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I'm a Crappy Mom!

Have you seen these posts floating around the blog world? Apparently, it all started with this photo:

I didn't see the original post, but apparently someone (or multiple someones) did not get what the picture was really saying, and a heated debate followed. Like I said, I didn't see that particular post myself, but I have seen a lot of parenting debates popping up on my news feed of Facebook lately, and even found myself getting drawn into a few as well. So what makes me a crappy mom?
  • I nursed my son until he was 3.5 years old, until he stopped on his own. I would have continued on longer if he had chosen.
  • And to add to that, I nursed in public...covered, for my own comfort only.
  • Shaun was not given table food until after he turned one...nope, not even mashed potatoes or whipped cream at his first Christmas. Mean mommy! His first table food was in fact his birthday cake at his first birthday party!
  • We try to eat reasonably healthy most of the time...but Shaun's favorite restaurant is still McDonalds...and who am I to deny him his favorite things every now and again?
  • My son runs around only in his underwear 95% of the time. It's not for lack of trying on my part, but he won't keep them on at home, and I've decided to pick and choose my battles...this isn't one of them!
  • And on that note, sometimes he refuses to pee unless he can pee outside on a tree...and sometimes I let him (in the backyard of course!)
  • I don't let Shaun drink soda. Or Kool-Aid. (He has at one point tried a sip of a non-caffeine soda- Sprite, I think...but he didn't like the bubbles anyway...which makes this mommy very happy!)
  • He is NOT on a GFCF diet.
  • Shaun has more toys than one child really needs.
  • I don't carry hand sanitizer at all times, nor do I worry about overly sanitizing everything. 
  • Shaun has his very own Nintendo 3DS, and Wii too. 
  • Shaun was vaccinated, and I do not believe the vaccines caused *HIS* Autism. (You can read more on my thoughts on that here.)
  • We cosleep.
  • Though I've only used it once or twice, we do have a strap that attached to Shaun's wrist and mine when we're out and about (we bought it for one of our cross country train trips). It's a matter of safety for him.
  • I don't let Shaun watch Nickelodeon. 
  • Shaun, at 5 years old, has never been left with a baby-sitter.
  • Sometimes, after it rains, I let Shaun put on his rain boots and jump in the puddles. Why not?
  • I will not medicate my child, even though it's been suggested to help with his hyperness.
  • 95% of Shaun's clothes come from yard sales and resale shops.
  • There are toys scattered all over my house...at all times.
  • I tell Shaun he is the greatest kid in the whole world...every. single. day. Multiple times a day. And I tell him he's the best, and the smartest...and that he CAN do ANYTHING he wants in this world.
  • And I smother him in hugs and kisses and tell him I love him constantly.
The way I see it is, no matter what choices you make in parenting, there is someone who will not agree with you on that decision. Take breastfeeding for example...obviously a very hot debate. You often hear from formula feeding moms that they get crap from nursing moms about their choice not to breastfeed for whatever reasons. On the other side of it, breastfeeding moms are also attacked for that choice...be it extended nursing, or nursing in public...some just find breastfeeding in general to be a disgusting act. Those who know me personally know that I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding in general, as well as extended breastfeeding, and I am always happy to offer advice and support on the subject to those that want it. But I also try not to make others who make a different choice, feel like they are doing wrong either. What worked well for me and my son, and our family is not necessarily what is ideal for all.

 I think so many people tend to forget that just because someone thinks differently than them, does not mean that their thinking is wrong. It's not wrong to have different opinions, or even to share them...but in a respectful manner. Attacking other moms for their decisions is not the way to go about sharing your personal beliefs on any subject. As mothers, we have so many other worries about our children, and the last thing we need is to worry about what other moms think about our decisions for our families. If the child is loved and being well taken care of, isn't that the most important thing? And that's what that picture, and this post is all about. No matter what side we take on these parenting debates, we all love our children just the same.

Feel free to head on over here and share what makes you a (not so) crappy mom!


  1. I think there is just too much pressure on Moms lately. Like who cares how someone parents? As long as that person isn't killing their child or harming them in any way, why does it matter? And it seems like its always a battle between the AP and Non AP parents. I think the ones that have to argue to prove how they parent, like the really really vocal ones, are the ones that are insecure in their parenting. I think you do an awesome job and I never want you to feel like you have explain yourself. Rock on for BF until your son was almost 4! Cause lord knows I am BF this little girl until 1 and then done! LOL

  2. I just LOVE this post! I am one of those mums who chose not to breastfeed. It just wasn't for me, and I definitely feel like I am made to feel guilty by mums who did breastfeed. Being a mum is hard enough without all the pressure t be perfect! xx


  3. Great post about our differences as moms! It's wonderful how we can all raise our children in ways that work for each of us and what we feel is right and each child has something so special and unique to offer in the end. What a beautiful thing!

    I'm following from the followers to friends blog hop and looking forward to reading more posts.


  4. Interesting post - I have been given flack about being a stay at home mom and thought about doing a post just on that...just like you said, just because someone things differently than me doesn't mean it's wrong when it comes to this subject. oh and by the way, newest follower from the hop!


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