A Modern Day Fairy Tale: November 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Letter To Disney

Dear Disney,
Thank you for being such an important and entertaining part of my Shauny's life. Your movies and tv shows have provided much needed entertainment for our family, and taught my wonderful child so many valuable lessons. Thank you for making such interesting and easy to memorize movies for him. Thank you to Peter Pan for teaching him that clocks and crocodiles say tick tock and how to sword fight, he's got it mastered now ("Take that, and that!") To Winnie The Pooh, thank you for teaching him how to 'think, think, think', that bouncing is what Tiggers do and that we are one big happy family. However, I think he is confused and thinks HE is a Tigger as well, hmm... To Pinocchio, thank you for teaching him the other sounds that clocks can make (cuckoo and so on), how to dance as though he had no strings, and most importantly to 'give a little whistle'. We sincerely hope your message that little boys who smoke and drink turn into donkeys will stick with him in the teenage years. Oh, but if you could make your stuffed animals with growing noses and hats that can be removed, we would all be much happier for it! To Cars, for teaching him all about tractor tipping, about who goes together (Mater with Lightning and the tractor, race cars together and so on, because they were together in the movie of course!) and how to start a race: stand in front of the cars, wave a flag and shout out "GO!" To Beverly Hills Chihuahua, for teaching him about dog breeds, he now knows chihuahuas apart from all other dogs! To Wall-E, for teaching him all about robotic arms with weapons on them, that he can take off his Eve toy and go around shooting people with, wonderful! To Hannah Montana for teaching him to sing like a rock star (best of both worlds, anyone?) And to the many others I have missed-there are many more I'm sure, thank you too.
Mommy to a Disney Addict

p.s. A movie about peeing in the potty would be great...or sleeping through the night...not climbing on furniture...keep these ideas in mind, please!
p.p.s. While we're making requests, if you could not have the language choice before the movies it would make things much easier. If given the choice, he has to have Spanish! We'd really prefer he mastered English first!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Steps

When Shaun started speech back at the end of August/beginning of September, he had three phrases he used consistently (other than his movie scenes and songs)- "3 2 1 Blast Off" and "Thank You Welcome" when he wanted you to help him do something, wanted more of something and so on, and "Bye bye", which he did use appropriately. There were other words he would on occasion use on his own, but never consistently. After starting speech, he had started repeating a few more words in class- repeating what was said, or finishing the phrase, but there was little carryover at home. As the weeks have passed we have seen slow progress on this: he will repeat things at home, though still not like he would in class. But a few weeks back he started pointing! Not to anything in particular, but its a step. This is something we are working on with him in ABA and I know he will get there. Also within the last week or so he has started signing 'more'!! He has only done it 4-5 times, and still uses 'blast off' for most everything, but as the title says: baby steps. During ABA he repeated both 'duck' and 'car', and on his own he has started saying 'choo choo' more! (And he LOVES his choo choos!) Today he reached for an antique toy car where we were having lunch and said 'car'...all on his own!!! I was so proud. So to sum up this jumble of words here, haha...we're seeing progress. It's slow, but it's there and I know he will only continue to go uphill from here!

I know to some this might seem very simple for a 27 month old, and it's true that most probably do have all these things down...actually, Shaun knew most of these words long ago and lost them somewhere along the way. But as I think most other mommies who have a child with autism...or any other developmental or speech delays, those little things mean everything!!!