A Modern Day Fairy Tale: July 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Follow Me Thomas!!

I am so excited to bring you my first product review. I have been saying for some time now that I would love to do a few, but not if it weren't something that were of interest to me, or you, my readers. But what could be more of interest to me than THOMAS? If you've been following long, you already probably know that my little man is a Thomas fan (obsessed is more accurate), so I am super happy that Fisher Price allowed me to do this review for them.

Follow me Thomas is an adorable preschool toy that's sort of a unique type of remote control toy. Rather than the typical r/c, it instead comes with a lantern. All your child has to do is shine the light and Thomas will follow along. There are also preset patterns such as a circle, figure 5 and zigzags. Plus he says several popular Thomas phrases, that every child (or at least my child!) absolutely love. The estimated retail is about $45 and it is recommended for ages 2 and up.

To be entirely honest, this has been on my son's wish list for some time now, but I was a little skeptical about it. Would it really follow the light? Would it be easy to use? Would it leave my easily frustrated child angry because he couldn't get it to work correctly? Like I said, very skeptical. But I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! I don't know how exactly this works, but Thomas truly does follow the light! Shaun, being easily excited was running in circles swinging the light in all directions. Poor Thomas ran into many walls in his excitement, but it seemed like so long as he was close enough for Thomas to 'see' the light he did his best to keep up, and even when he wasn't Shaun was perfectly satisfied. I was expecting that the light would have to be in front of Thomas at all times in order for this to work correctly, but it could be ahead, behind or off to the side a bit and he still somehow managed to find it! Pretty impressive, I must say. Of course, Shaun thought so as well and with a huge collection of various Thomas toys, I have to say it seems like this might have taken over as one of his favorites. I'm not going to lie, I had to give it a try myself (for review purposes, of course), and it really was a lot of fun. This would make a great gift for any child who loves Thomas, or trains in general. Shaun had fun for hours. For a child who prefers to lay on the floor and stare at train wheels forever, this was a great option because he has to be up and active with it! The only negative I saw was the he didn't like our rug much and seemed to get stuck there at times, and he certainly worked better on our hard floors than the carpet, as I think is typical of these types of toys. This mommy is overall very happy with this Thomas! At approximately $45 (FP's suggest retail, I've found it between $40-50 online), it's a bit pricier than some Thomas toys, but certainly worth the price, in my opinion.

You can purchase Follow Me Thomas HERE! (Cheapest price I found!)

**We received Follow Me Thomas free from Fisher Price in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own (and my son's too!)

Review: 'The First Gardener' by Denise Hildreth Jones

From The Publisher:

Jeremiah Williams has been tending the gardens of the Tennessee governor’s mansion for over twenty-five years. And like most first families who have come and gone, this one has stolen his heart.
Mackenzie and her husband, Governor Gray London, have struggled for ten years to have a child and are now enjoying a sweet season of life—anticipating the coming reelection and sending their precious daughter, Maddie, off to kindergarten—when a tragedy tears their world apart. As the entire state mourns, Mackenzie falls into a grief that threatens to swallow her whole.
Though his heart is also broken, Jeremiah realizes that his gift of gardening is about far more than pulling weeds and planting flowers. It’s about tending hearts as well. As he uses the tools that have been placed in his hands, he gently begins to cultivate the hard soil of Mackenzie’s heart, hoping to help her realize what it took him years to discover.
A Southern tale of loss, love, and living, The First Gardner reminds us that all of life is a gift, but our heart is the most valuable gift of all.

My Thoughts:

If I could only use one word to describe this book, that one word would simply be WOW! What an amazing, heartbreaking, touching story. Like so many these days it seems, Tennessee Governor Gray and his wife Mackenzie struggled for years to conceive their daughter Maddie. When she is killed in a tragic car accident, their whole world falls apart. As a mother, I can imagine nothing worse than losing a child, but for this mother who struggled to conceive and had had many miscarriages, I can only imagine it would be especially devastating. Mackenzie falls into a deep depression that it seems impossible for her to return from. During parts of this story, I had to put the book down and step away for a bit, I'm sure many mothers will feel the same way as well. However, we are introduced to some wonderful characters that keep it from going too dark, and as a reader I appreciate that! We meet Mackenzie's mother Eugenia and her crazy friends, who provide wonderful comic relief, and we meet the wise, spiritual gardener Jeremiah who through messages from God to deliver flowers with various means to Mackenzie offers a sense of hope. Based on the title and description from the publisher, I expected the story to be much more focused on him, but his role, though very important, was also much more subtle than anticipated. Regardless, he was a character I really loved, and there was a bit of a revelation at the end that made me admire him all that much more. Overall, I would say this a wonderfully touching store about love, loss and learning to live through all odds.

You can purchase this book here!

**I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Blog Network for free, in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mailbox Monday-July 25th!

Time once again to share what came free in my mailbox this week!!!

  • The First Gardener (for review, loving it so far!)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner
  • Sweet Sanctuary (also for review)
  • Organize in Style coupon book, not sure how I got a second one of these, but I'm not complaining!
  • Glad with Febreze trash bag sample...from vocalpoint. I haven't use this yet, but it smells better than any trash bag I've ever used;)
  • Jif To Go coupon for free 8 pack. This was supposed to be a sample only, I was pleasantly surprised!!!
  • Root Beer Float Scentsy Bar- Oh my goodness, this smells amazing! I LOVE it...it's only available until the end of the month though, so if it sounds like something you'd like, hurry and stock up!!!
  • Scentsy Scent Circle (these were both FB prizes)
I also received another product for review, a Thomas toy as I mentioned before! As well as a lipstick...I've been having a lot of good mail weeks lately it seems!!!

Frugal Friend

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Countdown: Shaun's Wishlist!!

My baby boy will be 4 years old in just a few short weeks, it does not seem possible!! Where does the time go!? We are in the process of planning a fantastic Thomas birthday bash for him later in August (so his daddy can be there) and of course shopping for gifts. In this first of several birthday themed posts coming in August (afterall, not only is it Shaun's birthday month, but mine also!!), I give you Shaun's wishlist:
Thomas and Friends Trackmaster: Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure!
He's been wanting this one for a VERY long time. So needless to say, he will most definitely be getting it now! The only trouble is, this is a big set, and he's already out of track storage...hmmm...
Kevin Takealong! And Ferdinand Trackmaster...and well, pretty much every other takealong, trackmaster or wooden train that he does not already have!! He has all three types of tracks (plus the old Tomy tracks) and a good sized collection of all of the trains too!
Takealong Rock Quarry Run- This must be a new one, we've not seen it before!!
Lego Duplo Thomas and Friends At Morgan Mine. And every other Lego or Megablocks Thomas set he saw, HOWEVER, according to the reviews on the larger megablock sets, they do not stay together well, and with a child who gets easily frustrated when tracks fall apart, it does not seem like a good idea!!
This is a WISH list right? Shaun has been asking for Bachmann Thomas (And Lionel Thomas too!). For those that don't know, these are the fancy (and costly) model trains...not really meant for little guys like mine...I'm impressed he even knows about them, but he's constantly searching on Youtube (yes, he's internet savvy enough to open youtube and type in his trains names to search!! Brilliant I tell you!)

So, he's pretty predictable, don't you think? This is really just a fraction of his list, and every single thing on it is Thomas related! Oh my goodness, that's a lot of Thomas! Thankfully there are a lot of great toys out there (in all price ranges!) (Family or friends reading this that were planning on sending a gift, feel free to ask for more ideas!!) If your little one loves Thomas as much as my son, make sure to check back in a couple of days, I have a super special Thomas review coming up that I'm so excited about!! Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deep South Dish ♥

I have to share this wonderful cooking blog that I have recently rediscovered and fallen in love with. A friend sent me a link awhile back but I hadn't looked much and to be entirely honest, had completely forgotten about it, but when I was looking for new ideas recently, I started really looking through the site and realized what I'm been missing...cajun recipes, mac and cheese soup? Yes, please! I'm including photos and links to my 2 favorites (so far) but you can see everything she has to offer here!

Mmmm...do I really need to say more? Seriously! I love mac and cheese...I could probably eat it every day, and this soup was even better! I loved it (though I didn't do the topping)! I've already made it several times, and it tastes great reheated too. This has definitely become a new favorite!

I love shrimp, we have shrimp probably at least once a week most weeks. When I found this recipe, I knew I had to try it. I didn't add the sausage obviously since I don't eat meat, but it was delicious! My son ate it up too! I can definitely see this being a repeat!!

So many I still want to try and I'm sure they will all taste just as wonderful!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Mommy, it's SNOWING!!"

This is what I've been hearing over and over again at our house lately. Hmm, snowing? In July? In California? Are you confused yet? I have shared many, many times that Shaun is obsessed with trains, it's most certainly his biggest obsession, but I may not have mentioned his lesser obsession with snow, Christmas and the Polar Express. Last year, we watched the Polar Express at least once a day until Christmas...the only reason he doesn't watch it so often now is because he's scratched up the DVDs and they mostly won't play so well...all 8 copies! Needless to say, it was a bit crazy! He also loves watching the Santa Clause movies and Charlie Brown Christmas (which he is watching as I type)...so I suppose it's no wonder he's been asking for snow. He's made snow from flour, packing peanuts, a new bottle of Olay lotion...if he thinks it could have some resemblance, he'll try it...which leads to lots of messes for this mommy! This has been going on for some time now, but lately, he's started getting upset when he looks out the window to see sunny, warm California weather. Over the weekend, he kept repeating, "make snowman"...I felt bad for the poor kid, but how do you make snowmen in the middle of summer!? Then I came up with a brilliant idea (or at least we thought so!)... marshmallow snowmen!! Shaun was so thrilled, like a little kid at Christmas!!

Our supplies: pretzel sticks for arms, marshmallows for the body, reeses for hats, easy writer (markers for food!) for the faces and buttons, and toothpicks to hold it all together. I put together this idea last minute and could not come up with an idea for the scarf, but was later told the shoestring licorice would be perfect!!

And our finished project!! Enjoy!!

And by the way, afterwards I think Shaun thought I was the greatest mommy ever! ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mailbox Monday-July 18th!!

This week was a great week, lots of nice free goodies in the mailbox (or dropped off by the UPS man, to be more accurate;))

  • Oceanspray Cranberry Juice (mm, I love cranberry juice:)) Also included coupon.
  • Scrubbing Bubbles package that had Fantastik All Purpose Spray, Auto Shower Cleaner and Toilet Drop In Cleaners...plus a cute little rubber scrubbing bubble that my son has claimed! This was a FB win, and I had been trying to get one for several weeks with no luck...finally, I made it through, these things go QUICK!!
  • Canary List (for review)
  • Scott coupons
  • Michellena coupons (for free product!!)
  • Head and Shoulders sample
  • Scentsy Peach A La Mode Bar
  • Magazine: Bazzar, Parents and Food and Wine

  • Tub o Towels sample
  • Era coupon
  • Florida's Natural coupons
  • Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar
  • Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Scent Circle

Frugal Friend

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Thoughts on God's Plan/Helping Others

I have said many times that I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason, good or bad, it happened for a purpose. How many times do we go through hard times only to become stronger in the end? As teenagers, how many of us prayed for that first 'love' to work out, only to be heartbroken when it didn't? Even as children, how many times did we run too fast and fall down? All of these things have served a purpose and taught us something. From finding strength, relying on and trusting in God, the true meaning of love and how to recognize it when we see it or merely to slow down, a lesson was learned. Of course, sometimes, the reasons are far less easy to figure out, but I figure in time, everything will make sense...when we're ready to understand. I know it's very cliche, but this is truly how I feel.

When I started writing about Shaun and our journey with Autism, I was mostly doing so for myself, as at the time my blog had no followers except a few family members and friends, as my blog grew and more people started reading, it made me very proud when I would receive e-mails thanking me for my posts. The same goes with a few posts about being a military wife. Again, I was mostly writing for myself, but I'm happy that something I have written has touched someone. Lately, I've been reading many stories myself of people sharing their various struggles in an effort to help others going through the same thing. That got me thinking: is part of the purpose of these hardships for some of us, to share our stories and help others through them? Is that why I have been given the passion for writing? (I am also a firm believer that our talents and passions are meant to serve their purpose as well, but that's a completely separate topic!) Am I supposed to share my struggles in an attempt to help others? Writing about Autism and military life is easy, I'm a very private person, but to me, these things just are and they really aren't anything that seem private to me. Personal, perhaps. Private, not so much. Other struggles from the past are much more difficult, and not something I am comfortable sharing here or even one on one for the most part. Without going into much detail, I have been dealing with this situation recently, where an acquaintance is going through something similar and I cannot help but be torn as to sharing my story with that person and in the end, it's just not something I can do...Maybe this makes no sense and I'm over-thinking everything, as I have a tendency to do (especially with as little sleep as I've had). Perhaps we're not always meant to share, but to just be understanding and nonjudgmental. In the end, I suppose all we can really do is pray about it and know that only God knows his own plan.

I am very interested in everyone's personal thoughts on the subject as well, so please feel free to leave comments.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mailbox Monday- July 11th!

First of all, I just want to apologize if I've been blog slacking lately. I've been having some issues with my hands (heat and sleep related I believe) that make it hard to type (and leads to lots of typos) and more migraines as well, so it's just been crazy around here and i haven't gotten to write nearly as much as I'd like.

But anyway, onto Mailbox Monday! Not nearly as much to share this week, but some great freebies nonetheless!!

  • Woman's Day Magazine
  • Organize In Style Coupon Booklet
  • Coupon for a FREE Suave Body Wash (I don't even remember signing up for this one!)
  • Coupon for FREE NY Brand Garlic Bread product...yum!
  • Sample of Shout Color Catcher
  • Full size Dove Deodorant (again one I don't recall signing up for!)
  • Happy Birthday Scentsy Bar (Won from Facebook. This is my favorite freebie of the week!! It smells amazing- just like cake icing...I haven't warmed it yet though, I'm afraid it will make me want cake! ha!!)
I also realized after the photo was taken that I'd missed a few coupons- 2 for Hungry Jack and 1 for Mt Olive pickles!! A pretty good week really!!!

Frugal Friend

Friday, July 8, 2011

Should have read, 'Autistic Kids...Chew?'

Remember this shirt? I'm sure I've shared it before. We made this for my little man for the Autism Speaks walk, and it has since been his favorite (because it says his name on the back, he loves that!) Anyway, this is what it looked like then...

And this is what it looks like now...

Now, you probably can't tell, but there are also a few holes in it as well.

This isn't the first shirt this has happened to and I'm certain it won't be the last...why? Because my Shaun has once again turned into a champion chewer...if he can get his mouth on it, he's chewing it. There are many days where his shirt is soaking wet from chewing it. We've always had issues with him mouthing and chewing on things (for sensory input). In our old apartment, he'd chewed the windowsill to the point that the layers of paint peeled away (I'm not sure how to explain that properly, and I did not take any pictures to better show what I mean, so I hope this makes sense.) He'd also been known to chew on his own fingers. He's been a chewer from a very young age...it started at 3 months, and at the time we thought he was teething incredibly early, even though he did not have the excessive drool, etc that goes with teething and did not get his first tooth until much later. Now, I wonder if perhaps it was a sensory thing at that point as well. But anyway, for awhile, it seemed like this had stopped, or at least gone down drastically. But in the last month or so he's started back up worse than ever. Shirts, furniture, windowsills...he's after them. He went at a doorknob but was unsuccessful. (As I'm writing this, he's got a stuffed Bolt dog that now looks like he's been drowned!) He has a chewy tube for this very purpose, but would prefer to use everything else.

I hope this is something he will outgrow in time, but in the meantime, I'll just be thankful he has a ridiculously large wardrobe to chew his way through;)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day (Flashback and Mailbox Monday!)

First, I just have to say Happy 4th of July!!! It truly is a great day to be celebrating what an awesome country we live in and give thanks for those who have fought for that freedom we enjoy and continue to fight today. As a military wife, I am so proud of my husband for all that he does!!

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." ~Elmer Davis

I wish I could say that we had some big, exciting plans for the day, but we don't! Being on a military base, of course there is a big celebration, but taking my son to such a thing would not be a wise idea. Thankfully, we are able to see the fireworks from our backyard, so we will enjoy our patriotic Bomb Pops and enjoy the view while avoiding the crowds and noise, just me and my little man!!

Speaking of my little man, I just had to share this photo from exactly 3 years ago today, Shaun's first 4th of July, at exactly 11 months old! We were home for the summer while my husband was deployed and went with my wonderful mother in law to the local celebration, which happened to be located at a park with a mini train depot... This was Shaun's very first train ride, and perhaps where the addiction began;)

And now, because I don't like making multiple posts on one day, haha, onto mailbox Monday. This is actually from the last 2 weeks, both big weeks, so lots of exciting things to share!

  • 20 $1 Kandoo Coupons (Oh my goodness! That's a lot of coupons!)
  • 6 (I believe) Turkey Hill Coupons
  • 2 Dixie Coupons
  • Bayer 20ct
  • $2 off Tide Stain Release
  • $2 Pull Ups Wipes (which made them free! Although, we have to buy the princess boxes since my Shaun is terrified of Cars!)
  • $5 off Sunkist Citrus Coupon
  • Free John Frieda Full Repair Coupon
  • 10 pack Tide Stain Release (FB giveaway)
  • Pull Ups Wipes Sample
  • Tide Sample (though it's not HE so I can't use it, but it came with the Stain Release)

  • Unilever Coupon Sheet
  • 2 Pictsweet Veggies Coupons- 1 for a free bag frozen veggies, one for free steamables
  • 2 Pepperidge Farms coupons (good on any of their products)
  • 2 Dannon Coupons
  • Pampers Wipes Coupons
  • EmergenC Samples and Coupons
  • 2 Hot Pockets Coupons
  • Free Bounce Product Coupon
  • Gillete Fusion Proglide Razor
  • Swiffer Duster

  • Downy Unstoppables and Socks (I was so excited to try this! I used it on my towels, made them smell so fresh! Love it!! This isn't available in stores yet, I received this through Vocalpoint!)
  • Crest Toothpaste Sample
  • $5 off Bounty coupon
  • Free Sunny D Coupon
  • Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds DVD (We redeemed some Disney Movie Rewards points for this one, and it was what my son chose! Haha. He got this on Saturday, and already has it memorized!!)
I also forgot to add a Free So Delicious Coconut Milk coupon (super excited to try this as I won't let my son drink cow's milk and he is not a fan of almond milk!) I also received the Activate drink mentioned in my last post, as well as a box of goodies for a Lemi Shine house party next weekend. And while it didn't come in the mailbox, I got an email with a $15 gift certificate to Vera Bradley!! How great is that? Definitely a good few weeks, can't wait to see what this week brings...

Frugal Friend

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Few Random Bits!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend so far! I just have a few random little things I wanted to share!

As a Marine wife blogger. I've gotten many requests to share various organizations doing fundraising to support the troops. I do not always post these as I don't feel some of the companies are of any interest to most of you. I am going to work on a page eventually where I will share some of the various organizations and causes I support, as well as share these as they come to me, that way those that are interested can check occasionally for updates, and those that are not don't have it clogging your newsfeeds. Like I said, I hope to have this up sometime in the future. For now, here are a few that have been brought to my attention!

This one is great for you coffee (and tea) drinkers:

"Through September 12th The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will donate $1 from each sale of its limited edition “Support from Home” blend ground coffee ($9.95), and “Support from Home” Hand-plucked 100% pure Ceylon tea ($8.95), to The Fisher House Foundation which provides resources to support injured veterans and their families. Customers are also encouraged to donate the bag or tea tin to troops overseas. Each package has a blank surface where the customer can write a heartfelt note to the soldier who will receive the coffee or tea."

You can order or find locations on their website here!


This next one is only available in certain areas.

"ACTIVATE, the enhanced vitamin beverage for people with active lifestyles has joined the Pantry, Inc., the leading independently operated convenience store chain in the southeastern United States, for the “Salute Our Troops” campaign inviting customers in more than 1,600 Kangaroo Express convenience stores across 13 states to demonstrate united support for military personnel and their families. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, ACTIVATE and Kangaroo Express will invite store guests to make donations toward its $1 million fundraising goal. Funds will support the USO, celebrating 70 years of delivering programs, entertainment and other services to the military; Wounded Warrior Project, honoring and empowering injured servicemen and women; and National Guard family assistance programs in five states. During the campaign, ACTIVATE will be donating a portion of every bottle sold to the USO, Wounded Warrior Project and National Guard family assistance programs along with supporting Kangaroo Express stores with sampling and promoting the campaign on Facebook and Twitter."

Visit here for more information!


And finally, this one isn't a charity, but a Facebook page! I've mentioned several times about my addiction to Scentsy. I LOVE it. I read awhile back that when you smell certain smells on a regular basis, you get used to them and no longer smell them...even if it's bad! I became paranoid. So I was always burning candles...but being forgetful as I am, that was a disaster waiting to happen. That's why I'm so glad I found Scentsy...no more fears of a smelly house. If you haven't tried it yet, you need to head over to OMG Scents on Facebook, like the fan page and ask to join the private group for a chance at some awesome giveaways! She has a lot of them, so there are many chances to win and try it out for yourself. Who doesn't like giveaways right?
Now is a great time to purchase Scentsy as well with some awesome retired scents being brought back for the month of July only- including one of my favorites Orange Dreamsicle...and Root Beer Float, which I am anxiously waiting to try...doesn't that just sound like a 50s diner? Mmm, you all know of my 50s obsession, this sounds right up my alley! And while we're on the topic of charities, there are only a few short months left to buy the Autism Speaks warmer, so don't miss your chance to support and awesome cause. As an autism mommy, it's by far my favorite! So check it out!!

**I was in no way obligated or compensated to post any of these, though Activate was kind enough to send me a drink to try for myself.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wow...Just Wow! (The R Word)

I'm not sure how I missed this story right after it happened, but as I was watching my DVRed episodes of 'The Talk', I was nearly in tears hearing about this. Here is a link with the full story, but basically they talked about comedian Tracy Morgan who in his act joked, not to "mess with women who have retarded kids. Them young retarded males is strong. They're strong like chimps." He also went on to comment on crippled children.

Wow...really what would possess someone to say such a demeaning and hateful thing? I have written many times about the topic of 'the r word' and how even saying it not towards those with developmental disabilities is very hurtful and offensive. I even recently posted on my personal Facebook about my annoyance saying, " has seen the 'r-word' thrown out in too many FB statuses this morning. You wouldn't throw around racial slurs I'm sure, this word is no different in the eyes of many, myself included. Remember words may mean nothing to you, but they can be very hurtful to others..." and followed up with, " I've seen it a LOT this morning which is why I felt the need to say something... I truly believe that most people mean nothing by it and don't even realize that it is an insult, which is why unless its someone I am super close to, I don't say much and try not to take offense ...though I have privately called people out on special ed/short bus jokes. That crosses a line from not knowing to deliberately being hurtful. It was just bothering me this morning because I had seen it so many times."

The comment made by Tracy Morgan most certainly crosses the line of not knowing and being a downright bully. It is attitudes of the people like him that make me so worried about bullying my child could face in the future...just because he's autistic. I've had many comment to me why I feel so passionately about this as autism does not mean a child is retarded (I don't even like typing that out, but I do so to share what I've been asked). Those people are right, it doesn't. My child is incredibly brilliant. But that doesn't mean that there is not ignorance out there, the previous statement proves that. People with this mindset aren't really going to care how amazing a person is, how brilliant and sweet...no, they are going to see the label or disability and judge merely on that. It is truly sad.

In high school, I was lucky enough to be able to help a preschool boy with Down Syndrome. He was the sweetest little boy. Every morning my day would start with a hug from him and it absolutely made my day. He was an amazing little boy. At church camp, I was lucky enough to room and make friends with an amazing girl who was born without both legs. She played sports (not handicapped), slept on the top bunk, etc. She did not let her 'disability' stop her from doing anything she wanted to do. Not once did I see her feel sorry for herself. She was an amazing person and such an inspiration to myself and so many others. And most importantly, I have been so truly blessed to have been chosen to be a mother to an amazing little boy with autism. He has his struggles, but he is the most brilliant boy I've ever seen and he is truly my everything. I could not imagine loving him more. We've also been able to meet many other wonderful children on the spectrum and every single one of them is amazing. To say that any person who has special needs of any kind is less than others blows my mind because I've seen firsthand that it's just the opposite.

Tracy Morgan was right about one thing though. You don't mess with mommies whose children have disabilities. There is nothing stronger than a mother standing up for her child and in making such a statement, he has angered many.

I have shared the link many times, but I will share once again. If you haven't already, please consider taking the time to take the pledge to stop using the 'r word' and teach your children to do so as well. It's such a simple thing to do and really can make such a huge difference to many.

Spread The Word To End The Word