A Modern Day Fairy Tale: Craft on a Budget with Savings Hacks from Michaels

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Craft on a Budget with Savings Hacks from Michaels

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Crafting and DIY projects are fun, and can supposedly save you money compared to purchasing a piece of art or furniture yourself. But shopping at craft stores can add up if you're not using the right coupons - and boy are there a lot of coupons out there!
One of the biggest craft stores is Michael's. Just like its competitors, which include Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, Michael's offers a plethora of coupons, and they offer them often. It can be confusing at times to sort through all of their deals, and that's why we asked our Dealspotr community - including some pro coupon bloggers - their Michael's savings hacks. Here's what they said:

Sign up for the Michael's rewards program

If you like the usual Michael's coupons, you'll love the coupons offered through their rewards program. It's like the regular coupons, but on steroids - if regular customers are getting 20% off their order, rewards members are getting 25%. Greg Doane of Money Saving Quest says there's more perks, too:
You can get exclusive savings + deals by signing up for their rewards program. For example, they just hosted a "Thank You" event for members with door busters, coupons, free class passes, etc.

Check for special "grab bags"

The next Michael's savings hack comes to us from Kecia of From Mom's Desk. Every so often, they'll offer "grab bags" filled with merchandise. You can end up getting a lot of stuff for under $5.
Always check for grab bags! They are usually located at the front of the store. They put a variety of clearance items in a Michaels bag and sell each bag for $4. I have scored some really nice stuff valued at $30+ in these bags!
Dealspotr user @savethosedollars adds this:
After the holiday look for $2 mystery grab bags. You can't open the bags in the store, but you can peek through the top and look through the plastic to see what's inside. They often contain seasonal stuff like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter decor. You'll get a ton of crafting supplies for just $2!

Use the competition to your advantage

While there are killer Michael's coupons offered all the time, sometimes there will be a better deal offered at a competing craft store. The good news, according to One Frugal Girl, is that Michael's will accept these coupons - from stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics - with open arms. They'll price match with these stores, too.
Michael's will price match. Simply bring in a competitors ad and show it to the cashier. They can perform price adjustments right at the register. Michael's will also accept competitors coupons. Even if the coupons are from out of state stores!

Pair coupons with clearance merchandise

Both Laura of New Age Mama and Ellen of Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom had the same Michael's savings hack - check the clearance section! You can sometimes find things marked up to 90% off. Ashley, from Closet of Free Samples, adds this couponing hack:
Check your coupons - sometimes you can use them on clearance and sale items. With clearance getting up to 90% off, you can score some real savings by combining the two if you have a coupon available!

Take advantage of their classes for kids

While these Michael's couponing hacks have been helping you save money, this tip from Katy can help you save time as well. Michael's frequently offers classes on baking, painting, knitting, and other crafts. But they also offer low-priced kids classes that can give you a few hours to yourself, or that extra time you need to run errands.
Of course, I love Michael's for their coupons which can get your purchase price way down! But, my favorite "deal" they run is the classes for kids, which equals almost free babysitting while I shop! Some classes do have fees, but there are also classes where you just pay for supplies, or pay as little as $2 for a 2 hour class! Major deal!

Sign up for text alerts

The next Michael's savings hack can be done without even leaving the couch. As a part of the rewards program, you also get the option to receive coupons and deals over text. According to @Gabrielly, you can get offers of up to 70% off!
Sign up for Michael's text alerts and get more coupons. Just text “JOIN” to 273-283. You’ll get up to 8 text messages per month alerting you to special offers and Daily Deals which can save you an instant 70%.

Use the senior/military/teacher discount

If you happen to fall into one of the above categories, Emile says you can get an extra discount. Teachers earn the most, with up to 15% off! But beware - you may not be able to use any other Michael's coupons along with this discount, so check for those first before using this savings hack.
Make sure (if you fall in these categories) to take advantage of the teacher/military/senior discounts. Military/seniors can get up to 10% off and teachers up to 15% off! 

Forgot your coupon? Ask a cashier

So, you've read all of these Michael's couponing hacks. You were so excited that you raced out of the house, forgetting your coupons - and your phone. What now? According to Brittany, you can simply ask the cashier.
If you couldn't find or forgot a current coupon, ask the cashier if they have one. They do check to make sure you're in their rewards program but it can save you up to 40% of your total. (The amount depends on the current coupon.) So far, every time I've asked, they had a coupon available.
You can read more Michael's savings hacks on this forum thread. We'd like to congratulate Katy on winning the $25 Michael's gift card for sharing the most helpful and original savings tip! Check out this week's contest for Bed Bath & Beyond and enter to win a $25 gift card here.
Emily Helwig posted this article on the Dealspotr blog.


  1. I love the cheap grab bags at Micheals because I have gotten tons of really cool unique items! I get coupons that I just love from Micheals that helps me save even more money!

  2. Micheal's is such an amazing store for crafters! They have a great variety.

  3. I feel like I could spend hours at Michaels! Just walking the isles gets the creative juices going!


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