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I'm Blank Because...

I borrowed this idea from Chelsea over at Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers, and thought it was a fun way to share a little bit more about me to my new readers and a bit about what's going on in our lives at the moment as well. If you haven't checked out Chelsea's blog, I highly suggest having a look. She's a fellow Marine wife who definitely tells it like it is. I may not always agree with everything she says (isn't that the beauty of America?), but I always enjoy reading her take on things...brutally honest! (Another random tidbit, I've actually had the opportunity to meet Chelsea in person once or twice while we both still living at Pendleton!)

I'm weird because...
  • I love the Disney Channel more than any 25 year old should and my DVR has a large selection of OLD Disney Channel movies!
  • I always save the red and blue M&Ms for last.
  • I have not one, but two Justin Bieber albums on my iPhone...should I admit that openly? Hmm, well...too late now! Don't judge me!
  • I'm scared of microphones. And video cameras.
  • I can watch horror flicks and for the most part not get scared...but I CANNOT watch Twister. Don't even think about bringing it into my home!
  • I cannot tie shoes correctly. 
  • The thought of a Frosty from Wendy's literally makes me want to throw up. It's awful.
  • I take pictures of really random things! 
  • I have more things on my 'I'm weird' list than I could really list in one post! What can I say, I'm unique!?

I'm a bad friend because...
  • I am horrible about calling people. Really, for the most part the only people I really talk to on the phone that much are my mom, my husband and my other mom (my mom's best friend).
  • I write letters, cards, etc for birthdays and holidays...but usually forget to actually send them! As a matter of fact, I probably still have all the thank you cards from Shaun's baby gifts upstairs in a box somewhere. This is something I'm trying to get better about, and I really plan on actually sending out our Christmas cards this year! Wish me luck!
  • I cannot be there physically as often as I would like.

I'm a good friend because...
  • I love my friends dearly, and am always willing to be there to listen, even when I cannot be there in person.
  • I don't typically hold grudges. Once you're in my life, I forgive very easily and will fight to keep you there! Sorry friends, you're stuck with me!
  • I accept my friends for who they are, regardless on if we share the same beliefs or opinions about things. I may be willing to have a friendly debate at times, but I will never hold anything against them.
I'm sad because...
  • I don't get to spend nearly as much time with my husband as I would like.
  • I look out my kitchen window and see...a tree? Not nearly as wonderful as the ocean view from our old house! I miss seeing all the military ships out there as well...you wouldn't think of military ships being something beautiful, but believe me it truly was!
  • I have been craving fish tacos from Islands for months now. There just isn't a place to get amazing fish tacos in Indiana!
  • The transition of this move has been extremely difficult for Shaun, even still. It hurts my heart to see the pain it has caused him, and to see him lose some of the progress he has made over the past few years (like his increased aggression, and decreased eye contact).
  • Even though we live closer and get to see our families much more often, we still don't see them nearly as often as I would prefer!
  • I know in just a few years, we will probably be doing this all over again.
  • I miss my friends in California dearly. And Shaun's school and therapists. We had a wonderful support system there that could never be matched!

I'm happy because...
  • Though I said I don't get to see my husband as much as I'd like, there have recently been more days where he is home earlier (you know, before 10 pm).
  • My husband is home every night. Even though the hours of recruiting duty are tough, at least he's not deployed!
  • Even though Shaun has lost some progress, he is still miles ahead of where he was when we first began this journey into Autism, 3 years ago this month. I am daily astounded at how far he has come, and I know he will make it past this little bump in the road.
  • The mailman is bringing me some wonderful packages today...the first of my review items for my holiday gift guide! Believe me when I say you're going to want to stick around to see what's coming up!! (And I still have room for more sponsors, if anyone is interested, click here!)
  • This Fall weather is wonderful. Though I loved California weather, we definitely missed out on the Fall season...I love how beautiful the trees look this time of year, and have I mentioned I really love fall fashion!?
  • I had some amazing finds at Goodwill this week! I'll share a few of those on Friday!
  • I have a wonderful husband and son whom I love dearly!
  • Christmas decorations are already out in the stores. I know, I know...it's early! But when you have a child who is obsessed with Christmas, watches Christmas movies daily and is always asking if it's December yet, it's an amazing feeling to see the expression on his face when he sees those holiday lights. Amazing!
  • I get to share my love of the Marine Corps, and the experiences it has given me as a wife to the wives and girlfriends of the guys my husband is recruiting. I don't know if there are any other recruiters who bring their wives in like this, but I know I personally enjoy being able to, and wish I'd had someone to share their experiences with me when I married into the military!

I'm excited for...
  • The Pretty Little Liars Halloween special.
  • The first snow in our new home! I don't typically like snow (I get cold much too easily), but along with his obsession with Christmas, Shaun is also obsessed with snow. It was heartbreaking to see him look out the window every day in California in tears because there was no snow on the ground! Now, as the weather is getting colder, he asked nearly every day if it's snowing yet. I cannot wait to see his face when I am able to tell him YES!
  • The Marine Corps Ball. I have not gone in 6 years! Can you believe that!? Shaun's Nana and Pa are coming for the weekend to stay with us and keep Shaun company while Matt and I go to the ball. It should be a fun evening out for us, something we never really get!
  • Christmas.
  • Upcoming weddings next year! My sister recently got engaged (for anyone reading this who knows my family, I'm talking about my older sister Hope...we're still waiting on Heather and Ben to get with it;)), and will be getting married in May, I believe. And one of my best friends will be getting married in October! 
  • The plans that God has for our little family. We don't yet know what those plans are going to be, but we are leaving it fully up to him, and I'm excited to see what he has in store for us in the coming year!


  1. This was fun to read! Maybe I should write a post like this :)

    2 things that stuck out to me: 1) I also write letters & never mail them! It's so horrible, but I am happy to know I am not the only one! I mailed my mom's Thanksgiving card from 3 years ago last summer :( 2) My name is Heather & my husband's name is Ben :D

  2. Love this - I might have to steal this idea :) I know what you mean about being a bad friend, I'm terrible at calling people, I mostly default to texting now a days! New Follower :)

  3. Aww I loved this! How fun top learn more about you!! So happy for you to get to enjoy snow this year! It is so exciting to see a child's face light up! EEk yay for weddings!! One of my best friends is getting married in June and I am soo excited for her!!!!


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