What I Wore Wednesday (8/22)

Today was a busy day, so I dressed for comfort...but who says comfortable can't still be cute. Something to know about me- I love color, and mixing bright colors. I love the contrast of this bright coral top with the bright green necklace, and I received several compliments on it today as well...

(On another note, Shaun's outfit for the day coincidentally perfectly coordinated with my own- a striped shirt nearly the exact shade of green as in the necklace...I really should have snapped a photo with him!)

Top: Bongo
Jeans: Aeropostale Skinny Jeans
(both were Plato's Closet finds!)
Necklace: Cap Creations

Never mind my crazy out of place hair, and if you could see it, the tired look on my face...as I said it was a long busy day. We had an early morning appointment this morning with a pediatric GI doctor. It was not a traumatizing as it could have been, but he still had a lot of blood work done and was not a fan of that! After that, we went to see his daddy in the office for a bit and then to Plato's Closet with the idea that Mommy could buy herself something pretty for her birthday tomorrow- but we'll just say that did not end well, and all Mommy got during that trip was a few bite marks and a headache.

pleated poppy 


  1. Love the outfit....you look amazing!

  2. What a great pop added by you necklace. Stopping by from WIWW.

  3. Nice top, love that color! Your necklace is super cute too!



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