A Modern Day Fairy Tale: May 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Why I Journal in My Bible: Inspirational Giveaway Hop #Inspirational2018 #giveaway

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 Over the past few years, I have shared many posts on the topic of Bible journaling. I have shared some of my favorite supplies, I have shared my personal page creations, I have even shared some how tos on favorite techniques...

But WHY do I love journaling? Why am I so passionate about sharing it with others?

Recently I received a card from Dayspring that truly summed it up for me:

A post shared by Randi (@randikaye) on

If you teach a woman how to journal in her Bible...
She will linger longer in the Word!
And when she lingers longer...
She will listen and learn.
And when she learns...
She will live her faith.
And when she lives her faith...
Great things happen.

How beautiful is that sentiment?

But it's not just pretty words, it really is true. You see, it's not JUST about creating artwork or splattering some paint around, it truly is about that time spent in the Word.

Now personally, I'd already read my Bible before I started Bible journaling, but still I found myself spending more time in specific verses, really reflecting on what those meant and how they applied to my own life. I have heard from many others who have said that before journaling they had NEVER read their Bible and now? They're in love! Sometimes we need that little something that helps to draw us in, and for so many Bible journaling has become just that.

I have grown in my faith, I have grown in my understanding of the Bible (though I still have a lot to learn!) and I have made some wonderful Christian women whom I now call friend... all because of Bible journaling! Is it any wonder I want to share it with the world?

Today as part of the Inspirational Giveaway Hop, I am giving one very lucky reader the chance to win a Bible journaling surprise--- this could include stickers, die cuts, washi tape, scripture cards... you name it! The contents will be a surprise, but they will all be a great start or addition to you Bible journaling collection. Enter using the giveaway form below:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home {A Smile Brilliant Coupon + Giveaway}

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Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.-Mother Teresa
Share your smile with the world. It's a symbol of friendship and peace. -Christie Brinkley
Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.- Connie Stevens

Smiles. People sure do have a lot to say about them,don't they? Even the songs let us know that we're 'never fully dressed without a smile'.

But for many of us, sharing those smiles that people speak so highly of is a little bit intimidating. It's not because we aren't happy people. No, it's that we're just not confident with our smiles! I'll be honest, I'm among that crowd too.

To put it simply--- I love my coffee. And when I was younger? I lived on Diet Coke. We all have our vices, right? Unfortunately those vices can leave us with teeth that are less than pearly whites. The perfectionist that I am, I really struggle with that. And I know I'm not alone. Just take a look at the toothpaste aisle at your local grocery store and you can see just how much of a demand there are for products just like that. (And yes, I'll admit, I've tried many of them myself!)

But do you know what the #1 dentist recommended tooth whitening method is? Custom fitted whitening trays. These custom trays allow for a more complete coverage than general whitening trays provide, as each of our teeth are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Still, most dentists charge $500+ for this service. Now, as much as I would love whiter teeth, I simply don't have $500 lying around! Most of us probably don't either!

Enter Smile Brilliant!

They offer custom fit trays and at home teeth whitening for a fraction of the cost--- 70% less than the dentists charge! Even better? They arrive 5 times faster too.

How does it work? When you purchase the system, you are sent everything you needed to get started: impression trays, catalyst and base pastes (to create the molds), professional whitening and sensitivity gels and prepaid shipping envelope to send in your impressions.

When this arrives, you blend the pastes and create your impressions. There will be tips included to help you get the best impression possible, and they even include extra pastes just in case you mess up. They offer fantastic customer service as well, allowing you to email photos before sending if you're uncertain if your impressions will do the job. Once your impressions are created, you put them in the mail and your new custom trays will be mailed back to you!

To whiten, apply a thin layer of whitening gel to your trays and wear for 45 minutes to 3 hours--- depending on your sensitivity. Brush, and use the sensitivity gel. Easy enough, right? The is the same professional strength whitening that you can experience at the dentist, but from the comfort of your own home and at a better price! What's not to love about that? Many people have seen amazing results from this system, and now you can join them too!
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Enter to Win Daphne & Velma- New Movie Coming May 22! #DaphneVelma

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Scooby Dooby Doo... where are you!?

Since it's introduction in 1969, Scooby Doo has delighted and entertained generation after generation. My mom watched it. I watched it. My children watch it. There aren't many shows that can stand the test of time quite like that are there? But if you think about it, Scooby Doo has everything that good quality entertainment should have. It's got adventure and mystery. It's got friendship. It's got laughs. And yeah, it even has some romance between Fred and Daphne. It gives us fun characters to fall in love with, and creative villains that just keep on coming!

Yes, it's no wonder Scooby Doo is a classic that continues to entertain! Which is why today I am excited to share an all new Scooby movie featuring my personal favorite members of the Scooby Gang, 'Daphne and Velma':

Jinkies! Your favorite mystery solving teenagers are back in an all-new, live-action feature length movie!

State of the art robots and high-tech gadgets are common sights at Ridge Valley High, an innovative center of learning for some of the brightest minds in the country, including new transfer student, the bright & optimistic Daphne Blake (Sarah Jeffery) who is excited to finally go to school with her online bestie, the whip-smart & analytical Velma Dinkley (Sarah Gilman). But not everything is as innocent as it seems as mysterious disappearances begin to plague the top-performing students on campus. Once cheery and full of life, kids now appear in a “zombiefied” state - lifeless and shells of themselves. Can Daphne and Velma learn to work together and save the students or will they become the next victims? Get ready for thrills and laughs as we follow the first adventures of Mystery Inc.’s fierce female duo. 

The film stars Sarah Jeffery (Disney's "Descendants: Wicked World") and Sarah Gilman (ABC's “Last Man Standing”), and is produced by Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Tisdale’s Blondie Girl Productions. Daphne & Velma will carry a suggested retail price of $19.98 for the DVD and $24.98 for the Blu-ray

Sounds fun, right? I know my kids and I are looking forward to seeing this fun movie from a time before Mystery Inc! Are you? Great news, the wait is almost over! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release Daphne & Velma on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on May 22, 2018.

Want to start the fun before then? Help Daphne & Velma solve their latest case by helping them decrypt the footage! Dial the knob and meters to just the right position to unlock the footage and move to the next challenge. 

And one very lucky reader is going to win a copy of the Bluray for themselves! Enter using the giveaway form below:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

5 Simple(-ish) Ways Make Extra Money

Background image created by Jcomp - Freepik.com

With summer quickly approaching, we all have big plans, don't we? We want to have grand summer adventures- whether its traveling on an exciting vacation or right in our own backyard. But so many of those plans require MONEY! When you're on an already tight budget, that can be hard to come by! Today, I am sharing 5 simple tips to help you earn a little extra fun money!

Have a Yard Sale.
Not only is a yard sale a great way to get rid of the clutter that threatens to take over your home,it's also a great way to get a little extra spending money too! Join in with some friends or neighbors for a multi family sale--- this can encourage more visitors to come for the greater variety!

Donate Plasma.
Did you know that you are PAID to donate plasma!? Now there are some health requirements that you must meet to be eligible, but if you are a healthy adult, you can donate a few times a week for extra money, and it helps other people too. Win/win! Many make several hundred dollars a month just by donating plasma! Awesome, right? Check with your local donation center for more details.

Try Out Dealspotr.
There are many websites out there that allow you to earn extra money---some through surveys, some through cash back offers, referring friends, etc... but my favorite (the one I've had most success from) is Dealspotr. You earn points by posting and validating deals from all your favorite stores. These points can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. If you are an Influencer, you can upgrade your account (no cost) and can then cash out via Paypal instead.

Sell on Ebay.
Like having a yard sale, selling online can be a great way to get rid of the clutter and make extra money. Generally speaking, if you have the right type of products, you can get more than you would at a yard sale, but does take a little bit more work--- taking photos, writing accurate, detailed descriptions, shipping, etc. Many people have found success in finding deals at thrift stores, yard sales and even clearance sales and reselling on eBay for profit as well.

Get Paid To Grocery Shop.
Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Why not get paid to do it? New grocery delivery services are popping up left and right, and shoppers are needed for these services. You can create your own schedule, so this can again be a great supplemental income. Personally I use Shipt (as a customer), but check your local area to see what's available.

What ways have you found to help supplement your family income? One of these? Something different? Let us know ALL about it in the comments below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

100 Days of Bible Journaling: Days 29-35

Another week of this journaling challenge has passed and I find myself falling more in love with journaling and my Bible every day... and I already loved both to start! Take a look at this week's journaling pages:

Day 29: Be Strong!

People often tell me I'm a strong person. Sometimes it's referring to being a military wife. Sometimes it's in reference to raising an autistic child. And even other times just dealing with my own health issues. But let me tell you, no matter the intention, I must admit that I don't often feel strong. Often I feel as though I am just barely holding it together. It is not by my own strength that I remain standing, but by God's strength that I get through.

For this post I couldn't resist bringing in a little more Disney--- this time with Brave! I have said before that I am far from an artist, and this page is perhaps proof of that, but it was such a perfect fit for these verses that I had to step out of my comfort zone and just be brave!

Day 30: Confess and Be Healed

Do you ever hold onto everything you've done in the past? You feel as though the things you have done- whatever they may be- leave you unworthy of forgiveness. We know that God forgives us... but we have a hard time wrapping our minds around this idea.

For this page, I couldn't help but think of the song Mended by Matthew West:

When you see broken beyond repairI see healing beyond beliefYou're not too far goneYou're one step away from home
When you see nothing but damaged goodsI see something good in the makingI'm not finished yet, noWhen you see wounded, I see mended

Such beautiful words, aren't they? I love the message behind this song, and find it's one that I listen to often when I need that reminder that even in my brokenness, God intends to use it and me for His goodness. I played around with layering die cuts, but really kept this look fairly simple.

Day 31: God's Plans For You

We all know that verse,"For I know the plans I have for you...". I'm a planner though and so often I find myself making my own plans. Sometimes they work out, but more often than not... they just don't seem to work out. It can be so hard to wait on God to work out the plans He has for us, but if there is anything that I have learned in my life, it is that those plans are most certainly worth the wait!

For this page, I wanted that simple reminder to wait for His timing and His plans, not my own. The translation in the journal also read 'I have GOOD plans for you'.I loved that version. He doesn't just have plans for us, he has GOOD plans. I wanted to be sure to include that and emphasize that GOOD.

Day 32: Living God's Way in This World

Being a Christian in this world isn't easy and it's far from popular. But the Bible reminds us that it's not going to be easy and that we are supposed to stand out from the non-Christians in the world.

For this page, I started with something completely different in mind.I had a tip in that read 'You cannot influence the world by trying to be part of it'. But as I was reading, I was reminded about a song from my teen years from Krystal Meyers, Anticonformity:

They conform, un-individualityAnd they conform, forget about varietyYeah, they conform, they don't know what they believeThey conform, they conform, they conform
So I'm anticonformityI don't try too hard to beI'm not what you think you seeInside, I've made a changeAnd I'll never be the same, no way

First of all, can we just take a moment to consider that I walk into a room 5 times before remembering why and have been known to forget I'm cooking... but I recalled this song that I haven't heard in a good 10 years! Whew! That aside, it's a fantastic message isn't it? I remember listening to it as a teen and falling in love. When everyone struggles so hard to just fit in, it's intimidating to stand out for any reason. And so, as I worked on this page, I found my focus shifting to this song and I decided to go a different route. I created a washi background and added a little alien sticker that I'd been looking forward to using too. (I LOVE aliens!) The green piece offers some extra space for journaling--- after the photo!

Day 33: Do Not Be Silent

I'm not a loud person. I don't speak much.  I remember talking to a friend of mine at our graduation rehearsal, and a girl sitting behind us turned around and commented, 'Oh my goodness, I'd never heard you speak!' I went to a small school, and had been in school with the same people from preschool through then (aside from a few years of homeschool) so I'd known these people for YEARS. But like I said, I'm quiet and I only tend to speak around those I'm comfortable with and when I have something to add to a conversation (though my husband would argue otherwise). So speaking up? That's a tough one for me. I think for me, social media has given me a voice that I might not have in real life which I am very thankful for, but I pray that should the opportunity arise, God can give me the voice to spread His word in person too.

For this page, I wanted BOLD. I felt the message called for it. As you have seen through these previous pages, I often find inspiration through music and this is another great example of that with TobyMac's Speak Life:

So speak life, speak lifeTo the deadest darkest nightSpeak life, speak lifeWhen the sun won’t shine and you don’t know whyLook into the eyes of the broken heartedWatch them come alive as soon as you speak hopeYou speak love, you speakYou speak life

This is a great song that reminds us the power of our words and the power of sharing God's message, so it really was the perfect fit for this day.

Day 34: Christ Died For You

This is the greatest promise of all, isn't it? While we were still sinners- imperfect, flawed- Christ gave His life so that we may live. Now listen, I've been a Christian for many, many years... and every time that I stop to consider this, I still stand in disbelief. What an amazing love that is!

For this page (on the right), I must admit I really struggled to come up with how I wanted to portray this powerful message. I mean, what could I do that would really show the true magnitude of this sacrifice. In the end, I decided to focus on the love. I created a cross (though imperfect) using the credit card method and added a simple reminder that I am loved.
Day 35: Christ Is In You

Another powerful message to round out this week--- Christ is in each and every one of us. When we struggle, when we feel alone, we need this reminder that that same power lives in each and every one of us.

For this page, I wanted to focus a bit on the holy spirit and once again incorporated some music. This time a simple line from my favorite song, Hillsong United's 'Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)'... "Spirit Lead Me". I tried a new technique I'd been wanting to try with which I placed watercolors (actually watered down acrylics) onto this Illustrated Faith script sticker and used a straw to blow it in all directions for this cool result. These stickers do not allow the paint to stick, so it was really fun to try and I was very happy with the results. I will be sharing more about this technique soon.

Are you enjoying following along on my journey? Do you want to start yourself? There is no bad time to start! You can purchase your own copy of the 100 Days of Bible Promises journal at Dayspring! (Use code IFSHIPSFREE for free shipping.)

Enter to Win a Graco Mackenzie 5-in-1 Upholstered Convertible Crib!! ($199 Value)

With a new baby scheduled to arrive later this month, today over at Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Janessa is sharing her review of the Graco Mackenzie 5-in-1 Upholstered Convertible Crib along with the Graco Premium Foam Mattress in a Box. If you're looking for an affordable crib and mattress solution for your new baby, this looks like a great choice!

Graco Mackenzie 5-in-1 Upholstered Convertible Crib Description

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Description of the Graco Premium Foam Mattress in a Box

Designed to fit any standard/full-size crib and toddler bed, the Graco Premium Foam Mattress ships compressed in a lightweight box that makes it easy for anyone to carry. Once the box is opened and the mattress is removed from its packaging, you will be amazed to see the foam mattress begin to expand right before your eyes. This Graco mattress is made from high-quality, breathable foam that maximizes airflow for your child and will help them get the rest that they need. The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress also features a water-resistant lining to help keep your baby clean and dry. The Graco Premium Foam Mattress is made with anti-static and anti-microbial materials and is free of phthalates and lead for your child’s safety and your peace of mind. The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress meets Federal flammability standards and includes a 6-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. At a price point of about $50, this is probably one of the most affordable crib mattresses I've found! You can find it at Walmart.

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Win a Forever My Girl BluRay {Come What May Giveaway Hop Event}

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Do you love a good romance movie?

I know I do! There's just something about getting swept away in the romance of it all. It remind us of falling in love ourselves... or gives us something to look forward to if we've not yet had that experience.

What do you love about romance movies? What are some of your personal favorites?

Today, I'm excited to share with you once again a beautiful love story that has recently been released to DVD, Forever My Girl:

Forever My Girl tells the story of country music super-star Liam Page (Alex Roe) who left his bride, Josie (Jessica Rothe), at the altar choosing fame and fortune instead. However, Liam never got over Josie, his one true love, nor did he ever forget his Southern roots in the small community where he was born and raised. When he unexpectedly returns to his hometown for the funeral of his high school best friend, Liam is suddenly faced with the consequences of all that he left behind.

Ready to experience this sweet movie for yourself? It is now available to purchase on BluRay and DVD, as well as digital video.

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Find Rest {A Devotional Review + Giveaway Hop Event}

Welcome to the Do Amazing Things Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers!
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***Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate link. All thoughts are 100% my own.


To be honest, these days I'm not even sure I know what that word means anymore. I feel as though I do anything BUT rest. From the moment I wake to the moment I go to bed, there is always something to do... Even as I lay down to sleep I find myself not resting, but worrying about everything that I need to do the next day.

Still, the Bible tells us often to rest. 'Be Still', 'He will give you rest'... even God himself rested on that seventh day. So why is it still so hard to actually do it? Why do we struggle with the constant need to be going? Why do we have this idea that if we take the time to rest, we are being lazy?

The reality is- we NEED rest! We need time to spend with God, with our families. We need time to reflect and grow. We need time to breathe. If you are struggling to find rest, I am excited to share a new devotional that might just help, 'Find Rest: A Women's Devotional for Lasting Peace in a Busy Life '-

Are you worn out and overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list? Multitasking. Taking care of family and friends. Driving car pool. Running errands. Filling out paperwork. Meeting deadlines at work. In today’s do-it-all world, women are busier and more tired than ever juggling the roles of mom, executive, volunteer, student, wife, friend, and everything in between. We’ve all been there – feeling frenzied and desperate as we try to keep it all together. Some days it feels like we’re managing everything well, but more often than not, it feels like everything is managing us. It is easy to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to experience a life of peace and find rest for your soul – even with life’s demands.

First and foremost, can we just talk about the beauty of this book? The beautiful floral watercolors are carried throughout the book, coordinating beautifully with the rose gold page edges. Now, I'm a visual person which is perhaps why Bible journaling has offered such an appeal to me. Likewise, these illustrations have helped to draw me in and supported that idea of calmness, peace and rest as I flipped through the pages.

This devotional is a 60 day devotional created just for women and the busy lives we lead. Each devotion starts with a verse on the subject of rest (or relevant to it) and is about two pages of reading that perfectly combines biblical stories with more modern tales. At the end we are given some questions to reflect over what we have read and how it applies to us. There is also a small space to write notes or answer these questions as well--- though if you're like me and tend to get a little wordy, you might find separate notebook to be beneficial. Finally each day ends with a quote ranging from Christian writers to more mainstream voices.

I must admit I have not worked through all 60 days, but I am loving what I have read so far. I feel like in the busy-ness that seems to be the norm these days, we all need that little reminder to just stop and rest. This book is much needed for so many of us. Ready to take the time to rest? 'Find Rest' is available to purchase at your favorite Christian book retailers:

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Prepare For Summer with a Starbucks Giveaway {A Giveaway Hop Event}

Welcome to the Life is a Beach Giveaway Hop Event hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island!

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Summer break is almost upon us!

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer break and having more time with both of my kids together... but all the moms know as fun as it is... it can be a little bit exhausting too!

More places to go.
More messes.
More laundry.
More meals to prep.
More 'I'm Bored's to remedy.

You know what I mean, right? By the end of the first few weeks I find myself saying, "Thank God for coffee!"

And so today, in celebration of summer and the moms who help make them great, the coffee is on me! One lucky reader will will a Starbucks Gift Card! Enter using the giveaway form below:

Celebrating Adventures of Childhood {Beyond the Sun Available Now + $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!}

**This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Grace Hill Media. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Let's talk adventures!

When I think of summertime, I cannot help but think of adventure. They go hand in hand, don't they? As I prepare to try to make an adventure filled summer for my own children, I started reflecting about my own childhood adventures. 

My favorite adventures? They weren't the ones that were most exciting in the eyes of many. It wasn't the vacations or day trips to fun parks. No, my favorite adventures were a little more creative. They were the moments where I drifted to far off lands, not by car but by my imagination. 

We weren't wealthy growing up by any means, so fancy vacations weren't really in our summer plans. Growing up in the country, we didn't have a lot of excitement around, our imaginations were all we would have. But...we utilized them! The creek where we spent so many summer days may have looked like an old country creek to many, but for us it was a deserted island where our ship had crashed. It was an ocean. It was the river from Pocahontas. It was our own personal paradise. Those old gravel roads and a couple of bicycles might not look like much, but we could go wherever we wanted and be whoever we desired. Sometimes we were Power Rangers saving the day, other times we were in a big city taking in the sights. 

It wasn't the money put into our adventures that made them great. It wasn't the exciting destination. It was that we enjoyed the time together- as sisters, as cousins, as friends... and aren't those the best kinds of adventures? The ones spent with the people you care about?

Today, I am excited to share a new movie out today that celebrates those adventures in a story of friendship and a story of faith:

A heartwarming family film is releasing this week.  Distributed by AMBI Distribution, BEYOND THE SUN, is a modern day tale of hope, faith and courage based on stories from the Bible. This delightful family movie chronicles the adventures of four young friends in search of God.

The film features a very rare special appearance by Pope Francis.  In support of the film, AMBI Media Group is holding a special contest where one lucky winner will win an Exclusive Private Tour of the Vatican and Front Row Tickets to an Audience with The Pope For Four! 

For anyone who has ever wanted to visit Italy and The Vatican, this is your chance!  For additional details about the contest and to enter, please go to:

BEYOND THE SUN will be available for purchase across multiple platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and TUGG Today, May 15th.

In celebration of Beyond the Sun, one very lucky winner is going to receive a $50 Amazon gift card! Enter using the giveaway form below:

What were some of your favorite childhood adventures? Who did you share them with? Are you looking forward to this beautiful movie and sharing their adventure with your family?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Win A Lansinoh Breastfeeding Prize Package Giveaway!

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  • Lansinoh Therapearl: Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy gel packs provide therapeutic relief for the most common breastfeeding challenges. Cold therapy is great for relieving engorgement while hot therapy helps relieve mastitis and plugged ducts. It’s also the only product of its kind designed to work with a breast pump to encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping.
  • Lansinoh Nursing Pads: Designed for the comfort and discretion of breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh Nursing Pads provide ease of mind with comfortable, absorbent leak protection. These pads feature a quilted honeycomb lining; a unique, breathable waterproof layer that keeps clothing protected and promotes healthy-looking breasts and nipples. Millions of moms trust Lansinoh Nursing Pads and recommend them to other moms, making them one of the best selling disposable nursing pads in the US.
  • Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags: Lansinoh's one of the best selling breastmilk storage bags are ideal for storing and freezing precious breastmilk. With reinforced side seals and a double-sealed gusset, Lansinoh bags are the strongest breastmilk storage bags available. BPA and BPS free. Now, you can pump directly into bags!
  • Lansinoh Lanolin: Founded by a breastfeeding mom who was searching for a safer nipple cream for her baby, Lansinoh’s 100% natural lanolin provides the safest, most effective relief for breastfeeding moms experiencing nipple soreness. Composed of 100% pure lanolin without any harmful additives, our nipple cream is completely safe for baby. Lansinoh’s lanolin nipple cream is one of the most recommended cream by healthcare professionals and moms alike.
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Lessons Learned: Cloth Diapering Trials and Errors

You did the research, you bought the diapers, and you jumped in head first...ready to rock this cloth diapering business! But after a few months, you probably came to discover what most of us cloth diapering parents have had to discover at one point or another...cloth diapering is all about the trial and error! No matter how researched or well-prepared you think you are, some things can only be learned by experience! To ease the learning curve, here are a few quick lessons cloth diapering moms have learned firsthand:

Fit is Everything...and One Size Does Not Fit All.
When it comes to cloth diapering without leaks, having the proper fit is everything. You don't want gaps around the waist or legs, but don't want anything tight either...both can cause issues. So, you asked your cloth diapering friend for her suggestions on the best fitting diaper, bought an entire stash and discovered...they don't work for you little one at ALL! The reality is, what works well for one baby may not be what works best for another- like adults babies are all built differently and diapers must be adjusted accordingly. It's great to ask around for some starting points to try out, but don't buy an entire stash on just one type. Buy several varieties to try and wait to buy the entire stash until you have the chance to learn what works. (For troubleshooting fit issues, YouTube can be a GREAT resource.)

All Inserts Are Not Created Equal.
Just as all diapers don't work the same for all babies, the same is true for inserts. For some, one microfiber liner is all you will need. Others may need a little extra boost like an additional microfiber booster, or something with a little more umph like hemp. A heavy wetter may pee right through the microfiber, and a fast wetter may pee quicker than the hemp can absorb. We have personally found the ideal solution for us has been microfiber on top of hemp...the microfiber absorbs quickly and the hemp absorbs more. Some babies may also be senstive to various types of inserts as well. Again, try several varieties to discover what works best for your baby!

Washing...It's Not THAT Complicated!
Perhaps the most overwhelming aspect of cloth diapering for many new cloth diapering parents is the laundry...I mean why would it NOT be with all of the crazy wash routines you see online!? The last thing you want are diapers that smell, but how are you supposed to keep track of all these steps? In my experience I have found there really is no need to make it that complicated. This is again an issue where there may be some trial and error involved as no two wash routines are alike (different water types, different washers, etc all factor into what detergents will work best and how diapers should be washed).  Play around until you find what works for you, but I've found to avoid issues the two most common problems are too little water or (more commonly it seems) too little detergent. Find the best detergent for your area and machine, make sure you have enough water and chances are your wash routine will become fairly simple.

The Don'ts: Just Say No To Ointments & Fabric Softener.
Oh sure, if you look up cloth diaper don'ts on the web, you'll probably find many more...and many of those may even be true or partly true as well, but these are certainly the big ones. Let's start with the ointments. When your little one has a rash, of course you want to provide relief for them. The problem? Typical rash creams contain ingredients which can cause staining and repelling- leaving your diapers pretty well useless! If you really need to use the creams, a liner can be a great solution. Still, I have personally found the best solution for diaper rashes is something many of us have in our pantries- coconut oil! It's cloth diaper safe and smells great too! Fabric softeners can also cause absorbency issues and should be avoided as well. Wool dryer balls are a great alternative. And while we're on the subject of laundy, one more quick don't worth mentioning: Do NOT use the santize cycle. Sure, this sounds like it'd be a great fit for diapers, but the reality is they can do more harm than good. This cycles uses extremely hot water which can actually damage your diapers. They may not be ruined after just one use, but such extreme temperatures will certainly wear your diapers much faster if you do.

Buying Used? Do Your Research!
Most of our trial and errors have been about fit and laundry, but one mistake that many new moms have faced has been overpaying for used diapers. In fact, many newbie moms have found themselves paying even MORE for a 'china cheapie' than what they could have purchased it for brand new. If you plan to purchase your diapers used, be sure to know the value of said diaper new!

Have you learned any cloth diapering lessons the hard way? What advice would YOU share?

Adamant: A Book Review + Giveaway

**Book received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind.

Adamant. That's a good word, isn't it? It's strong, it's never ending, it's constant.

In today's world, there's not much that truly can be described as adamant is there? As a Marine Corps wife, I remember being told the motto of this life was 'Semper Gumby'... always flexible. This certainly held true for our military lifestyle, but I've found that it truly is applicable to life in general. It's always moving, always changing. We cannot depend on most things to stay the same.

But the Bible tells us that God does not change. He is the same today, yesterday and forever. In a world that is everchanging and lacking consistancy, we need that constant. In her newest book 'Adamant', Lisa Bevere discusses just that:

What is truth? This has become the defining question of our time. But while everyone has an opinion, truth, it seems, is getting harder and harder to find. Perhaps that's because we are searching for something when we should be looking for someone.  Truth has a name. More ancient than time and more present than this moment, truth is not a river that changes with the cultural currents, but a rock--immovable, invincible, unshakeable--and the cornerstone of all we are and ever dream to be. Theologically deep yet intimately accessible. Adamant will be an anchor for your soul in a raging sea of opinions, giving you a clear sense of direction in a wandering world.

'Truth is not a river that changes with the cultural currents'. Well, that pretty much says it all,doesn't it? In this search for truth, we so often find ourselves turning to matters of the world- new stories, opinions of friends, the 'politically correct' stance on the issues at hand. But the reality of it is, these are all just mere opinions... the only really truth is found in Christ.

I think being a Christian today is very hard because having those beliefs that go against the cultural norm isn't accepted... with so many outside sources telling us otherwise, it is easy to falter. This book truly is a much needed reminder that our faith is not based on the popular opinions that change year by year, but on the never changing word of God.

If you've read other books by Lisa Bevere, you know that many of her books speak more directly to women, and I expected the same of this one.However, as I was reading I found that this book truly is one that is great for ALL Christians. It speaks a biblical truth that speaks to everyone, not just the women. It offers scriptural references that help us to stand strong in our beliefs even when it's not the easy thing to do. I must admit, for me this book started off a little bit slower than other books I've read from Lisa Bevere, and the types of Christian nonfiction that I typically do find myself reading, BUT if you find this to be true for you as well, I encourage you to just keep reading, it WILL draw you in, and you'll find such great wisdom within these pages.

If you are a Christian who struggles to stand by your faith when it's the unpopular thing to do, or you just need to find a sense of constant in this everchanging world, this is a book that you MUST read! It is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian bookstores.

And one very lucky reader is going to win a copy for themselves. Enter using the giveaway form below:

Friday, May 11, 2018

Enter to Win the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor Giveaway!

Are you in the market for a new video baby monitor? Today over at Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Janessa is sharing her full Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor review. Make sure you head over and read her full review to see if it's the right monitor for you!

I've teamed up with Janessa and a few other bloggers to bring you a giveaway today for your own Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor!

Details of the Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

  • Long range. Experience secure, clear and uninterrupted, extra long range power with DECT technology for signal ranges longer and stronger than 2.4GHz frequency monitors.
  • Smart sensor alerts. Temperature, motion and sound-triggered alerts with customized sounds, including chime, LED monitor notifications, auto screen-on mode, and lullaby and white noise autoplay.
  • Long life battery. The KX-HNC3001W color monitor includes a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 13 hours of standby time, and up to 5 hours of active, continuous use.
  • Two-way talk. Enjoy clear sound with noise reduction to suppress background interference, plus microphones and speakers in camera and monitor for two-way audio communication with the child.
  • Complete monitoring system. Easily pan, tilt and zoom monochrome KX-HN3001W night vision camera, 3.5 in. color monitor KX-HN3001W with built-in long-life rechargeable battery, camera wall mount and AC adapter.
  • In the Box - Panasonic KX-HN3001W Color Monitor, Panasonic KX-HN3001W Night Vision Camera, Speaker Wall Mount, AC Adapter
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It's A Magicube by Geomag Giveaway!!

Do your children love playing with blocks? Today over at Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Janessa is sharing about a brand of magnetic building blocks that are new to the US - Magicube by Geomag, from the Geomagworld brand! They are fun, colorful blocks that are enjoyable to a broad range of ages! I've teamed up with Janessa today to offer our readers a chance to win this fun building block set - the Magicube by Geoworld Safari Park Set!

Magicube by Geoworld Safari Park Set Description

This set contains 14 magnetic blocks with four different building ideas. Build a camel, lion, giraffe and an exotic bird. Magicubes connect on all sides that help with the development of creativity and fine motor skills. Geomag's award-winning line of products helps children of all ages develop imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction. Each year, Geomag introduces new and innovative STEM toys that entertain, delight, and stimulate young and growing mental faculties. Geomagworld SA manufacturing complies with the most rigorous European and international safety standards. At their facility in Novazzano, Switzerland they follow each production phase step by step to ensure that their products adhere to the highest safety standards. The Magicube by Geoworld Safari Park Set includes (14) magnetic cubes with graphics printed on all sides and (2) task cards with four different building ideas. Recommended for children ages 18 and up.
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Finding Your Me Time with Yardley: A #yardleysoaps Review

**Product received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Me time.

What does that mean to you?

I must admit as a busy mama, that sounds a little bit like a fantasy. Let's forget going to enjoy some time out by myself, I'm lucky if I can go to the bathroom without an audience. I mean, why is that the kids can be perfectly settled and playing on their own, but the moment you reach the bathroom (or sit to take a little break), suddenly chaos breaks out. I'm not alone in this, am I?

But let's be honest, we NEED that me time.

As moms, we work so hard for everyone else that we tend to put our own needs last. That leads to an exhausted, cranky mama... and that's not good for ANYONE is it? Somehow, someway, we have to find those moments, even if only for a few moments a day, or once a week or so. What does that look like? That depends on you!

For me, I've found my crafting time is my best me time. I may not always be actually by myself, some days I give my daughter some paints and paper and she'll join me. Other times she'll play in her room, or even watch TV...whatever works! But the point is that while I may not actually be ALONE, I am doing something that I love, something just for me!

For many women, that me time can be found in a nice long shower at the end of the night or to start the day... or a once weekly bath to just soak and relax. For those moments, Yardley is there to help us enjoy that relaxation and me time with their fantastic moisturizing bath bars:
Trusted for generations, Yardley provides the perfect combination of ingredients from nature like exfoliating oatmeal that makes your skin feel good, combined with lush fragrances that make you feel good.

I was recently sent these three varieties to experience for myself:

Creamy Coconut Moisturizing Bath Bar – smooths and hydrates with Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E. Indulge your body and mind with the creamy lather and luscious coconut fragrance that whisks you away to a tropical paradise. 
English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar – calms and soothes with pure lavender extracts and essential oils. Exhale your busy schedule and indulge in a bouquet of fresh herbs and lavender while the rich lather leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and supple.  
Oatmeal & Almond Moisturizing Bath Bar – helps soothe dry skin and gently exfoliates with natural oatmeal. Soothe and protect against dry skin with tried and true ingredients that have made this our most popular soap.

 First up, the classics- English Lavender and Oatmeal and Almond. When we talk relaxation lavender is often the first scent that comes to mind. Still, I must admit I'm not usually a huge lavender fan--- any artificial lavender scents leave me with migraines, and even some naturally scented with essential oils are so strong that they do the same as well. This soap however was not an issue. It has a great scent that lasts, but it's not overwhelming or in your face... just what I needed. While it was still my least favorite of the three (just based upon my personal tastes), I will say that this is the only lavender product I've tried that I could see myself willingly purchasing again.

Next up, the Oatmeal and Almond, much more my speed. I find these scents tend to be a little more subtle anyway, which is perhaps why I am drawn to them. This bar certainly is no different. It's soft and calming--- and also a great option that my boys could appreciate too. Not feminine, not masculine, just a great every day scent. Having dry skin, these are of course ingredients that offer a lot of great benefits. It offers a gentle exfoliation--- not too much to where it is good to use daily, but the perfect solution for my personal skin woes. I can see this becoming a must have in my shower!

Finally, the new variety--- Creamy Coconut. Confession: I LOVE coconut, the taste, the smell... everything about it! Coconut is typically known to be a great moisturizer in and of itself, but the added benefits of shea butter, aloe and vitamin e make it a truly hydrating experience. While I loved the exfoliation of the Oatmeal and Almond, when it comes to the scents, this one takes the cake! It'll have you drifting off to some far off island away from the chaos that is surely going down outside that bathroom door!

All varieties offer a great lather that leaves me feeling refreshed and clean after using. Again, all have various properties that help with moisturizing so are ideal options for my dry skin depending on those individual needs. When I need a little extra soothing, the lavender is perfect. Extra exfoliation to remove that dead flaking skin? Oatmeal and Almond has it. And when I just want to escape with that creamy goodness that will live my skin soft and smooth, the Creamy Coconut is my new best friend. All are crafted with botanical ingredients like essential oils and natural oatmeal, Yardley appeals to anyone looking for a more natural product.

But my favorite part? The affordability! Yardley bath bars are found nationwide at your favorite mass, drug and food stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Shop Rite, HEB, Publix, Wegmans and many more. The new Creamy Coconut is available at most Walmart and Walgreens stores. The average retail is $1.29-1.49 per bar (97 cents at Walmart). Wow, seriously!? A more natural soap that works great AND is budget friendly! Yes, please!

You can learn more and connect at the links below:

Visit the Website. 
Like on Facebook.