. Seriously, awesome!

This was all in my mailbox in ONE day! Actually, it wasn't in the mailbox, it wouldn't all fit, so the mail man brought it to my door! I love getting great goodies in the mail!

I believe this is how I am going to wear my hair to the ball...what do you think?

This came yesterday from Thirty-One, it's the Retro Metro Tote and I love it! (In case you couldn't tell, I'm also in love with this pattern!) This was actually supposed to be on backorder until later in November so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived ahead of time!

All ready to take family pictures. If you saw my previous post, you know how those turned out! I also want to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to comment, I really appreciate that!

I've been wanting to try a sock bun for awhile, but honestly, I'm not great at hair, so I was a little bit scared! I have no idea why! It was super easy. Really, the hardest part was rolling the sock!

Possible necklace for the ball? 

Shaun making a Jack O Lantern! What a blast!!

Fragile, handle with care!

I'm not sure how much I've really gone into our potty training struggles, but let me just tell you, it STINKS! We've been working on it for a few years now, but no luck. He'll pee in the potty but that's it! I am so ready for him to be done...maybe before he turns six?

I know what you're all thinking...is that a Christmas tree? Yes, yes it is! I've mentioned Shaun is obsessed with Christmas, right? As soon as we were home from trick or treating, Shaun immediately started putting away the Halloween decor and insisting we put up the tree. He's actually been asking for several months. Obsessed I tell you. He even cleaned the living room, something that never happens! How can we say no to that? So we're a little early, but the look on Shaun's face was entirely worth it. I've honestly not seen him so happy since we moved. This morning he came into the living room, saw that the tree was still there, gave me a huge hug and repeatedly told me he loved me...totally worth it!

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